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Key Takeaways

  • In Wilmington, a year's car insurance costs $984 on average.
  • The age group with the lowest premiums is drivers in their 50s, who in Wilmington pay an average of $922 for auto insurance.
  • Erie has the most affordable rates in Wilmington for the typical insurance customer.
  • In Wilmington, the annual rate difference for car insurance between men and women is just $1.
  • Since Delaware is an at-fault state, the driver who started the collision is also responsible for covering any related costs directly or via their auto insurance provider.

Car Insurance for Wilmington

Despite being small, Delaware is expanding. You might become the millionth inhabitant if you're planning to move here soon! Even though Delaware is a small state, it is one of the most densely populated states and is located along some of the Eastern Seaboard's major thoroughfares. As a result, accidents happen frequently and finding affordable auto insurance for Delaware drivers is challenging.

How Much Does Car Insurance Cost in Wilmington?

In Wilmington, a year's car insurance costs $984 on average. That is less expensive than the $1,557 national average and more expensive than the $967 Delaware statewide average. Our guide to Wilmington auto insurance provides average rates based on factors including age, marital status, credit score, driving record, and driving record.

Wilmington (annual average) Delaware (annual average) United States
$984 $967 $1,557

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Wilmington Auto Insurance Premiums by Company

The insurance provider you use is one of the most significant factors in determining your auto insurance premiums. For an average insurance consumer in Wilmington, Erie offers the most reasonable prices. The top affordable auto insurance providers in Wilmington are mentioned below.

Company Average Annual Premium
North Carolina Farm Bureau $801
Erie $866
State Farm $875
Nationwide $1095

Wilmington Auto Insurance Premiums by Age Group

Drivers in their 50s pay an average of $922 for vehicle insurance in Wilmington, making them the age group with the lowest premiums. At just $923 a year, rates for Wilmington drivers in their 60s are also fairly reasonable.

The most expensive auto insurance rates in Wilmington are for teen drivers. When drivers in Wilmington reach their 20s, their insurance costs significantly decrease. The highest rate disparity between any two age groups in Wilmington is between drivers in their 20s and those who are still in their teens, at $1,122.

Age group Average Annual Premium
Teens $2193
20's $1071
30's $976
40's $959
50's $922
60's $923
70's $981

Wilmington Auto Insurance Premiums by Marital Status

The cost of a driver's auto insurance may occasionally depend on their marital status. Since they are more prone to file claims, single drivers typically pay more than married drivers. In Wilmington, married drivers' auto insurance costs $6 more than unmarried drivers. Widowed people also pay much lower rates than single people do.

Marital status Average Annual Premium
Single $990
Married $990
Divorced $984
Widowed $984

Wilmington Auto Insurance Premiums by Gender

Another element that may impact the cost of auto insurance is gender. The difference in annual vehicle insurance premiums between men and women in Wilmington is just $1 annually. Male drivers pay more than female drivers.

Gender Average Annual Premium
Male $984
Female $984

Wilmington Auto Insurance Premiums by Driving Record

Keep your driving record spotless if you want to keep the cost of your auto insurance low. Car accidents that were not your fault, DUI convictions, reckless driving charges, and speeding tickets all result in higher insurance costs. Low rates are given as a reward by insurance firms to low-risk drivers.

Drivers in Wilmington who are judged to have engaged in reckless driving face a rate increase of $845 a year compared to the city's average. While a speeding citation increases rates by $501, a DWI or DUI conviction increases insurance premiums by $3,472.

Incident Average Annual Premium
DUI/DWI $4456
Reckless driving $1828
At fault accident (damages less than $1000) $1316
At fault accident (damages greater than $1000) $1605
Speeding ticket (16-20 mph over speed limit) $1485

Wilmington Auto Insurance Premiums by Credit Rating

It is no secret that credit score and vehicle insurance premiums are directly connected. In fact, car insurance costs are reduced by 42% for Wilmington drivers whose credit scores rise from the "Very Poor" tier (300-579) to the "Exceptional" tier (800-850).

One of the most effective moves a driver can make in the quest for lower auto insurance premiums is to move from the "Very Poor" credit rating to the "Fair" credit tier. In Wilmington, lowering your credit score to "Fair" is associated with a $405 annual savings on auto insurance.

