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About Montreal Airport parking

  • YUL Airport parking has lots that offer onsite short-term and long-term parking. The airport also provides a Valet parking service. The YUL parking rates can differ depending on the lot you choose and the duration of parking. Be mindful that parking at Montreal Airport is expensive. The chances are high that you may not be able to find YUL Airport parking without pre-booking. So, it is always safe to check out the offsite garages and lots to get secure and cheap parking near Montreal Airport.

YUL Airport parking FAQs

Where can I park at Montreal Airport?

Montreal Airport parking offers short-term and long-term parking. The Short-Term Parking lot is located close to the terminal. This ground-level parking lot is around a 3-4 minute walk away from the terminals offering covered parking spots. Short-term parking can also be made at the Multi-Level Parking garage. The garage is a three-storeyed parking structure located within walking distance of the terminals, offering covered parking spaces in two levels. It takes approximately 5-6 minutes to reach the terminals from this YUL Airport parking garage. EconoParc P5, EconoParc P8-P9, AeroParc are the parking lots that offer Montreal Airport long-term parking. Frequent shuttle services connect these lots to the terminals.

How much does it cost to park at Montreal Airport?

Montreal Airport parking rates depend on the lots you choose and the duration taken for parking. The YUL parking rates can range anything between $7 for 20 minutes to $42 per day.

How much is long-term parking at YUL Airport?

You can opt for Montreal Airport long-term parking in all the onsite lots. Using long-term parking in the EconoParc P8-P9 lot costs you $23 per day. The YUL parking rate increases to $24 if you use a parking spot in the AeroParc lot. EconoParc P5 lot charges you a maximum of $26 for a day while using long-term parking. Using long-term parking in short-term parking lots can be more expensive. Getting long-term parking in the Multi-Level parking garage charges you a daily maximum parking rate of $31. The long-term parking rate increases to $39 for a day while parking at the Short-Term Parking lot. Always check out the offsite garages and lots if you want cheaper long-term parking near Montreal Airport.

Do Montreal Airport parking lots offer shuttle services?

Yes. The EconoParc P5, EconoParc P8-P9, and AeroParc parking lots offer shuttle services to the terminals. EconoParc P5 and EconoParc P8-P9 lots provide free 24-hour shuttle services to the terminals. The shuttle service takes around 14 and 16 minutes respectively to reach the terminals from both these lots. The shuttle service from the AeroParc lot takes around 16 minutes to reach the terminals.

How much does short-term Montreal Airport parking cost?

The short-term parking is offered via the Short-Term Parking lot and Muti-Level Parking garage. Using a YUL Airport parking in the Short-Term lot charges you $7 for every 20 minutes. The Muti-Level Parking garage also charges you $7 for every 20 minutes for short-term parking. The parking rate increases every 20 minutes till it reaches the daily maximum rate in both lots.

Does Montreal Airport parking offer weekly parking?

Yes. The EconoParc P5, EconoParc P8-P9, AeroParc parking lots offer weekly Montreal Airport parking. Weekly parking in EconoParc P5 costs you $150. Parking in the EconoParc P8-P9 lot for a week costs you $139. Whereas getting a weekly parking spot in the AeroParc lot charges you a maximum of $145. Check out the offsite garages and lots if you want to have cheaper weekly parking near Montreal Airport.

Is there Valet parking at Montreal Airport?

Yes. Valet parking service is offered via the ValetParc lot. Using this YUL Airport parking lot costs you $42 for a day. This service also offers accessible parking spaces and EV charging stations.

Does Montreal Airport have a Cell Phone Lot?

Yes, Montreal Airport parking features a Cell Phone Lot that you can use for free parking while at the airport to pick up a passenger. The lot lets you park your car free for up to two hours. The lot reduces the congestion around the airport as you can wait in your car while the passenger is ready for pick up. The lot doesn’t offer Wi-Fi, and there is no shuttle service from the lot to the terminal.

Does Montreal Airport parking has accessible parking spaces?

Yes, the Short-Term lot and the Multi-Level Parking garage offer accessible parking spaces in Montreal Airport. The Short-Term lot offers nine parking spaces, and the Multi-Level Parking garage has 16 ones.

Where to find EV charging stations while parking at Montreal Airport?

There are four dedicated parking spaces for EV cars in the Multi-Level Parking garage that offers EV charging stations. Using these parking spots charges you the parking rate in the Multi-Level Parking garage.

Can Montreal Airport parking be reserved?

Yes! You can reserve your YUL parking spot right away on the website or the Way app.

Where can I find YUL parking discounts or coupons?

The best choice to find great Montréal–Trudeau International Airport parking deals or discounts is through websites and apps like, RetailMeNot, Ebates, and Groupon. You can also find up-to-date Montreal Airport parking rates and discounts for onsite parking on the airport’s official website.

Where is Montreal Airport located?

The airport is located at Romeo-Vachon Blvd N, Dorval, Quebec H4Y 1H1. You can reach the airport by dialing (514) 394 7377.

Montreal International Airport parking rates

Short-term parking rates

Garage Time Rate
First 20 minutes
Every 20 minutes
Multi-Level Parking
First 20 minutes
Every 20 minutes

Long-term parking rates

Garage Time Rate
Offsite long-term parking at YUL Per Day $8
EconoParc P8-P9 Per Day $23
EconoParc P5 Per Day $26
AeroParc Per Day $25
Multi-Level Parking Per Day $31
Short-Term Per Day $39
ValetParc Per Day $42

About Montreal Airport

  • Montréal–Trudeau International Airport (YUL) is an international airport in Canada located around 20 km from downtown Montreal. YUL is the fourth busiest airport in Canada by passenger traffic. Air Canada, the country’s largest airline, has one of its major hubs in Montreal Airport. Normally, around 53,000 passengers use the airport’s terminal daily. YUL Airport is one of the two airports in the country with direct flight services to more than four continents.

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