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Fisherman's Wharf Parking

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Find the Best Fisherman's Wharf Parking Lot

The Fisherman's Wharf in San Francisco is a must-visit destination with multiple attractions unique to the city. A favorite among locals as well as tourists, the Fisherman's Wharf offers some of the best views of the Golden Gate and the cityscape. Sun-bathing sea lions, historic ships, souvenir shopping, restaurants, and more entertainment keep the visitor count high. To accommodate the high demand for parking near Fisherman's Wharf, several garages and parking lots offer both self-parking and valet parking services in the area. On-street parking is also reliable for quick visits if you manage to find a vacant spot. The best Fisherman's Wharf parking lots are located near Pier 39; try the garages on Bay Street, Powell Street, and Green Street for cheap parking near Fisherman's Warf. Log on to or download the app to quickly reserve your spot and enjoy premium parking at the lowest rates.

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Fisherman's Wharf Parking Rates

Location Rate Distance Parking
Northpoint Center Garage Lot$25 / Day0.3 mi
2 Bay Street Parking$18 / Day0.6 mi
SEAWALL LOT 314$20 / Day0.6 mi
2775 Van Ness Ave Parking $45 / Day0.6 mi
770 Broadway Street San Francisco, CA 94133$40 / Day0.8 mi
2 Marina Blvd Parking$9 / Day0.8 mi

Fisherman's Wharf Parking FAQ

Is there parking near Fisherman's Wharf?

Yes, over 6000 off-street parking spots are available at parking lots and garages near the Fisherman's Wharf in San Francisco. The Wharf garages on Beach Streets and Pier 39 Garage on Powell Street are the most popular – during peak hours, the limited number of spots are usually packed. There are more options for Fisherman's Wharf parking on North Point Street and Bay Street. You can choose self-parking or valet parking services; the rates vary accordingly. Street parking is also available, but you'll need to get there early to find a vacant spot.

Is Fisherman’s Wharf San Francisco parking safe?

Fisherman's Wharf is one of the most popular destinations in San Francisco, and you have nothing to worry about parking here – on the street or off the street. Expiring meters and street parking time limits could be bothersome, but that's easily avoidable when you can find an affordable Fisherman's Wharf parking garage space. There are several well-maintained Fisherman's Wharf parking lots and garages with all modern amenities like camera surveillance, round-the-clock security, etc.

Where can I find cheap parking near Fisherman’s Wharf?

Fisherman's Wharf parking lots on Powell Street and the Pier 39 Garage are affordable options. You can also get parking validation from many restaurants at Fisherman's Wharf and either park for free for the first couple of hours or get a discount at the designated parking lot. Reserving your parking will guarantee the lowest rates at Fisherman's Warf parking garage and lots; it's cheaper than drive-up rates. Parking vouchers are a great way to save money on premium parking spots – you'll find a 12-hour voucher under $20 at parking lots in the neighborhood.

How can I find the best Fisherman’s Wharf parking deals?

Go online and book your Fisherman’s Wharf San Francisco parking on websites like You can compare rates and amenities at each parking lot in the neighborhood and choose one that best suits your needs and budget. Download the app on your smartphone for up-to-date offers and discounts at top-rated Fisherman’s Wharf parking lots. Reserve your parking spot from anywhere, anytime, to save more time and money.

Fisherman's Wharf Parking Tips

Carjackers consider parking lots to be easy targets. No matter how safe a parking lot is, ensure your car's safety by properly locking the doors and windows. Don't forget to check the seats for any valuable like cash or gadgets left behind accidentally. Store your belongings under the seat or in the trunk before leaving your car. Choose a garage with updated security features like camera surveillance, security guards, contactless parking, etc.

Fisherman's Wharf parking could get tricky during peak season, with tourists adding to visitor count. Plan your visit in advance and book your parking ahead of time to get instant access at a Fisherman's Wharf parking lot. Avoid parking on the streets if you are planning to spend more than a couple of hours here.

If you park on the street, be aware of San Francisco parking rules and checking parking signs before leaving your car. Check meter screens for time limits and move your car before the meter expires to avoid an unnecessary parking ticket.

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