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How do Way reviews work?

Each and every review on is written by Way users from our global community.
You are able to write a Way review any time before or after your experience.

Writing a Way review

To leave any Way review on a Way experience, go to your account and click on Reviews. Make sure your tab is on “write a review” and select which category you’d like to write a Way review on.

Your Way review history

If you’d like to see all the reviews you’ve written and posted, please go to your account and click on Reviews. To get to your Way review history, click on the “reviews given” tab. There you’d be able to see all your Way reviews.
Here in the Way community, we value honest and transparent Way reviews from our users. Our Way team will remove any Way reviews that violates our content policy and guidelines.

Can I edit a Way review I wrote? 

Once a review has been posted, there are no options to edit the review. Your Way review will be visible right after you submit it. 

Can I delete or respond to a Way review? 

If you think you made an error or change your mind about a Way review, you have the option to delete the review. However, you can’t respond to a review that has been posted by others. 
To promote trust and transparency in our Way community, we won’t delete reviews unless they violate our Way content policy and guidelines. 

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