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Your choice of auto insurance coverage will influence how much you pay. All drivers must have bodily injury and property damage insurance, but several more options might raise your premiums.

Remember that these coverage alternatives will necessitate a deductible, which you will typically choose at the start of your policy. In general, a bigger deductible means lower monthly premiums.

Add-ons like underinsured/uninsured motorist coverage and roadside assistance can raise your overall auto insurance prices, but many insurance specialists believe the protection they give is worth it.

Many car insurance companies also provide discounts for maintaining a clean driving record, paying in full, or consolidating your homeowners and auto insurance policies. When looking for a new vehicle insurance coverage, good drivers looking for cheap car insurance should inquire about strategies to save money.

How much Does Car Insurance Cost in Atlanta?

Auto insurance in Atlanta costs an average of $1935 per year. This is more expensive than the Georgia average of $1650 and the national average of $1557. A variety of factors determines the cost of auto insurance. Rates can also differ from one auto insurance provider to the next because each underwrites policies differently.

Average car insurance prices in Atlanta are calculated using age, credit score, driving history, and marital status. Continue reading to find out how to get the best car insurance quotes!

Atlanta Average (annual) Georgia Average National Average
$1935 $1650 $1557

Atlanta Auto Insurance Premiums By Company

Your insurance provider is one of the most crucial determinants of your auto insurance premiums. Georgia Farm Bureau offers the most affordable car insurance for the average motorist in Atlanta. USAA also offers competitive rates to policyholders, but only members of the armed services and their immediate family members are eligible.

The best affordable auto insurance in Atlanta are listed below. Remember to acquire auto insurance rates suited to your specific driving profile.

Insurance Company Average Rate (annual)
Georgia Farm Bureau $1245
USAA $1410
State Farm $1788
Progressive $2361

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Atlanta Auto Insurance Premiums By Age Group

In Atlanta, being in your 60s is the best age for car insurance rates. Drivers in this age group pay an average of $1761 per year. The highest car insurance rates are for drivers in the age group of 20’s. They will have to pay $2679 annually.

Age tier Average Yearly Rate
20s $2679
30s $1935
60s $1761

Atlanta Auto Insurance Premiums By Marital Status

A driver's marital status will impact the auto insurance rates. In most places, married drivers pay lower rates than single drivers because they make fewer insurance claims, according to research.

Rates for widowed people are likewise significantly lower than for single people. Interestingly enough, widower drivers in Atlanta pay less than single drivers.

Marital Status Average Annual Rate
Single $1710
Married $1710
Divorced $1938
Widowed $1815

Atlanta Auto Insurance Premiums By Gender

Another element that influences auto insurance premiums is gender. For example, female drivers in Atlanta pay more than their counterparts.

Gender Average Annual Rate
Female $1959
Male $1938

Atlanta Auto Insurance Premiums By Driving Record

Maintaining a spotless driving record can help you save money on car insurance. Car insurance prices rise due to at-fault collisions, DWIs, reckless driving fines, and speeding tickets. However, insurance companies reward low-risk drivers with lower rates.

DUI and reckless driving are two of the most expensive citations to receive. Compared to the citywide average, Atlanta drivers found guilty of reckless driving risk an increase in insurance rates of $1062 per year.

A DUI conviction can result in an annual premium of $3486. A speeding ticket will increase the rate to $2469.

Incident/Violation Average Yearly Rate
DUI/DWI $3486
Reckless Driving $2997
At-fault Accident $2,137
Speeding Ticket $2469

Atlanta Auto Insurance Premiums By Credit Rating

The credit score is frequently linked to their car insurance costs. Improving from the "Very Poor" (300-579) to the "Exceptional" (800-850) credit rating results in a 52% reduction in auto insurance prices. Moving from "Very Poor" to "Fair" credit is important to obtaining affordable car insurance. Improving your credit to "Fair" in Atlanta might save you $1239 on your annual insurance costs.

Credit Score Average Yearly Rate
Very Poor $3438
Fair $2199
Good $1938
Very Good $1821
Exceptional $1659

Atlanta Auto Insurance Premiums By Zip Code

The Atlanta metropolitan region is the country's sixth-largest. The city itself has over 500,000 people, while the metro region is six times that. Atlanta's 39 ZIP codes contain a diverse range of communities. The cost of comprehensive insurance varies by $927.

The 30342 ZIP code in Atlanta, which encompasses East Chastain Park and spans from North Buckhead to the southern fringe of Sandy Springs, was the least expensive for car insurance. The most costly was 30315, which contains South Atlanta, at $3451.

