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Red Bull Arena Parking

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The Red Bull Arena in Harrison is one of the three Red Bull Arenas in the world. While the others are located in Europe, all three of them are known for hosting soccer matches. You can watch the home games of Major League Soccer's New York Red Bulls and NWSL's NJ/NY Gotham FC at the Red Bull Arena.

Apart from soccer, the stadium has seen other sporting activities like Rugby and Lacrosse in the past. Musical concerts have also been conducted at this venue. So, if you are looking to enjoy some soccer or watch a concert at the Red Bull Arena in Harrison it is better to know how parking works in this neighborhood.

With a massive seating capacity of 25,000, this stadium consistently sees large crowds every game day. Even though it is around 7 miles away from Downtown Manhattan, the NY Red Bulls pull in massive attendances during their home games. This leads to heavy traffic before and after the game and here is a list of garages that you can use to avoid this hassle.

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Red Bull Arena Parking FAQs

Is there parking near Red Bull Arena?

Yes. There are a few surface lots and the Harrison Parking Center garage available for the attendees of the game or event. For each of these, parking charges will vary, and ADA parking is also available. Compared to the seating capacity of the stadium, the official parking spaces are limited. So, you can choose between street parking or off-site parking spaces which are cheaper and easy to access.

Is there any street parking near Red Bull Arena?

Street parking is rarely available within the close vicinity of the stadium. Most of the vacant on-street spots are almost half-hour away from the stadium. You can find some of them at Ferry Street, Commerce Street and Mulberry Street. So, it is not practical for you to park your car so far and take a hike to the stadium. Chances are when you go back to it, there will be a parking ticket waiting for you or it will have been towed by the parking authorities.

Where to find cheap parking near Red Bull Arena?

You know street parking is cheap. But the risks associated with parking on the streets outweigh the money you will save. The New Jersey parking authorities are very strict and a minor violation can result in you paying a lot of money as fines. But the off-site parking garages near Red Bull Arena are both safe and cheap. You can park your car in one of these spots and enjoy the game without worrying about the safety of your vehicle.

How can I find parking garages near Red Bull Arena?

Parking apps or online parking services are your best friends in finding off-site parking garages near the stadium. Using or the Way app you can locate the nearby garages along with their parking rates and features. Some of them provide camera surveillance, valet parking, covered parking and ADA/Aisle access at discounted rates. By booking through Way, you also stand a chance to win special deals and discounts at these facilities.

Red Bull Arena Parking Tips

During most of the home games, fans will fill the stadium and the official parking spaces will be in high demand. Also, parking rates at these on-site facilities may be too high for you.

Street parking is not easily found near the Red Bull Arena. You will have to walk a long way to find vacant street parking spaces. Also, parking violations can result in hefty fines.

You can use to find off-site parking garages near the stadium. These offer premium parking features at discounted prices. These are easy to book and you will not have to worry about pre-game traffic.