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Bank of America Stadium Parking

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Get Cheap Parking Near Bank of America Stadium

Bank of America stadium is among the few areas in the country that hosts professional football and soccer games. The arena is located in uptown Charlotte, North Carolina, and is the home of NFL's Carolina Panthers. Additionally, MLS's Charlotte FC also calls this arena their home, and both sports attract large crowds into this stadium.

If you are planning to visit the stadium for any event, it is better to research parking around the Bank of America stadium. Since this is a busy neighborhood, it will be tricky to find parking, especially if you are new to the area. Here are a few parking lots and garages near the Bank of America stadium.

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Bank of America Stadium Parking FAQs

Where can I find public parking near Bank of America Stadium?

There are a few parking facilities at the Bank of America stadium, for which you can purchase parking passes online. For non-NFL events, the Mint Street parking facility, also known as Lot 1, is open for parking. This parking facility is located across from the North Gate, on the corner of Mint Street and Graham Street.

Is there street parking near Bank of America Stadium?

Yes. You can easily find street parking spots near the stadium on regular days. Some of these spots are located on West 1st Street, South Church Street, South Tyron Street, and South Poplar Street. These are just 15 minutes away from the stadium, but finding a vacant spot is very hard on game days. Besides, fines for parking violations can cost you more than what you aim to save on parking.

Is there cheap parking near Bank of America Stadium?

Even though street parking is the first thing that pops up when you think of cheap parking, it has a set of risks. The second choice and the one in high demand is on-site parking. But the parking rates at these spots are not the same for all events, and even though you get one, there is the issue of pre-game traffic. The best alternative is finding parking garages near the arena that offer excellent service at discounted rates.

How can I find parking garages near Bank of America Stadium?

Off-site garages are the best choice if you want safe and affordable parking near the arena. You can use the Way parking app to find the parking garages near Bank of America Stadium. The app will list all the garages nearby, and you can compare the parking rates and features offered. This way, you will save both time and money on game day parking and ensure the safety of your car while you enjoy the game.

Bank of America Stadium Parking Tips

Bank of America Stadium hosts both NFL and MLS games that attract a massive crowd. Parking for these games can be tricky, considering the sheer number of people flowing into the stadium.

The Mint Street parking facility or Lot 1 is the official parking for non-NFL events. You can pre-purchase parking passes for both the football and soccer games.

Street parking spots near the stadium will be full, hours before the first kick-off.

You can get cheap parking at off-site parking garages near the Bank of America stadium. These garages are within walking distance from the stadium and charge less compared to official parking spaces.