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JAN parking rates

JAN Airport short term parking rates

JAN Airport parking lot Time JAN parking rates
Surface Lot Per Hour $3.5
Garage Parking Per Hour $4

JAN Airport long term parking rates

JAN Airport parking lot Time JAN parking rates
Surface Lot Per Day $13
Garage Parking Per Day $16
Long Term Parking Per Day $10
Offsite Parking near JAN Airport with shuttle Per Day $5

Parking at JAN airport

Jackson Evers International Airport offers long-term parking and short-term parking at the airport for travelers flying out of Jackson, Mississippi. There are three parking lots available close to or within a little distance of the Jackson Evers Airport Terminal Building. These include the Garage Parking Lot, Surface Lot, and the Long-Term Parking Lot. (Please note that Long Term Parking Lot C is currently closed.) Flyers can pick from one of these onsite JAN Airport parking garages, or they can choose to park at one of the offsite lots near the airport. The cost of parking at JAN Airport varies depending on the lot's distance from the airport and the facilities available.

Best Priced Jackson Evers Airport Parking

JAN Airport Parking FAQs

How much does parking at JAN Airport cost?

JAN parking rates currently range from $3 for an hour to $16 for a day. Offsite JAN parking rates are slightly more reasonable and start as low as $4.25/day.

Where can I find short-term parking at Jan Airport?

Jackson Evers Airport parking for the short term is available at all the Surface Lot and the Parking Garage.

What are the rates for short-term Jackson Evers Airport parking?

JAN Airport parking at Surface Lot costs $3 for an hour and $10 for a day's parking. The Parking Garage also offers short-term JAN parking at $4 for an hour and $16 for a day's parking.

Is there free parking at JAN Airport?

Yes, there is. The JAN Cell Phone Lot offers free parking for a limited period of time. You can sit in your parked car while waiting to pick up a passenger at this lot. However, you need to ensure that your vehicle is attended to at all times.

Where can I find Jackson Evers Airport long-term parking?

JAN Airport long-term parking is provided at all three onsite lots, i.e., Garage Parking Lot, Surface Lot, and the Long-Term Parking Lot (Long Term Parking Lot C is currently closed). There are also numerous offsite parking lots near JAN Airport.

What are the rates for Jackson Evers Airport long-term parking?

JAN Airport long term parking rates are $10 per day at the Surface lot, $16 per day at the Parking Garage, and $10 per day at the Long Term Parking lot. Offsite long-term JAN parking rates are around $4-$6 per day, making it the most reasonably-priced option for Jackson Evers Airport parking.

Can Jackson Evers Airport parking be reserved?

Yes! You can reserve a parking spot at JAN Airport right now by visiting the website or using the Way app.

Where can I find Jackson Evers Airport parking discounts or coupons?

The most effective strategy to save money on Jackson Evers Airport parking is to use websites and apps such as, RetailMeNot, Ebates, and Groupon to locate excellent JAN Airport parking offers or discounts. Aside from that, you can obtain the most up-to-date information on parking fees and discounts (if applicable) on onsite Jackson Evers International Airport parking on the official Jackson Evers International Airport website.

Where is the Jackson Evers Airport located?

Jackson Evers Airport is located at 100 International Dr, Jackson, MS 39208. You can contact the airport by calling (601) 939-5631.

How early should I reach JAN airport?

It would be best if you arrived at the JAN International Airport at least 1.30 to 2 hours before your flight is scheduled to depart. Make sure you're prepared when you reach Jackson Evers Airport. Arrive at the airport ready to fly, with your luggage well organized and your photo ID and airline documentation at hand.

What airlines fly out of JAN Airport?

American, Delta, Southwest, and United Airlines are the major airlines that fly out of Jackson Evers Airport.

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