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SOMA Parking

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Find Parking near SOMA Square

The warehouse district South of Market (popularly known as SoMa) in San Francisco is never shy of activity. Home to the Major League Baseball (MLB) favorites, the San Francisco Giants, SOMA parking garages do tend to get filled up pretty fast. The presence of Mission Bay and South Beach which are two prominent attractions of San Francisco further makes the whole process of finding affordable SOMA parking, that much difficult. However, it does not necessarily mean that it is impossible to find a SOMA parking lot that is vacant, affordable and provides all modern amenities. With proper utilization of parking apps and booking your parking near Soma Square well in advance, SOMA parking can also be a breeze.

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Rates for Parking near Soma Square

Location Rate Distance Parking
970 Howard St Parking$20 / Day0.1 mi
259 7th St Parking $36 / Day0.2 mi
Zenanli Parking (61 Oak Grove Street)$20 / Day0.2 mi
573 Minna St lot City Parking$10 / Day0.2 mi
98 Franklin St Parking$30 / Day0.8 mi
50 COSMO PLACE$20 / Day0.8 mi
819 Ellis st Parking$33 / Day0.9 mi
750 Golden Gate Ave Parking$20 / Day1.0 mi

SOMA Parking FAQ

Is there free parking near SOMA San Francisco?

Yes. You can access free parking near SOMA San Francisco after meter and residential parking restriction ends. The metered parking and residential parking restrictions usually end by 10 PM on weekdays. That’s not all, you can further enjoy free parking near SOMA San Francisco on all weekends. However, it should be noted that the street cleaning schedules still apply for parking and you can still receive parking citations for carelessly parking during cleaning hours. Parking near SOMA Square is free outside the metered area but limited to 1-2 hours across the residential zones. SOMA parking is also limited to 72 hours in unrestricted zones, after which you are supposed to move your vehicle. Please note that the parking enforcement is pretty vigilant and aggressive for parking near SOMA square when compared with other neighboring areas.

Where can I find the cheapest SOMA parking?

There are abundant number of cheap SOMA parking lots in and around the area. If your plan is to access the absolute best SOMA parking garage you need to explore the various SOMA parking lots in the area. The cheapest parking near SOMA square has to be the 120 Hawthorne Street City parking. Alternative options for parking garage SOMA San Francisco can be found at the Reef City 725 Harrison St, 404 2nd Street City Parking Garage, and the 60 Tehama St Parking provide hourly parking deals starting at rates as low as $3/hour.

Is there overnight parking near SOMA Square?

Yes. There are plenty of SOMA parking garages that offer affordable deals for overnight parking near SOMA square. Your best bet to get all the modern amenities like contactless parking, and around the clock accessibility for overnight parking near SOMA square would be to go for parking at the Elif Parking Garage. Your other options to choose from parking garage SOMA San Francisco would be to pick a lot from Fifth and Mission Garage, SOMA garage, ABC parking 2, and Moscone Center Garage.

Are there zones for residential parking near SOMA square?

Yes. There are zones for residential parking near SOMA square. Keep an eye out for such zones as there will be parking restrictions in place during the day time, or during the metered parking hours for SOMA parking in such zones.

SOMA Parking Tips

It is always best to pre-book parking in advance before going out. There are plenty of websites and parking apps out there that offer easy interfaces for parking reservations at secure spots and garages. Most of these parking lots and garages offer cheaper rates than drive-in garages as well.

Even if you are parking in the most secure parking garages or lots, never leave your valuables exposed on your car. Many people make it a habit to drop off e-gadgets like mobile phones and laptops on the car’s passenger seats. Car-jackers consider parking lots as an easy target and can steal any valuable from even the most secure car parking lots or garages. Do not underestimate anyone.

Do not randomly park anywhere in the city. Go for street parking only at designated parking spots. Do not park in reserved spots like disabled parking slot if you are not eligible for the reservation.

Keep an eye out for traffic signboards to avoid unwanted traffic violations. Many cities and streets across the country have parking restrictions like alternate side parking, loading zones etc. If you fail to move your vehicle when the restriction begins, you could end up on the wrong side of a parking ticket.

Never gamble with the parking meter if you have parked your car in a metered parking spot. Always move your car out before the metered parking timer runs out. Trying your luck with a metered parking lot could result in your car getting towed or impounded.

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