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Barclays Center Parking

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Home to prominent teams like the Brooklyn Nets and New York Liberty, Barclays Center is one of the leading multi-purpose indoor areas in all of New York City. Being an epicenter of multiple sold-out concerts, conventions, sporting and entertainment events around the year, finding Barclays Center parking can be quite difficult. It’s always best go for pre-booking of parking near Barclays Center in advance before heading out. Reserving a booking spot online through parking service providers like ensures premium facilities like contactless parking, and also gives access to Barclays Center parking map, and much more. While there are onsite Barclays Center parking spaces, it’s always best to go for discount parking near Barclays Center to grab the most affordable deals for parking out there.

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Barclays Center Parking Price

Location Rate
555 Waverly Ave Parking$10 - $24/day
105 Underhill Ave City Parking$10 - $13/day
Hoyt AND Schermerhorn Parking LLC$11 - $34/day
Quik Park Sch Garage LLC$11 - $34/day
302 2nd St City Parking$3 - $10/day
Brooklyn Metro Parking LLC$20 - $39/day
Quik Park 365 Management LLC$16 - $35/day
Belltel 365 Parking LLC$12 - $42/day
343 4th Ave City Parking$15 - $40/day
Ft Greene And Gold Garage LLC$19 - $65/day

Barclays Center Parking FAQ

Can you pre-book Barclays Center Parking?

Yes. There are plenty of website and parking apps that let you pre-book Barclays Center Parking in advance. Most of these Barclays Center parking locations provide premium amenities like contactless parking, COVID-19 compliances, around the clock lot security, and much more for some of the best rates in the city.

Where can you find the best deals for parking near Barclays Center?

The best deals for parking near Barclays Center cannot be found by driving into a random spot. You need to consider pre-booking parking near Barclays Center to extract the absolute best deals for Barclays Center Parking. Downloading apps like the Way App also provides you an option to pre-book parking near Barclays Center easily.

Do parking apps offer Barclays Center parking map?

Yes, parking apps like the Way App provides a Barclays Center parking map. This map can be used to easily navigate and make your way to the Barclays Center parking lot you wish to park at.

Does Barclays Center have parking?

Yes, Barclays Center does have parking facilities onsite, but in very limited numbers. Majority of these spots get sold out within minutes of being available. Barclays Center parking prices also tends to be pretty high, and your best shot at getting affordable parking would be to pre-book the many offsite parking spaces, online through

Is there parking at Barclays Center that lets you park for free?

Unfortunately, there are no Barclays Center parking garage that lets you park for free. However, there are plenty of parking near Barclays Center that lets you park for rates as low as $3 per hour. Most of these Barclays Center parking spots also provide premium amenities like contactless parking, COVID-19 compliances, and around the clock lot security.

Is Barclays Center Street parking cheap?

Yes, Barclays Center Street parking deals are cheap but they do get sold out within minutes of being available. Unless you have fortune on your side, it would be difficult to bag most of these Barclays Center Street parking spots.

Where can you get the closest parking to Barclays Center?

If it’s the absolute closest parking to Barclays Center you seek, you’ll definitely need to consider pre-booking your Barclays Center parking online through The best choice would be to park at lots like the 555 Waverly Ave Parking, and 105 Underhill Ave City parking which are all located just minutes away from Barclays Center Parking.

Are Barclays Center parking garages safe?

Majority of the Barclays Center parking garages listed on offer secure facilities like contactless parking, covid-19 compliances, around the clock lot assistance, and camera surveillance facilities. However, always make sure that valuables are not left exposed on your cars.

Can you get discount parking near Barclays Center?

Your best shot at getting discount parking near Barclays Center would be to pre-book parking online through However, it should be noted that drive-in customers may not be eligible for discount parking near Barclays Center.

What are the Barclays Center parking prices?

Barclays Center parking prices typically varies from one lot to the other, depending on parking services provided, accessibility, and distance to premium spots of the city. Conventional Barclays Center parking prices usually ranges anywhere from $3 - $12 for the first two hours depending on lot availability.

Barclays Center Parking Tips

It is always best to pre-book parking in advance before going out. There are plenty of websites and parking apps out there that offer easy interfaces for parking reservations at secure spots and garages. Most of these parking lots and garages offer cheaper rates than drive-in garages as well.

Even if you are parking in the most secure parking garages or lots, never leave your valuables exposed on your car. Many people make it a habit to drop off e-gadgets like mobile phones and laptops on the car’s passenger seats. Car-jackers consider parking lots as an easy target and can steal any valuable from even the most secure car parking lots or garages. Do not underestimate anyone.

Do not randomly park anywhere in the city. Go for street parking only at designated parking spots. Do not park in reserved spots like disabled parking slot if you are not eligible for the reservation.

Keep an eye out for traffic signboards to avoid unwanted traffic violations. Many cities and streets across the country have parking restrictions like alternate side parking, loading zones etc. If you fail to move your vehicle when the restriction begins, you could end up on the wrong side of a parking ticket.

Never gamble with the parking meter if you have parked your car in a metered parking spot. Always move your car out before the metered parking timer runs out. Trying your luck with a metered parking lot could result in your car getting towed or impounded.

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