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Old City parking

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Philadelphia’s Old City is one of its most historic neighborhoods, having several tourist attractions in it. Some prominent landmarks like Independence Hall, Independence National Historic Park, Carpenter’s Hall, and Betsy Ross House draw hundreds of visitors every day. Naturally, anyone who comes by car will find the neighborhood crowded, making Old City parking all the more challenging!

The presence of historic buildings and venues means very limited spaces for parking in Old City, Philadelphia. Common complaints from visitors include having to drive in circles for at least 15-20 minutes before finding parking and the lack of awareness about affordable parking nearby! Don’t worry too much – we're here to set things right. understands that a smooth parking experience is essential to enjoy your day in Old City. With an inventory of top-rated Old City parking garages and lots, allows you to pinpoint and pre-book parking in just minutes! Once you book with us, you can zoom into your lot with no delay and enjoy a stress-free day in Old City – at a fraction of the cost.

Here’s a look at the nearest parking garages in Old City and their rates.

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Old City parking rates

Location Rate
101 Market Street Garage $17/day
733 Chestnut St Garage $30/day
8 th and Market St parking $30/day
900 Chestnut St parking $25/day
iParkitJefferson Garage $28/ day
81 Spring Garden City parking $12/ 12 hours
612 Front City parking $12/day
1111 Sansom St parking $25/ day
209 S 12 th St parking $18/ day
Park America city parking $24/ day
225 239 North St lot parking $30/day
The Notary Hotel city parking $40/ day

Old City parking: FAQs

Where can you find on-site parking in Philadelphia’s Old City?

Most people visit Old City to see historic landmarks and institutions like Liberty Bell, Independence Hall, the National Liberty Museum, etc. Many of these locations have on-site parking – however, it is limited and will be quickly filled up. Since most visitors spend more than a few hours here, cars once parked are unlikely to leave anytime soon. You will most likely be diverted to street parking or other parking options.

Where can you find street parking in Old City, Philadelphia?

You can find limited metered and free street parking on roads like Arch Street, Florist Street, Chestnut Street and more. Metered parking will cost you between $5-8 for 2 hours of parking. Free parking is few and far between but can still be found on certain stretches.

However, the biggest drawback of street parking is the numerous time limits and parking regulations you have to keep track of. If you slip up, you could come back to find a hefty fine slapped onto you – or even worse, your car could be towed! For peace of mind, it’s best that you choose an off-site lot that can offer safe and cheap parking in Old City, Philadelphia - which you can easily access through

How can I find reliable Old City parking garages and lots?

By reliable, we mean garages and lots that won’t cost you an arm and a leg, while still being in the vicinity of Old City for you to park conveniently. Such lots can only be found if you have access to a tool like! We have an extensive inventory of garages that are available for booking in just a few swipes through our user-friendly app and website.

You can save as much as 50% through regular discounts, vouchers and early-bird deals from Plus, we ensure all the lots in our network are well-maintained, paved, and CCTV-enabled for maximum safety!

Where can I find monthly parking in Old City, Philadelphia?

An advantage of choosing off-site parking is that it offers flexibility between hourly, daily, and monthly parking in Old City, Philadelphia. For as low as $200-240 per month, you can book yourself a guaranteed parking spot which will be available whenever you want to visit.

Old City parking tips

Old City lies in the heart of Philadelphia and is a part of Center City.

It houses many important landmarks like Independence Hall, Betsy Ross House, and the National Liberty Museum – so it can get pretty crowded at times. Off-site parking lots are much more reliable for getting guaranteed Old City parking spots.

You can save as much as 50% using early bird parking discounts and vouchers.

Don’t leave your valuables exposed on your car’s dashboard or on the seats, even at the safest lots.

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