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Zen Box Izakaya parking

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If you’ve been craving some sushi, ramen, and authentic Japanese food when in Minneapolis, you’d better make your way to Zen Box Izakaya! Located at 602 S Washington Avenue, it is a popular joint in the city where you can get amazing Asian food. Just ensure you book Zen Box parking in advance because it’s not easy to get a drive-up spot!

Most customers who choose street parking near Zen Box Izakaya complain of the time limits and other restrictions. If you don’t know where to find convenient parking nearby, you could get fleeced by the Zen Box Izakaya parking rates offered by other private garages! If only there was a ‘way’ to find the cheapest reliable spots nearby –right? makes the task of finding Zen Box Izakaya parking easier by showing you all the best parking garages in the vicinity, all of which you can pre-book in a few minutes. You can take advantage of the reduced booking time and discounted rates to book reliable parking in a jiffy! With affordable deals and vouchers, you can cut corners on Zen Box Izakaya parking rates and get great savings too.

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Zen Box Izakaya parking rates

Location Rate
400 S 3rd Street garage parking $23/day
Denison Parking (720 S 4th St) $22/ day
Denison Parking (425 ParkAvenue) $14/day
415 S 5th Street garage parking $27/ day
517 S Marquette Ave garage parking $33/ day
11 S 4th St Garage parking $33/ day
700 5th Ave South parking $28/ day
651 Nicollet Ave parking $38/day
Denison Parking (121 S 8th Street) $22/ day
900 2nd Ave parking $22/ day
921 S Marquette Ave garage parking $28/day
LaSalle Plaza - Denison parking $24/ day

Zen Box Izakaya parking: FAQs

Is there on-site Zen Box Izakaya parking?

Unfortunately, there is no on-site parking at Zen Box Izakaya. Since it is located in downtown Minneapolis, space for on-site parking comes at a premium! Most customers choose to park on the street or at nearby affordable Zen Box Izakaya parking garages. Though there are more than enough spots to go around, you need to ensure that you park somewhere that fits your criteria of convenience and affordability.

Pre-booking a spot through a parking app like is the easiest option to ensure you get value for money. Not only can you reduce the hassle of searching for parking, but you can also save money at the same time.

Where can you find street parking near Zen Box Izakaya?

You can find metered street parking on Portland Avenue, Washington Avenue, S 2nd Street, and most surrounding streets. The Zen Box Izakaya street parking rates will cost you $2-4 for 2 hours of parking. With that time limit, it’s not worth parking on the street! You also have to deal with umpteen other drivers who are all gunning for these cheap street parking spots.

If you want the convenience of zooming in and out of a spot with ease, can help you pre-book parking garages nearby for as low as $2 per hour.

Is there Zen Box Izakaya free parking nearby?

Unfortunately, Zen Box Izakaya free parking is very rare since it is located in downtown Minneapolis. Most streets have only metered parking which only allows you a couple of hours downtime. You won’t be able to enjoy the food at Zen Box Izakaya with parking worries on your mind – it would be much safer at an off-site parking garage.

How can I find off-site Zen Box Izakaya parking garages?

Just download the Way app or head to the website, type in ‘Zen Box Izakaya parking,’ check out the best garages nearby and pre-book a spot of your liking. That’s all there is to it! We ensure that all the parking garages in our inventory are well-maintained, paved, and professionally run. Once you park at a lot, chances are you won’t have anything to worry about – not even about parking rates!

With special deals and vouchers on parking, you get the best deals and flexible parking options to suit your needs. From hourly parking rates as low as $2 per hour to daily parking that will cost you only $15-20, helps you save money where it matters.

Zen Box Izakaya parking tips

Zen Box Izakaya is located at 602 S Washington Avenue, Minneapolis.

Downtown Minneapolis can be a nightmare to navigate, especially when it comes to parking. Plan before you head outside – pre-book a spot easily to make your trip to Zen Box Izakaya glitch-free.

If you’re heading someplace else after your visit to the restaurant, you can book a ParkingPass from that will allow you unlimited parking at lots across the city with no extra payment.

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