ZIP code Annual car insurance rates
30303 $3,078
30304 $3,165
30305 $2,564
30306 $2,606
30307 $2,746
30308 $2,754
30309 $2,572
30310 $3,439
30311 $3,273
30312 $3,175
30313 $2,978
30314 $3,407
30315 $3,451
30316 $3,151
30317 $2,929
30318 $3,093
30319 $2,653
30324 $2,677
30326 $2,593
30327 $2,574
30329 $2,682
30331 $3,208
30334 $3,312
30336 $3,167
30337 $3,175
30338 $2,642
30339 $2,653
30340 $2,807
30341 $2,711
30342 $2,530
30344 $3,221
30345 $2,806
30346 $2,795
30349 $3,306
30354 $3,321
30360 $2,779
30361 $2,687
30363 $2,698
30369 $2,935

What would increase your Car Insurance Rate in Atlanta?

According to, rates in metro Atlanta have jumped by nearly 9% since last year. Car insurance costs in Atlanta continue to rise practically every year, leaving many drivers perplexed.

It's especially annoying to see your insurance rate skyrocket when you make it through a year on Atlanta's crazy streets. For years, auto insurance premiums in Atlanta have been rising. The rate increases were formerly among the steepest in the country.

Accidents are common on Atlanta's congested roadways, often lined with construction barrels. Because of the strengthening economy in the United States, more individuals are driving, driving more expensive cars. When there are claims, the costs can be higher.

Insurance firms increase everyone's premiums based on how many claims they've had to payout.

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Auto Theft Statistics in Atlanta

In terms of car thefts per 100,000 citizens, Atlanta ranks bottom among Georgia's 15 major cities. However, with only 18 cars stolen per 100,000 residents, Johns Creek, a city of 85,446 in the northeast portion of the Atlanta metro, came in first. In total, 3308 cars were stolen in Atlanta.

Rank City Car thefts
1 Johns Creek 15
2 Milton 8
3 Alpharetta 41
4 Roswell 111
5 Newnan 55
6 Sandy Springs 161
7 Dunwoody 91
8 Brookhaven 110
9 Gainesville 90
10 Marietta 166
11 Savannah-Chatham Metropolitan 656
12 Warner Robins 216
13 Smyrna 196
14 Albany 278
15 Atlanta 3,308

Accidents Statistics in Atlanta

In Atlanta, there were 34,446 car accidents reported in 2019. Even though the city, state, and country were effectively shut down for the majority of 2020, Atlanta suffered 21478 car accidents.

That's an incredible figure for a city with less than 500,000 people. These data do not include accidents reported to or handled by law enforcement organizations.

Be Prepared for Driving in Atlanta

Please plan: You didn't just decide to travel to/through Atlanta by accident. Sit in your driveway, open your navigation app, and follow the steps if you're going to a new section of town. Keep track of the roads, exit numbers, and directional turns in your head.

Don't stay in the far-right lane: several lanes are only for exiting. If you're cruising in the right lane and then get irritated over going over a lane, there's a good chance you'll increase the number of people hitting their brakes in the city.

Use a good navigation app or update your GPS: It's safe to say that most people nowadays use technology to get about. So, make sure anything you're using works. Accidents and roadwork will be detected by good apps, which will either guide you around them or alert you to the problem.

Use the Right and Clear Signals: Some people will refuse to let you into the lane you want to enter. For example, to drive north on I-85 through the city, you must take one of the three left-hand lanes. If you activate your blinker, someone will almost certainly let you in.

It is not a contest: Every single person on the road wishes to get to their place in time. You are not by yourself. If you really can't help it, don't cut someone off.

Stay kind when you're trapped in traffic, which can happen around any holiday and every Friday after work hours, or later if there's an event in town. While honking your horn does not speed up traffic, it does irritate your congested neighbors. If you can't find a reason for the traffic and want to know if there's a wreck you should avoid, phone 511 from anywhere, and the Department of Transportation will tell you what's going on. Your tax money is put to good use.

Best Car Insurance Companies in Atlanta

The below are the top car insurance companies available in Atlanta:

Car Insurance Companies
Georgia Farm Bureau
State Farm

Auto Insurance Data Methodology

The auto insurance rates published in this guide are based on the results of research completed by’s data team. Using a mix of public and internal data, we analyzed millions of rate averages across U.S. ZIP codes.

Quotes are typically based on a full coverage policy average unless otherwise noted within the content.

These rates were publicly sourced from insurer filings and should be used for comparative purposes only — your own quotes will differ. Given this, it’s important to go through our insurance steps form to find how much you can save with


How much is car insurance in Atlanta?

For full coverage, the average cost of car insurance in Atlanta is $2331 per year, or roughly $195 per month. Atlanta drivers pay an average annual fee of $1020 for minimal coverage.

How much is for full coverage car insurance in Atlanta?

For full coverage, the average cost of car insurance in Atlanta is $2331 per year.

How much is car insurance per month in Atlanta?

The average cost of car insurance in Atlanta is roughly $195 per month.

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Learn more by city and state for car insurance

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