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Koreatown Parking

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Get the Best Koreatown LA Parking Deals

Tabletop Korean BBQs, bars, speakeasies, clubs, and karaoke – Koreatown in LA is one of the best places to have a lot of fun in the city. Apart from the nightlife, K-Town's historic and contemporary buildings house spas, cafes, Korean grocery stores, and more. The neighborhood is buzzing with activity at any time of the day, and parking could be challenging if you are looking for a last-minute spot. Koreatown street parking is abundantly available – both metered and free spots on almost every street – but finding a vacant spot is not always easy. The best option for stress-free Koreatown parking is to find a parking lot closest to your destination. You'll find plenty of affordable Koreatown parking garages, but it's best to pre-book your spot to avoid any delay. Demand for parking space can shoot up during peak hours, and paying drive-up rates will cost you more than reserved parking. Download the parking app and book your Koreatown parking garage space now for the best deals.

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Koreatown Parking Rates

Location Rate
837 S Vermont Avenue Lot$5 / Day
726 South Lake Street$7 / Day
1904 W Olympic Blvd$22 / Day
1120 W Washington Blvd City Parking$2 - $10 / Day
1256 W 7th Street$22 / Day
1200 West 7 Center (DTLA) Parking$2 - $30 / Day
2717 West Sunset Blvd$22 / Day
777 N Vine Street$22 / Day
FIG at 7th Garage (945 W 8th St) ABM$3 - $18 / Day
Hotel Figueroa City Parking$10 / Day

Koreatown Parking FAQ

Is Koreatown LA parking safe?

Koreatown in Los Angeles is a safe neighborhood; you can park on the streets or at off-street parking lots without worrying. However, keep an eye out for temporary restrictions or updates on time limits, meter rates, etc., when you use Koreatown street parking. Choose a well-maintained parking garage with the latest safety features like camera surveillance to ensure maximum safety for your car. It is ideal to use a parking garage space for Koreatown overnight parking. There are plenty of affordable parking lots in the neighborhood with all modern amenities to keep your car safe while you are away.

Where can I find Koreatown free parking?

On-street parking is free of charge on many streets in and around Koreatown. The streets between West 7th and West 8th Streets are good places to start. Free parking spots could be available on South Hobart Boulevard, Irolo Street, and Mariposa Avenue too. Maximum parking hours at these Koreatown free parking spots vary – check posted signs for time limits, street cleaning schedules, and any other restrictions in effect before you leave the car on the street. Be aware of LA parking rules to avoid an expensive parking ticket or towaway.

How much does Koreatown LA parking costs?

Koreatown parking garage rates range from $2 - $5 an hour on average; daily maximum rates can go up to $20. You’ll find many Koreatown Los Angeles parking garages offering premium parking for rates as low as $10 a day when you book your parking spot online. Monthly parking Koreatown at top-rated garages will cost you $150 - $200; you might find lower monthly parking rates but ensure that the garage has the latest security features. Metered street parking in the neighborhood generally costs $1 per hour; free street parking spots are also available in and around Koreatown LA.

Where can I find the cheapest Koreatown garage?

The Line Hotel on Wilshire Boulevard offers premium valet parking at $12 for three hours, while hourly rates at 1200 West 7 Center DTLA lot and 1120 W Washington Blvd City Parking lot start at $2. You’ll also get all-day parking at 837 S Vermont Avenue Lot and 726 South Lake Street garage for $5 - $7. Find more affordable parking lots near Koreatown online – use LA parking apps and websites to pre-book your parking spot. Booking your parking in advance will get you the best deals as online reservations cost much lesser than drive-up rates.

Koreatown Parking Tips

The best way to explore Koreatown is to leave your car at a secure parking lot and explore the neighborhood on foot. Most garages do not offer In-and-Out privileges; unless you book multiple parking spots, it's best to park your car once.

Park only at designated spots; avoid double parking and red curbs, even if it is a quick stop. Be aware of and follow LA parking rules to avoid an expensive ticket. Use street parking for shorter durations; a garage space is more convenient and safer for all-day parking.

Check for updated security features like camera surveillance when choosing a Koreatown parking garage. Make sure you haven't left behind any valuables inside your car before leaving the garage to avoid the risk of break-ins.

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