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Yerba Buena Gardens parking

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The Yerba Buena Gardens are a pair of urban parks located in downtown San Francisco. It serves not just as an important public park but also as a landmark for many cultural reasons. It houses the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, a popular contemporary arts center, while also having public utilities like a skating rink, a bowling alley, and a carousel. It houses the famous Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial, which consists of a waterfall and excerpts of his speeches on etched glass. For all these reasons, the gardens are a popular spot to visit in San Francisco. If only finding Yerba Buena Gardens parking was as easy!

Given the footfall at the gardens, it is challenging to find parking near Yerba Buena Gardens on most days and impossible on others. One drawback of visiting here is that there is no on-site parking – you’ll have to either park on the street or look for a Yerba Buena parking garage nearby. That’s easier said than done, because street parking can get snapped up quickly, and finding the right parking garage can get frustrating.

How can you find affordable Yerba Buena Gardens parking in San Francisco? The simple answer is –! We’ve identified the problem and made your work easier by providing you a selection of the best-rated Yerba Buena parking garages nearby, accessible through our app or website. Not only that, you can also get great discounts of up to 50% on parking rates. Switch to a contactless Yerba Buena Gardens parking experience now with Way.

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Parking at Yerba Buena Center

Location Rate
Pickwick Garage Parking $20/ 12 hours
890 Mission Street Parking $20/Day
SP+555 Mission Street Garage $25/ Day
Reef City parking $15/ Day
60 Tehama Street parking $46/ Day
555 Market Street City parking $36/ Day
51 Mason Garage $15/ Day
970 Howard Street parking $25/ Day
333 Bush Street Valet parking $42/ Day
25 Mason Street parking $25/ Day
HPM Parking $25/ Day

Yerba Buena Gardens parking FAQ

Where can I find parking for Yerba Buena Center?

The Gardens themselves do not have on-site parking, so it’s better to go off-site and choose parking that is convenient and affordable. The closest option drivers would like to select is street parking – you can find spots on surrounding roads like Mission Street and Howard Street. However, parking time limits and other regulations may play spoilsport.

There are several private Yerba Buena parking garages nearby that you can choose instead. The best way to know where to park is by using the website or the Way app, which lets you find available spots, compare prices, and pre-book a spot even before you leave for the Gardens!

What are the rates for parking near Yerba Buena Gardens?

Metered street parking rates vary from $3-8 depending on which street you park on. If you’re willing to spend more for a safe spot, you can find parking garages that will cost you $10-25 for 2 hours of parking. We know that it’s on the expensive side – don't worry, there are more affordable options too!

If you use to pre-book a spot, you can cut the parking rates down to as low as $15 for an entire day!

Is there free parking for Yerba Buena Center?

Yes, there is free parking near Yerba Buena Gardens on the surrounding streets. However, it’s unlikely that you’ll get a spot, especially when the rush to the Gardens increases on certain holidays and special occasions. Even if you do get a spot, there’s no guarantee it would be safe – there's always the threat of dents and scratches by careless drivers.

Where can I find affordable parking at Yerba Buena Center?

To get a parking spot with the perfect combination of affordability and convenience, head over to! We will list out the closest parking garages for you to choose from, which you can do after comparing prices. When booking through the Way app or website, you can also get special offers and vouchers that shave off up to 50% on the parking rates!

Tips for Yerba Buena Gardens parking in San Francisco

Yerba Buena Gardens are open every day from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Street parking near the Gardens is subject to strict parking regulations, even in free parking zones. The maximum time you can leave your car parked at a spot is 72 hours.

Always take you valuables with you when leaving the car parked somewhere. The chances of break-ins increase whenever drivers leave laptops, phones, or wallets on the dashboard.

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