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The Hippodrome Theatre parking

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The Hippodrome Theatre is one of Baltimore’s most well-known performance venues. It is part of the France-Merrick Performing Arts Center and is a popular part of the city’s theater circles. Attending a performance here needs you to be in the best spirits. Having a convenient spot for Hippodrome Theatre parking will ensure you have a smooth evening!

Though there’s plenty of options like on-site parking at the venue, street parking, or off-site parking, you need to know which to choose! You can’t wait till you reach the theatre to start thinking about parking. Long story short, having guaranteed parking near The Hippodrome Theatre is your best shot for a stress-free time.

You can now get the best Hippodrome Theatre parking spots within walking distance of the theatre – just use a parking app like It shows you the closest, top-rated garages for parking, lets you compare prices, and book – all in a few swipes. You can save as much as 30% when booking online. Take a look at some of our rates below.

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Parking near The Hippodrome Theatre

Location Rate  
110 W Lombard St parking $26/day
221 W Lombard St garage parking$25/day
Premium Parking 101 S Calvert Street $35/day
300 E Pratt St parking$27/day
Harbor Park garage 55 Marketplace parking$25/day
Premium Parking 324 Albemarle St$24/day
Premium Parking 1400 Dock St $31/day
Premium parking 1000 Wills St$27/day
Premium parking 1399 Dock St$33/day
Premium Parking 1405 Point St$33/day

The Hippodrome Theatre parking: FAQs

Is there on-site The Hippodrome Theatre parking?

Yes, there is on-site parking at the Hippodrome Theatre at the Baltimore Grand Garage on 5 N Paca St. It allows you direct access to the lobby via the Fayette Street side elevators. However, it has very limited spots compared to the number of visitors it sees on most days.

Where can you find street parking near The Hippodrome Theatre?

You can find metered street parking on Eutaw Street, W Fayette Street, and Paca Street. The on-street Hippodrome Theatre parking charges range between $1-7 for a maximum of two hours parking. Make sure you follow other parking rules and restrictions – otherwise you could be slapped with a ticket!

Is there free parking near The Hippodrome Theatre?

You can find limited free parking on Paca Street and Baltimore Street. However, these spots are in high demand and are rarely vacant. It’s best not to depend on getting free parking spots when you drive up. If you are willing to walk just a few minutes from the Hippodrome Theatre, you’ll find several top-rated garages to park your car.

How can I find off-site The Hippodrome Theatre parking garages?

Pre-booking off-site garages near The Hippodrome Theatre is now easy – just use the parking app! With an extensive network of garages across Baltimore, it lets you find the best garages for the lowest prices, without compromising on quality.

Using in-app discounts and vouchers, you can slash as much as 30% off your drive-up rates. Besides, you can enjoy professional service and peace of mind that your car is safe during your visit to the Hippodrome!

The Hippodrome Theatre parking tips

The Hippodrome Theatre is located at 12 N Eutaw St, Baltimore.

The Hippodrome Box Office is located at the corner of Eutaw Street and Baltimore Street. It is operational Monday-Friday from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

When you are parking on-street, keep a close eye for parking signboards. They tell you the meter rates, timings, and towaway times for street parking.

If on-street parking gets competitive, you can pre-book an off-site garage parking spot even before you leave from home through

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