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PPG Paints Arena Parking

Get cheap parking around PPG Paints Arena in Pittsburg

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Find the best parking garages near PPG Paints Arena

Whether you are headed to a Penguins game or a big concert, PPG Paints Arena in Pittsburg is one of the best event venues to experience sports or entertainment. The downtown location makes it easy to reach by car or public transportation. And parking around PPG Paints Arena won’t trouble you much.

Officially home to NHL’s Pittsburg Penguins, the multi-purpose indoor PPG Paints Arena hosts various events. Hockey, college basketball games, live music, and more attract large crowds to the arena with a total capacity of close to 20K.

While there are plenty of parking lots around the arena, PPG Paints Arena parking would be easier if you check out the available options in advance instead of driving around at the last minute. Street parking is a bit of a walk away and not ideal when attending an event. Your only other option for affordable parking near PPG Paints Arena is pre-booked parking.

Off-site parking garages near PPG Paints Arena offer better deals than the event parking rates at official parking lots. Try a parking app or website like to make the search easier. Reserved parking rates are always cheaper than drive-up parking rates at downtown parking lots.

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PPG Paints Arena Parking Rates

Location Rate Distance Parking
400 Smithfield St Garage Parking$21 / Day0.5 mi
403 Grant Street Parking $36 / Day0.5 mi
200 Smithfield St Garage Parking$21 / Day0.5 mi
546 Penn Avenue Garage Parking$19 / Day0.7 mi
625 Stanwix Street Garage Parking$24 / Day0.8 mi

PPG Paints Arena parking FAQs

Where is Penguins parking near PPG Paints Arena?

Penguins game day parking is available at the garage adjacent to the arena and the Jim Shorkey parking lots and garages nearby. RAM Garage, RAM Melody Tent Lot, Chrysler East Lot, Dodge South Lot, Fullerton Lot, and Logan Lot are located just across the arena, between Center Avenue and Bedford Avenue. You’ll also find off-site parking at downtown garages like Duquesne University Garage.

How much is the PPG Paints Arena parking rate?

Event parking rates at the PPG Paints Arena parking garage vary. Official Penguins game day parking at the Jim Shorkey lots and garages will cost you $30 - $40. Downtown parking rates will be cheaper, and there are plenty of options within walking distance of the arena.

When you pre-book a spot online, you can park for as low as $15 - $20 for the whole day at secure parking facilities near PPG Paints Arena.

Is there Accessible parking around PPG Paints Arena?

Accessible parking is available at multiple parking lots and garages around PPG Paints Arena. The official lots have a limited number of accessible parking spaces available on a first-come, first-serve basis. During Penguins games, accessible parking spots are available for suite holders and log box season ticket holders at the PPG Paints Arena garage.

How to find cheap parking garages near PPG Paints Arena?

Always book your parking spot in advance to get the cheapest rates at the best PPG Paints Arena garages. Several downtown parking lots close to the arena offer cheaper rates than the official parking lots. The easiest way to find these is to use a parking app or website.

Looking for a last-minute spot might not turn out well, especially right before a big game or concert. Compare various options online and pre-book your PPG Paints Arena parking spot to save more.

PPG Paints Arena parking tips

Pre-paid parking passes are available online for buses transporting groups to the arena.

Chatham Center Garage, U.S. Steel Building Garage, BNY Mellon Center Garage, Menor Complex Garage, and Duquesne University Garage are the recommended downtown parking lots near PPG Paints Arena. However, you’ll find plenty of other options at cheaper rates.

To access designated spots for ADA/Accessible parking at the PPG Paints Arena parking lots and garages, you must have a valid state-issued disability placard or license plate on the vehicle.

Please note that parking space availability at the Jim Shorkey parking lots varies from event to event. Check rules and rates for the event you are attending before heading out to the arena. To avoid all last-minute delays and risks, pre-book your PPG Paints Arena parking.