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Hot N Juicy Crawfish parking

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The Hot N Juicy Crawfish is a popular eatery in Washington, D.C where you can enjoy casual dining. It specializes in Cajun crawfish, shrimp, and lobster dishes. Since it has several loyal patrons, it can get crowded on most days, so you need to plan for Hot N Juicy Crawfish parking! Otherwise, you may end up driving around for quite some time without luck.

There are plenty of parking options nearby – from street parking to garage parking. However, you can find the best Hot N Juicy Crawfish parking spots only if you access trusted user reviews and ratings! You can do that by using a parking app like, which can help you book the most reliable spots in a jiffy!

Pre-book affordable parking near Hot N Juicy Crawfish for as low as $19 for an entire day using You can also access great discounts on drive-up rates when using the app. That way, you save both time and money!

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Parking near Hot N Juicy Crawfish

Location Rate  
1325 18th St garage parking $25/day
1717 Rhode Island Ave NW parking$19/day
2021 K Street NW valet parking $22/day
Washington Square parking$21/day

Hot N Juicy Crawfish parking: FAQs

Is there on-site Hot N Juicy Crawfish parking?

It is very difficult to find on-site parking at Hot N Juicy Crawfish in Washington D.C. It is quite a popular restaurant, so all the best spots will already be taken early. One thing you can do is to plan for backup options in case you can’t find parking at the venue. Most drivers go for street parking nearby, or park at an off-site Hot N Juicy parking garage.

Where can you find street parking near Hot N Juicy Crawfish?

You can find free street parking near Hot N Juicy Crawfish along Calvert St NW and certain stretches along Connecticut Ave. However, it’s rare to find these spots vacant since they will be taken up by the early drivers. Plus, you need to keep track of parking rules and time limits. Several drivers prefer to park at indoor garages nearby.

What is the Hot N Juicy parking price?

Most street parking near the eatery is free. However, given the difficulty of finding a spot, garage parking is more convenient. You must do your research before parking at a garage – you don’t want to park at a shady spot. If you do so, you could end up paying more than $25 for just a few hours of parking.

How can I find off-site Hot N Juicy Crawfish parking garages?

The most convenient parking spots can be found at off-site garages nearby. Pre-booking a Hot N Juicy parking garage using a parking app like is one of the easiest solutions to your parking woes. Besides helping you get a guaranteed spot even before you set out from home, you can also save big through in-app discounts and vouchers.

Parking at an off-site garage through will only cost you as low as $19 for an entire day. So don’t delay – book now and save big.

Hot N Juicy Crawfish parking tips

The Hot N Juicy Crawfish is located at 2651 Connecticut Ave NW, Washington D.C.

Do your research about nearby parking options before heading out to ensure you don’t waste time over parking.

If you’re going for street parking, ensure you look at the signboards on each street to keep track of parking time limits.

Even when parking at an off-site garage, keep your valuables and gadgets safely out of sight. Don’t leave them on the dashboard or on the passenger seats.

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