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Dickies Arena Parking

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The new multipurpose arena in Fort Worth, Texas, promises a state-of-the-art event experience that ranges from hockey and basketball games to concerts and rodeos. Dickies Arena is the venue for Fort Worth Stock Show rodeo and several community events, apart from the popular sports and entertainment events.

Dickies Arena is near the Will Rogers Memorial Complex in west Fort Worth’s Cultural District. Concerts at the arena can admit up to 14000 spectators; the capacity for rodeo performances is the lowest at 9300. To match the arena capacity for large events, parking is always available at the Yellow Lot. Additional parking is available at the six-level Chevrolet Parking Garage on Trail Drive.

If you are looking for alternative parking near Dickies Arena in Fort Worth, check parking apps and websites like for the best deals. Always pre-book your parking spot in advance to save more time and money.

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Dickies Arena Parking Rates

Location Rate  
Hotel Revel and Wabi House P1260 City Parking$10 / Day
1111 W Lancaster Ave Parking$18 / Day

Dickies Arena parking FAQs

Is there parking at Dickies Arena?

Parking is available for all Dickies Arena events at the Yellow Lot on Lafayette Avenue. This parking facility is closest to the arena. Official parking is also offered at the Chevrolet Parking Garage at 3464 Trail Drive for larger events.

You can also look for alternative parking at garages and lots around the Will Rogers Memorial Complex. Street parking near Dickies Arena is minimal, and a long walk away.

How much does Dickies Arena parking cost?

Event parking rates at the Yellow Lot and Chevrolet Garage vary as per demand and specific event rules. Parking at off-site lots within two miles of the arena will cost you $10 - $20 a day.

You can save more by parking further away from Dickies Arena and using a rideshare service for the event. Off-site parking is ideal for saving more on parking for longer durations.

Is there ADA/Accessible parking near Dickies Arena?

Accessible parking spaces are available at all Dickies Arena parking lots on a first-come, first-serve basis. You must have a valid state-issued disabled license plate or hangtag to access limited Dickies Arena handicap parking. The Yellow Lot is the best option for ADA/Accessible parking as you have access to elevators to the Simmons Bank Plaza.

How to find the best Dickies Arena parking?

The best parking at Dickies Arena is on-site at the Yellow Lot or Chevrolet Garage. However, if you want to avoid a high event parking rate, affordable parking lots and garages are available within a two-mile radius of the arena. The easiest way to find these all-day parking deals is to use a parking app or website.

Dickies Arena parking tips

Dickies Arena is at Gendy Street and Harley Avenue, between Trail Drive and Montgomery Street in West Fort Worth.

The Chevrolet parking garage has over 2000 spots spread across six levels. Yellow Lot can accommodate most of the event parking demand at Dickies Arena. For larger events, you might have to park at the Chevrolet Garage.

If you are parking off-site and using rideshare to get to the arena, the drop-off lane is the Dickies Way at the western entrance. The pick-up zone is on Harley Avenue, at the north end of the arena.