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Bushwick Parking

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Find the Best Parking Garages in Bushwick

Parking in Bushwick NY is hassle-free when you book a spot at a secure parking garage ahead of your visit. The Brooklyn neighborhood near Bedford-Stuyvesant and Williamsburg is still a bit rough around the edges, and street parking isn’t the best choice. Free parking is available for both residents and visitors on almost all the streets in Bushwick, but the demand for these on-street parking spaces is also high. Driving around looking for a vacant spot and the risk of parking violations isn’t worth saving a few bucks on parking in Bushwick. Leave your car at well-maintained and safe parking lots in Bushwick; reserve your spot in advance for the best rates for premium parking with the latest amenities like camera surveillance, contactless parking, etc. Use or the app to quickly search, find, and book the best parking in Bushwick, Brooklyn.

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Bushwick Parking Rates

Location Rate
260 South 4th St Parking$8 - $21/day
504 Myrtle Ave Parking$8 - $25/day
555 Waverly Ave Parking$8 - $24/day
105 Underhill Ave City Parking$10 - $13/day
175 Kent Ave Parking$7 - $21/day
First Fleet Parking LLC 39th St$15/12 Hours
BELLTEL 365 PARKING LLC Bridge St$12 - $42/day

Bushwick Parking FAQ

Is parking in Bushwick safe?

Historically, this working-class neighborhood in Brookly was considered unsafe, but there have been significant changes in recent times. Now, it's considered much safer than other popular areas nearby. Most streets are safe for parking; however, it's recommended to leave your car at secure parking lots in Bushwick, especially overnight or for an extended period. Besides safety, street parking in Bushwick also poses the risk of parking tickets; with high demand for parking spaces and complicated parking rules, there's always a chance of unintended parking violations.

Is there free parking in Bushwick?

Street parking in Bushwick is free of charge almost everywhere unless otherwise mentioned on a parking sign or meter; Bushwick Avenue and Myrtle Avenue are exceptions. However, the availability of vacant street parking spots is limited; Brooklyn is the most populous NYC borough, and the demand for parking space is consistently on the rise.

How much is monthly parking in Bushwick?

If you live/work in Bushwick or visit the neighborhood frequently, you must consider booking a parking spot for monthly rates. Monthly parking in Bushwick costs $250 - $350 on average; it is much cheaper than paying a daily rate of at least $20 every day of the month. With monthly parking in Bushwick, you'll also get instant access to a guaranteed parking spot at the garage – no more waiting in line to pay at the gate or driving around in circles to find a spot on the street.

Where can I find the best parking garages in Bushwick?

The easiest way to find secure and well-maintained parking lots in Bushwick is to use an NYC parking app or websites like You can quickly search for parking in Bushwick NY, compare rates and amenities at top-rated garages, and book your spot instantly from anywhere, any time. You can also save more money with exclusive offers and discounts that come with online booking.

Bushwick Parking Tips

There’s no need to worry about the safety of your car when parking in Bushwick. The neighborhood has undergone massive changes in improving its reputation; it’s now a hub for great music, good food, and exciting art – all with Manhattan skyline views from the rooftops. However, for a genuinely street-free experience, book your parking spot at a well-maintained parking garage – no need to worry about expiring meters, free street parking time limits, and parking tickets.

Make sure to check parking signs before leaving your car on the streets. Although most street parking in Bushwick is free of charge for all, there could be unexpected updates and restrictions. The best way to check for updates is to follow the parking authorities on social media.

Brooklyn is the most populous borough in New York City. The demand for parking space is constantly rising; this leads to many illegal parking practices like double parking; for the safety of your car and to avoid an unintended NYC parking ticket, it’s best to park at off-street garages that offer secure parking spaces at affordable rates.

No matter how secure a parking garage is, never leave any valuables exposed inside your car. Make sure to look for camera surveillance and other security features when looking for a parking space near your destination.

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