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Echostage is one of Washington, D.C.’s most popular music venues and a staple visit for many of the city’s music lovers. Many prominent acts like Lorde, Avicii, Tiesto, and Calvin Harris have opened to full houses at the Echostage, and it has even been voted as the number one club in the world in 2021. It comes as no surprise that unless you arrive early and claim a spot, finding Echostage parking can be a challenge indeed!

Echostage is located at 215 Queens Chapel Road NE. While the venue does have on-site parking, it could be too expensive for some patrons. Drivers looking for alternative options might need to search for a bit unless they have guidance. Echostage street parking is very limited, so garage parking seems much more convenient. In fact, the right Echostage parking garage can help you save as much as 50% on Echostage parking fees.

Pre-booking a parking spot using a parking app like can reduce your parking woes to zero in just a matter of minutes. You can book a guaranteed spot for yourself from the comfort of your home - even before you head out to venue! The real-time updated inventory of garages shows you all available spots, lets you compare prices, and book spot in just minutes!

Here’s a look at the closest garages and their rates.

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Echostage parking garages

Location Rate  
616 E St NW Garage parking$25/day
901 F St Valet garage parking$17/day
505 9th Street NW parking$34/day
901 E St NW valet garage parking$19/day
975 F St NW Carroll Square Garage$19/day
1325 18th St Garage Parking$25/day
Hyatt Centric Garage parking$32/day
1600 New York Avenue NE parking $23/day
625 H Street NE garage parking$18/day
650 Pennsylvania Avenue SE garage parking$14/day
101 Constitution Avenue NW parking$19/day
777 6th Street NW garage parking$25/day

Echostage parking: FAQs

Is there on-site Echostage parking?

Yes, there is valet parking at Echostage provided by third party parking vendors. You can also reserve parking at the venue If you feel that finding a spot can get tough. However, for last-minute events and special occasions, the on-site lots could get crowded pretty fast.

Valet parking also has a waiting period in case the attendants are stretched. If you’d rather avoid the hassle, then you can look for alternative options like Echostage street parking or garage parking. However, when doing so, you should look for both convenience and affordability – not every option provides both.

Where can you find Echostage street parking?

There are very limited street parking spots nearby. If you’re looking to grab one of these spots it would be best to arrive early! Free parking can be found along Adams Pl NE, 24th Pl NE, and 25th Pl NE.

Different streets have different parking time limits, so ensure you check for parking signs before leaving your car there. Ensure you don’t park in areas that require Residential Parking Permits – you could get slapped with a hefty fine or even have your car towed.

Are there affordable off-site Echostage parking garages nearby?

While on-site parking can be expensive, street parking can be inconvenient to get. When parking on-street, you may also have to keep track of several regulations. To the average driver, these could be a challenge – enough to make you wonder if it would be easier to take a cab!

Your car would be better off at a secure indoor parking garage near Echostage, where you don’t need to bother about timings and restrictions. Pre-book a spot with and get access to the best garages in the vicinity and for the most competitive prices!

Pre-booking a spot gives you the option of choosing a dependable, user-reviewed garage for Echostage parking. These filters mean that all the parking garages that show up in our inventory are professional and affordable – which should be your non-negotiable criteria! Echostage parking fees will cost you as low as $17 for an entire day. You can even choose between hourly, daily, and monthly parking.

Do off-site parking garages offer flexible parking near Echostage?

Yes! You can choose between hourly, daily, and monthly Echostage parking with ease when booking through a parking app like Conventional parking options like street parking on valet parking will likely only have flat rates – that could be inconvenient for most drivers. With a parking app, you can choose the number of hours (or days) you want to pre-book a spot for and pay accordingly!

How much does monthly Echostage parking cost?

If you work near Echostage or make regular visits to the venue, you can save much more by booking a monthly parking spot in advance. Monthly parking ensures that you will have a guaranteed spot at your chosen garage no matter the time and day. You can easily zoom in and out multiple times without added costs. Most parking lots near Echostage will cost between $150-300 for monthly parking.

How can you get great discounts when booking off-site parking?

You can get the best parking deals online – including early-bird discounts, exclusive vouchers, and seasonal offers! You can browse through as many garages and prices as you want and book the most preferred option in just a few swipes. Reserved parking is always cheaper than drive-up parking rates - book your parking spot ahead of your visit for the lowest rates at parking garages near Echostage.

Echostage parking tips

Echostage is located at 215 Queens Chapel Road NE, Washington D.C.

Street parking might be cheap, but it comes with disadvantages like lack of security, likelihood of break-ins, and exposure to weather.

It is safer to park your car at an indoor garage where it can stay safe for the duration of your visit to Echostage.

When booking through, you can get as much as 50% discount through early bird parking deals and vouchers.

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