Credit score Average Annual Premium
Very poor $1556
Fair $1151
Good $984
Very Good $955
Exceptional $913

Wilmington Auto Insurance Premiums by Zip code

Every insurer has different prices for every zip code. Your neighborhood's crime rate and other risks are based on your zip code. You can see below how Delaware's typical rates vary by region. You can ensure that your automobile is parked in the garage in a safe place if you reside in a neighborhood with a high crime risk. You should be able to save money this way. The ideal structures are covered and gated. Be sure to let your insurance agent know what safety measures you are taking.

Zip code Average Annual Premium
19801 $1974
19802 $1806
19803 $1446
19804 $1458
19805 $1722
19806 $1866
19807 $1242
19808 $1362
19809 $1554
19810 $1410

How to Get Cheap Auto Insurance in Wilmington, Delaware

Any Delaware motorist can find affordable auto insurance, no matter what their credit rating, driving history, marital status, or other factors may be. Despite the fact that insurance premiums in Delaware are higher than the national average, there is always an insurance provider offering affordable vehicle insurance to drivers who fit your profile. But even if they do exist, how do you go about finding them? should be your starting point. You'll get a free, personalized list of actual quotes—along with access to special discounts—in just a few minutes, and you'll be well on your way to choosing the ideal auto insurance policy, whether you're searching for full coverage or the legal minimum. Try it right away!

Auto Insurance in Wilmington: Minimum auto insurance requirements in Delaware

Every motor vehicle used or parked on a Delaware road must be insured. You must always have proof of insurance with you in your vehicle and be able to provide it when:

  • There is a demand from law enforcement
  • Vehicle registration renewal
  • The car is involved in a collision.

The following private passenger vehicle minimum liability insurance regulations apply in Delaware:

  • $25,000 per person for bodily injury
  • $50,000 per accident for bodily injury
  • $10,000 per accident for property damage

Bodily injury coverage is a crucial component of your liability insurance and pays for the medical costs associated with accident-related injuries to individuals other than the policyholder. Delaware is an at-fault state, which means the motorist who caused the collision is also liable for paying for any expenses that follow from it, either through their auto insurance company.

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Auto theft statistics in Wilmington

Year Auto Thefts (per 1000)
2006 773
2007 521
2008 639
2009 516
2010 543
2011 411
2012 365
2013 335
2014 339
2015 500
2016 432
2017 452
2018 460

Accident statistics in Wilmington

About 12 cars were involved in fatal collisions in 2019. There were consequently 12 cars, 23 individuals, and 7 fatalities. Additionally, one of the city's deadly accidents also involved a pedestrian. Try to obtain a comprehensive insurance plan that includes collision coverage.

Be prepared for driving in Wilmington

  • Remember to keep your windshields, windows, and mirrors clean.
  • Avoid having your headlights on too high as this can cause other drivers to become blind. However, it shouldn't be too low so that you can see a reasonable distance in front of you.
  • Be careful you adjust the dashboard lighting so that you can still read the information on it without being dazzled.
  • Keep your distance safely. This time, it's best to stay as far to the side of the parked car as you can safely. Always presume that there is somebody nearby who could open a door or approach their car.
  • Limit your turn. In other words, make every effort to minimize turning on bends. You can do this by moving slowly in that direction and making a very slight turn at the curve.

Car insurance companies in Wilmington, Delaware

  • North Carolina Farm Bureau
  • Erie
  • Statefarm
  • Nationwide

Driving conditions in Wilmington

  • Fair driving conditions.
  • Navigating Wilmington's traffic is not too difficult.
  • On average, Wilmington, Delaware, receives 45 inches of rain annually.
  • With 4.8 inches of snow, February is the snowiest month in Wilmington, although the 4 other months experience considerable snowfall.

Auto Insurance Data Methodology

The auto insurance rates published in this guide are based on the results of research completed by’s data team. Using a mix of public and internal data, we analyzed millions of rate averages across U.S. ZIP codes.

Quotes are typically based on a full coverage policy average unless otherwise noted within the content.

These rates were publicly sourced from insurer filings and should be used for comparative purposes only — your own quotes will differ. Given this, it’s important to go through our insurance steps form to find how much you can save with


How much is car insurance in Wilmington Delaware?

In Wilmington, a year's car insurance costs $984 on average. That is less expensive than the $1,557 national average and more expensive than the $967 Delaware statewide average.

How much is car insurance per month in Wilmington?

In Wilmington, a month's car insurance costs about $82 on average. That is less expensive than the $1,557 national average and more expensive than the $967 Delaware statewide average.

Who has the cheapest car insurance rates in Wilmington?

North Carolina Farm Bureau offers the cheapest car insurance rates in Wilmington.

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