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Key Takeaways

  • The city has its insurance rates higher than the state and national average.
  • Amica provides the cheapest rates among the insurance providers in the city.
  • The highest insurance rates in the city are given by teenage drivers. If you are not a high-risk driver based on age, then DUI and reckless driving charges can spike the rates.


The capital city of Rhode Island is compact and is one of the most densely populated cities in the state. The obvious outcome you can expect is relatively higher cars on the road, followed by heavy traffic and therefore higher car maintenance costs. If you are a resident of Providence, Rhode Island, you must insure your car to legally drive around.

Taking into consideration the varying cost of insurance across providers, considering steps to get the best deals on auto insurance in Providence could result in significant savings. How much will auto insurance in Providence cost? How can you find affordable vehicle insurance in the city? Your questions about auto insurance in Providence will be addressed here.

How much does car insurance cost in Providence?

The state of Rhode Island has insurance rates higher than that of the national average. The car insurance rates in the capital city of Rhode Island surpass both the national and state averages. It costs $2826 on average to insure your car in Providence annually.

Providence Average Rhode Island Average National Average
$2826 $2109 $1557

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Providence Auto Insurance Premiums by Company

As the capital of Rhode Island, Providence is home to nearly every major insurance company. Since the quotes vary with the criteria used to calculate, one must utilize the freedom to compare the quotes, discounts, and coverage options provided by different providers to choose the best that suits your profile.

Among the different insurance companies in the city, Amica provides the cheapest insurance rates.

Insurance Company Average Yearly Rate
All State $3463
Amica $2606
Nationwide $3337
Progressive $3281

Providence Auto Insurance Premiums by Age Group

Statistics have proven that age influences driving patterns and crash rates. Hence, insurance providers calculate car insurance rates based on age categorizing the drivers under high and low-risk categories. In Providence, teenage drivers pay rates as high as $11,263 while middle-aged drivers pay rates closer to the city average.

Age Bracket Average Yearly Rate
Teenagers $11,263
20s $3869
30s $2795
40s $2779
50s $2630
60s $2989

Providence Auto Insurance Premiums by Marital Status

The car insurance rates in Providence for single and married drivers are similar. The distinction in rates is seen in divorced and widowed drivers. The average rate for divorced drivers in Providence, RI, is $2826 annually.

Marital Status Average Yearly Rate
Married $2628
Single $2628
Divorced $2826
Widowed $2789

Providence Auto Insurance Premiums by Gender

Even though the difference in insurance rates between male and female drivers is minimum, male drivers in the city pay more than female drivers.

Gender Average Yearly Rate
Female $2821
Male $2826

Providence Auto Insurance Premiums by Driving Record

Maintaining a flawless driving record is an efficient strategy to lower your premium rates if your age does not classify you as a high-risk driver. The insurance rates in Providence can spike as a result of parking and speeding citations, DUI charges, and at-fault accidents. The highest insurance rates are paid if you face DUI or reckless driving charges.

Driving Violation/Incident Average Yearly Rate
At-fault Accidents Damages <$1000 Damages >$2000
$3262 $4320
DUI/DWI $5397
Reckless Driving $5361
Speeding Tickets $3631

Providence Auto Insurance Premiums by Credit Rating

Another major non-driving factor that has a direct impact on your profile is the Credit or FICO scores. Statistically, it shows that those who have fair to exceptional credit scores tend to file lesser claims hence eligible for around 56 percent reduction in the rates in Providence, RI.

Credit Tier Average Rate
Exceptional $2359
Very Good $2619
Good $2826
Fair $3555
Very Poor $5405

Providence Auto Insurance Premiums by Zip Code

Your neighborhood in Providence also influences the cost of your car insurance premium. This is because insurers charge more in areas with a higher number of accidents, car theft incidents, and uninsured drivers. ZIP code 02904 in Providence has the lowest average annual premium at $1,664.

What would increase your car insurance rates in Providence?

The most common factors that determine the insurance rates in any place are the driving factors which include the driving history, accusations of DUI, accidents, or speeding tickets, and a variety of non-driving factors like age, place, car model, and credit scores.

Providence Stats

The accident and theft statistics of the city speak for the insurance rates. The higher the auto thefts and accident rates, the higher will be the insurance rates.

Auto Theft Statistics

Providence has an average rate of violent crime and a higher rate of property crime per 100,000 inhabitants. Providence witnesses around 545 motor vehicle thefts every year. However, the pandemic accelerated car thefts by 10.8 percent.

Accident Statistics

The many intersections in the city are one of the reasons for the crashes and fatalities involved. Along with this, the dense population of the place also contributes to the greater number of accidents in Providence. Interstate 95 at Exits 18, 20, 22, 23, 24, and 25 witness crashes anywhere between 50 and 300 every year.

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Be Prepared for Driving in Providence

Here are a few things you should keep in mind while driving in Providence.

The Climate of Providence

Rain falls throughout the year in Providence. The month with the most rain in Providence is October, with an average rainfall of 3.7 inches.

Average Annual Rainfall Average Annual Snowfall Rainy Days Sunny Days
49 in 36 in 106 days 200 days

Population and Pedestrians

Providence has the eighth-highest percentage of pedestrians. The city's street structure is uneven; more than a thousand streets connect and radiate out from even busy areas like Market Square.

Intersections and Grid System

In general, the downtown is clean and easy to navigate due to its grid-like layout, although it is smaller than grids in most major urban centers. One should be aware of the accident-prone intersections and exits.

Hands-Free Law

This law prohibits drivers from using hand-held wireless communications devices while driving. You can face up to $100 as a fine if you are caught texting or casually checking your phone. However, drivers are allowed to use Bluetooth devices.

Best Car Insurance Companies in Providence

Insurance Companies in Providence
All State
Quincy Mutual
Met Life

Auto Insurance Data Methodology

The auto insurance rates published in this guide are based on the results of research completed by’s data team. Using a mix of public and internal data, we analyzed millions of rate averages across U.S. ZIP codes.

Quotes are typically based on a full coverage policy average unless otherwise noted within the content.

These rates were publicly sourced from insurer filings and should be used for comparative purposes only — your own quotes will differ. Given this, it’s important to go through our insurance steps form to find how much you can save with

Frequently Asked Questions

Who has the best auto insurance rates in Providence, Rhode Island?

Providence, the capital of Rhode Island, is the seat of the majority of the country's largest insurance companies. The best car insurance providers which offer affordable rates include Amica, All State, Progressive, and Nationwide.

How much is car insurance in Providence, RI monthly?

The average car insurance monthly for a Providence driver is $236 on average.

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