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About Fresno International Airport

  • Fresno Yosemite International Airport (FAT) is the primary airport that serves the San Joaquin Valley. FAT Airport is a joint civil-military airport based in California serving three national parks – Yosemite, Kings Canyon, and Sequoia. The airport also operates as a major operational base for the country’s largest regional airline SkyWest Airlines.

About Fresno Airport parking

  • Parking at Fresno Airport is offered via two main lots – Short Term and Long Term. The Short Term lot is near to the terminal and offers FAT parking via two separate parking lots. Both the lots have distinct modes of payment. There is also an option for daily parking at the Short Term lot. Long Term lot provides you with long-term economic parking at FAT Airport.

Fresno Airport parking FAQs

Where can I get parking at Fresno Airport?

Fresno Airport parking offers you two lots for onsite parking – Short Term and Long Term. The FAT Airport parking rates depend on the parking lot you choose and the duration you take for parking.

How much is parking at Fresno Airport?

The parking rate varies on the type of Fresno Airport parking you choose and the duration of your parking. Ideally, the parking rate at FAT Airport starts at $3 per hour, and it could go up to $14 for a day.

How much is long-term parking at Fresno Airport?

Both the Fresno Airport parking lots have the option for long-term parking. The Long Term lot offers long-term economic parking at the airport. Using long-term parking at this lot charges you a flat parking rate of $8 per day. The daily parking rate increases to $14 if you park your car in the Short Term lot for a day. Payments can be only made by credit card at the Long Term lot and Short Term Lot 2. You can pay for the parking via cash or credit card while parking at the Short Term Lot 1. Long-term parking at Fresno Airport can always get cheaper if you opt for offsite FAT Airport parking.

How much does short-term Fresno Airport parking cost?

There are two Short Term lots that provide short-term FAT parking. Both these lots are near to the terminal. Using short-term parking in Lot 1 costs you $3 per hour. While using this lot, you can make the payment via cash or credit card. Parking your car in Short Term Lot 2 charges you $3 per hour. Parking payment can me only made credit card in this lot. Both these lots charge you a daily maximum rate of $14.

What happens when I use Fresno Airport parking for more than a day?

All the onsite lots let you park for more than a day. If you use the Short Term lot, parking will cost you a flat daily rate of $14 for the second day. The hourly charge is only applicable for the first day of parking. While at the Long Term lot, using a parking spot will charge you the flat daily rate of $8.

Is Fresno Airport parking free?

No, it isn’t. however, both the onsite lots offer you a 5-minute grace period while using Fresno Airport parking. Also, you can use the Cell Phone Lot while you’re at the airport to pick up a passenger. The lot lets you park your car for free for up to 60 minutes. You can park and wait in this lot as curbside waiting isn’t allowed at the airport. Drive from the lot to the curbside when your passenger is ready to be picked up. The vehicles must never be left unattended while you park in this lot.

Can Fresno Airport parking be reserved?

Yes! You can reserve your FAT parking spot right away on the website or the Way app.

Where can I find FAT Airport parking discounts or coupons?

The best choice to find great Fresno International Airport parking deals or discounts is through websites and apps like, RetailMeNot, Ebates, and Groupon. You can also find up-to-date Fresno Airport parking rates and discounts for onsite parking on the airport’s official website.

Are there accessible parking spaces at FAT parking?

Fresno International Airport offers many accessible parking spaces at the onsite lots. There are a few designated parking spaces in the Short Term Parking lots. You should have a valid disabled person parking placard if you want to park in these designated spaces. The lot offers complimentary parking in accessible parking spaces for the first two hours. Parking in these spaces will cost you $3 per hour after the grace period. Using long-term parking in these spaces costs you $14 for a day. The hourly charge is applicable only for the first day of parking. From the second day, parking will cost you a flat daily parking rate of $14.

Do the parking lots at Fresno Airport have EV charging stations?

Yes, you can find EV charging stations in both the Short Term lots.

How far is Fresno Airport from Yosemite National Park?

The airport is around 65 miles away from Yosemite National Park.

How far is Fresno Airport from Sequoia National Park?

Fresno Airport is around 83 miles away from the park.

How far is Fresno Airport from Kings Canyon National Park?

The airport is located around 59 miles away from Kings Canyon Park.

Where is Fresno Yosemite International Airport located?

Fresno International Airport is located at 5175 E Clinton Way, Fresno, CA 93727. You can reach the airport by dialing (559) 621 4500.

Fresno Airport parking rates

Short-term parking rates

Garage Time Rate
Short Term
First 5 minutes
Hourly rate

Long-term parking rates

Garage Time Rate
Offsite long-term parking at Fresno Airport Per Day $3
Long-term Lot Per Day $8
Short-term Lot Per Day $14

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