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Monthly parking in Queens is, without a doubt, one of the easier parking challenges in New York. Comparatively, parking in this outer borough will cost you much less than in Manhattan or Brooklyn. However, finding an affordable parking spot in the busiest Queens neighborhoods is still not easy without a parking app.

You can’t just drive up to the first monthly parking garage in Queens near your frequent destination and expect to pay the cheapest rates. The old trick of negotiating at the garage no longer guarantees cheaper rates. As the demand goes up, more and more Queens month car parking facilities are amping up their services, and accordingly, the rates go up too.

So, how do you find cheap Queens monthly parking deals? Just download a parking app, compare available options, and pay for only what you need. For example, on, you can filter out unnecessary garage features that add to your parking expenses or adjust your parking time to get a lower rate during low-demand periods.

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Queens monthly parking rates

Location Rate  
92-30 165th Street Parking$300/Month
89-35 162nd Street Parking $300/Month
Jamaica Center 92 34 160th Street Parking$200/Month
144 74 Norther Blvd Parking $225/Month
133 59 Roosevelt Avenue Parking$250/Month
133 47 39th Street Parking$275/Month
30 Jericho Turnpike Parking $245/Month
37-46 72nd Street Parking $350/Month
29 10 Broadway Parking $275/Month
260 S 4th Street Parking$280/Month

Queens monthly parking FAQs

Is monthly parking in Queens cheaper?

If you are looking for affordable monthly parking in New York, Queens monthly parking is comparatively one of the best choices. Parking rates in this borough are cheaper than in other parts of NYC, especially Manhattan. A monthly parking spot will also cost you less than paying daily at the same location. You can save up to 50% on your monthly parking expenses by paying a one-time fee and saving time by driving into a guaranteed spot every day.

How much does Queens monthly parking cost?

On average, Queens monthly parking garages charge $300 for secure and well-maintained spots. The rate varies from location to location and as per the amenities provided at the garage. Overall, Queens monthly parking rates range from $200 - $450, depending on the garage location and amenities you prefer. Unlimited in/out privileges, peak-time parking, valet parking, and other perks will increase the rate.

Why should I use a monthly parking garage in Queens?

Do you drive every day and park in the same neighborhood frequently – near your workplace or your home in Queens, for example? If yes, you must consider a monthly parking garage in Queens to save more on your parking expenses. NYC is not a cheap place for car owners, but you can always save a few bucks by making the right choice. In this case, get rid of your daily parking payments and save more with a one-time monthly parking fee at a garage of your choice.

How to find a cheap Queens monthly parking lot?

Before you set out to drive around the neighborhood and hunt for the cheapest monthly parking garage rates, pick up your phone and download a parking app. Now you can begin your parking spot hunt from right where you are and compare available monthly parking deals nearby. Use parking maps available to locate the cheapest deals – sometimes, a cheaper Queens monthly parking lot could be just around the corner from your usual parking spot.

Queens monthly parking tips

Overnight and weekend monthly parking deals are often cheaper than day-time parking.

Be flexible with amenities and location to save more monthly parking in New York.

If you do not require your car often, avoid booking a Queens monthly parking space with unlimited in/out privileges which will cost you extra. Go for self-park facilities instead of valet garages to save more. Although most garages in New York are valet only, a parking app can help you filter out unnecessary parking features that cost more.

If you drive daily and park around the same neighborhood, a Queens monthly parking space will save you time and money. Having a guaranteed parking spot waiting for you near the office or your home is highly recommended if you use your car frequently.

Even if you are parking in the most secure parking garages or lots, never leave your valuables exposed in your car.

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