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Coral Gables Parking

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The city of Coral Gables, located southwest of downtown Miami, is a quick getaway from the bustling Miami attractions. Just 4 miles from Miami International airport, this Mediterranean-themed city is known for its fascinating Venetian Pool, the scenic Coral Way, Miami Baltimore Hotel, and Douglas entrance. It is a pedestrian-friendly destination with less than fifty thousand residents. Parking near Coral Gables is hassle-free; the ‘planned city’ offers plenty of public parking spaces at its Municipal Garages and Lots operating 24x7, along with a premium selection of top-rated private garages providing the latest amenities. On-street metered parking in Coral gables is enforced seven days a week, from 9 am to midnight. Coral Gables parking rates are relief from skyrocketing parking costs in Miami city limits. However, always keep a Coral Gables parking app handy to get the best deals on guaranteed spots at safe and convenient parking garages.

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Coral Gables Parking Rates

Location Rate
Premium Parking 130 Almeria Ave$4 - $26/day
Premium Parking 1906 Ponce de Leon$8 - $28/day
Premium 4250 Salzedo St Parking$3 - $15/day
Premium 358 San Lorenzo Ave Parking$3 - $15/day
Premium 4425 Ponce de Leon Blvd Parking$3 - $15/day
Prestige Easy Park Miami City Parking$2 - $7/day
1501 Collins Avenue City Parking$5 - $35/day
Westland Mall City Parking (1675 W 49th St)$2 - $10/day
160 Almeria Ave Premium Parking$4 - $16/day
2355 Galiano St Parking$2 - $10/day

Coral Gables Parking FAQ

How much does Coral Gables parking cost?

The maximum rate for on-street Coral Gables parking is $3 per hour; at municipal parking lots, the hourly rate can go up to $4. Coral Gables parking garage rates start at $1 for 30 minutes, with a daily maximum of $18. Monthly parking at public garages and lots ranges from $120 - $350 with city permits. Private parking near Coral Gables will cost your less than $3 an hour; booking ahead of your visit and using a Coral Gables parking app will help cut the cost further and guarantee a safe parking space for your car.

Is there street parking near Coral Gables?

Yes, on-street metered parking is enforced by the city of Coral Gables seven days a week, from 9 am to midnight. Make sure to check rules and regulations before leaving your car on the street to avoid a Coral Gables parking ticket.

Where can I find the cheapest Coral Gables parking garages?

You’ll find plenty of Coral Gables parking garages around Coral way, with affordable hourly rates as low as $2. Giralda Avenue, Almeria Avenue, Minorca, and Andalusia Avenue have several well-maintained Coral Gables parking lots and garages. Book online ahead of your visit for the lowest rates – reserved parking is cheaper than drive-in parking.

How can I get the best deals on City of Coral Gables parking?

Download a Coral gables parking app or use websites like for exclusive offers and discounted rates at top-rated Coral gables parking lots. Book in advance for a guaranteed spot at the best prices.

Coral Gables Parking Tips

It is always best to pre-book parking in advance before going out. There are plenty of websites and parking apps out there that offer easy interfaces for parking reservations at secure spots and garages. Most of these parking lots and garages offer cheaper rates than drive-in garages as well.

Even if you are parking in the most secure parking garages or lots, never leave your valuables exposed on your car. Many people make it a habit to drop off e-gadgets like mobile phones and laptops on the car’s passenger seats. Car-jackers consider parking lots as an easy target and can steal any valuable from even the most secure car parking lots or garages. Do not underestimate anyone.

Do not randomly park anywhere in the city. Go for street parking only at designated parking spots. Do not park in reserved spots like disabled parking slot if you are not eligible for the reservation.

Keep an eye out for traffic signboards to avoid unwanted traffic violations. Many cities and streets across the country have parking restrictions like alternate side parking, loading zones etc. If you fail to move your vehicle when the restriction begins, you could end up on the wrong side of a parking ticket.

Never gamble with the parking meter if you have parked your car in a metered parking spot. Always move your car out before the metered parking timer runs out. Trying your luck with a metered parking lot could result in your car getting towed or impounded.

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