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Baltimore Convention Center Parking

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Baltimore Convention Center at One West Pratt Street is a popular event venue that brings thousands of visitors to the city throughout the year. Its downtown location in a superblock bound by Charles, Pratt, Conway, and Howard streets, makes it easy to reach by car or public transportation. A covered skywalk links the East and west halves of the convention center complex over Sharp Street. The Hilton Baltimore is also connected to the Baltimore Convention Center by a skywalk bridge.

Although there are no official parking facilities, you will find plenty of parking for the Baltimore Convention Center within a 5-minute walkable distance. Baltimore Convention Center parking lots are generally affordable. However, due to high demand during popular events, the parking garage rates can surge, and availability could be limited. For hassle-free parking near Baltimore Convention Center, always book your parking space in advance. Pre-booking a parking spot will also get you the lowest rates at top-ranking garages in the busy downtown neighborhood. Get the best deals with a guaranteed parking space at well-maintained Baltimore parking lots.

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Baltimore Convention Center Parking Rates

Location Rate  
221 W Lombard St Garage Parking$16 / Day
Premium Parking P2331 101 S Calvert St$32 / Day
110 W Lombard Street Parking$19 / Day
300 E Pratt Street Parking$18 / Day
Harbor Park Garage 55 Market Pl$25 / Day
Premium Parking Albemarle St$24 / Day
Premium Parking 1400 Dock St$24 / Day
Premium Parking 1000 Wills St$21 / Day
Premium Parking 1300 Point St$39 / Day
Premium Parking 950 S Caroline St$26/ Day

Baltimore Convention Center Parking FAQs

Is there a Baltimore Convention Center parking garage?

No, Baltimore Convention Center does not offer parking facilities on site. However, there are plenty of parking lots and garages within walking distance of the event complex. Downtown Baltimore parking lots on Lombard, Pratt, Calvert, and other streets nearby are easily accessible from the convention center. However, as the neighborhood is also home to several tourist attractions, downtown hotels, and more, the demand for parking near Baltimore Convention Center will always be high. Plan your visit and pre-book your parking spot for a hassle-free experience.

Where can I find event parking for Baltimore Convention Center parking?

During events, the downtown Baltimore parking lots and garages closest to the convention center will be packed. Hotels nearby have on-site garages. However, you can expect expensive hourly rates at these facilities. Unless you are staying at a hotel in the neighborhood, it’s better to spend a little less on public parking lots within walking distance of the convention center. Limited street parking is not ideal for event parking, as time limits and other restrictions will worry you. Find affordable parking lots near Baltimore Convention Center online, using parking apps and websites like

Is there street parking near Baltimore Convention Center parking?

Limited street parking could be available near Baltimore Convention Center, depending on the time of your visit. During events, you can expect higher demand. It is easier to book a garage space nearby instead of wasting time looking for an available metered spot—parking meter rates in the downtown Baltimore neighborhood range from $0.50 and $3.75 per hour. You’ll find secure parking garage space for as low as $10 - $15 a day.

Where can I find free parking near Baltimore Convention Center parking?

You might find free street parking near Baltimore Convention Center, depending on the time. During the day, the closest free parking spots are at 115 West Conway Street. A few spots could be available on Lombard Street and Redwood Street. You can also try Baltimore, Light, and S Calvert Streets. Finding free street parking requires a lot of effort and time. It also comes with the additional risk of parking tickets. Pre-booking a parking spot at an affordable garage near the convention center is easier. You’ll find all-day parking for as low as $10 when you book the spot on parking apps.

How can I find cheap parking for Baltimore Convention Center parking?

The cheapest parking garage rates are available online. Get on a parking app or website to quickly find the best parking lots and garages near Baltimore Convention Center. Compare rates and amenities at each parking facility to pick the best deal. Book a spot instantly for the lowest rates available. You’ll find affordable daily parking rates at top-rated parking lots less than 5 minutes away from the convention center. Monthly parking near Baltimore Convention Center is also available online for $200 or less.

Baltimore Convention Center Parking Tips

Oriole Park is within walking distance of the Baltimore Convention Center. Popular tourist attractions are also nearby. During events, weekends, and holidays, you can expect high demand for parking in this neighborhood. Go well-prepared with a guaranteed parking spot at a secure garage for the best experience.

When parking on the streets, make sure to check posted signs for maximum parking time limits, meter rates, and other restrictions. Make sure to move your car before the meter expires or the time limit is over. A parking ticket could cost you more than an affordable Baltimore Convention Center parking garage spot.

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