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    Whether it’s a quick errand or an extended visit to a location, public parking lots offer unparalleled convenience and affordability to city drivers. With street parking becoming increasingly hard to find in most cities and a bevy of parking rules to follow, public parking lots provide a welcome respite. However, finding the best parking lots can take up quite a lot of your time – unless you know where to look. For a smooth parking experience, download the Way.com parking app and instantly pre-book a spot with ease.

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    Public parking lots: FAQs

    What is a public parking lot?

    A public parking lot is an area that is accessible to the general public on a free or paid basis, where they can leave their vehicle for a stipulated amount of time. Parking lots are off-street structures that provide essential services for drivers – both residents and visitors. Parking lots could be operated by the city or private parking providers and include both long-term and short-term parking services charged at varying rates. Generally, most lots are open parking lots with uncovered parking spaces. However, you can also find lots with covered spaces.

    How much does a parking lot cost?

    There is no single unified rate for parking lots – it varies depending on several factors. Rates change depending on which city the public parking lot is located in, the proximity to popular venues, duration of parking, and the parking provider. On average, daily rates will cost between $11-15. However, this is only a national average and prices may vary.

    Most lots also offer hourly, daily, overnight, and monthly parking rates. A flat rate for all-day or overnight parking could be applicable at some private parking lots. You can also use parking vouchers to reduce the cost at select lots. Valet parking rates are usually higher than self-parking rates.

    How to park in a parking lot?

    Finding a space and parking properly in a lot requires you to be moderately proficient in a few things. You need to spot parking lot signs easily to identify the best places to park. Once inside a lot, you need to know how to maneuver your car into a parking space. Ensuring your car is adequately slowed down, being extra cautious about your surroundings, and using your mirrors are some things you must do when parking in open parking lots.

    What is the speed limit in a parking lot?

    Driving through a public parking lot doesn’t mean you should abandon road rules. According to the National Safety Council, parking lots also see thousands of crashes annually due to careless drivers who don’t follow parking etiquette. Most parking lots have posted speed limit signs that tell you the recommended speed to drive inside. If you don’t find any signs, the National Motorists Association recommends driving within 15 miles per hour inside parking lots.

    Is it illegal to drive through a parking lot?

    When in a hurry, drivers may be tempted to cut across parking lots to get to their destination sooner. This is called ‘rat running.’ While there are no laws to stop you from doing so, it can often be dangerous for pedestrians and other people in the lot. Private parking lots also have their own rules to regulate driving behavior inside the lot, so the parking provider could fine you for negligent driving. Driving through a parking lot could also be dangerous because of other unseen hazards like speed bumps, concrete curbs, drains, and parking barriers.

    What is hourly parking?

    Hourly parking is when you are charged per hour for using a parking space. Rates for hourly parking rates can range from a dollar at cheap parking lots to $10 or more at others, depending on the demand and location in the city. This option is best for short-term parking requirements – like a quick run to the grocery store or when you are out shopping, dining, sightseeing, or attending an event.

    What is daily parking?

    Daily parking is when you are charged a flat rate per day you park at the lot. Daily parking rates at open parking lots range from $10-30 on average, but it could go higher depending on the location of the lot and demand for parking spaces.

    What is monthly parking?

    Monthly parking is when you are charged per month for using a parking space. It is the ideal choice when you visit a location regularly and need a secure spot to park your car every day. Monthly parking is affordable at cheap parking lots and can help you save more money than hourly parking at the same parking lot every day.

    What is voucher parking?

    Pre-paid parking vouchers allow you to drive in and park your car at a parking lot anytime during a specified period, provided a spot is available. Hourly parking vouchers are often cheaper than hourly parking rates, and you could use them at multiple parking lots operated by the parking company that issues the voucher.

    How can I find the best parking lots near me?

    Though there are more than enough parking lots spread out across your city, you need to find the one that offers the right mix of convenience and affordability. The best parking lots can be found online through a parking website or a parking app like Way.com. All you need to do is go online, search for parking lots near your location, compare prices, and book instantly!

    How can I find great parking lot deals to help me save money?

    The best parking deals are online – you can get discounted rates, exclusive vouchers, and the latest offers when you book parking in your city using parking apps and websites. Reserved parking is always cheaper than drive-in parking – you can save as much as 40% when pre-booking your spot at the best parking lots.

    Why should I book parking at an off-street parking lot?

    Parking at an affordable off-site parking lot can ensure the safety of your car and help you avoid any unintended parking violations. On-street parking might seem like the cheaper option, but it comes with several rules and regulations you need to keep track of. These include parking meter time limits, parking permit requirements, street cleaning schedules and other rules you might be unaware of. Parking at a secure parking lot is highly recommended, especially if you are new to a city or just visiting.

    Many parking lots also offer safe and affordable parking spots for rates as low as or close to metered parking charges. You can park here with full confidence that you won’t be charged extra parking fees or be fined for expired meters! Parking lots are also the surest way to ensure you save money on parking. Most lots offer deep discounts and vouchers when booking online.

    How to book parking in your city using Way.com

    Download the Way parking app on your iOS or Android device and create an account.

    • Click 'Find Parking' on the top-left corner of your screen.
    • Select the 'Hourly' or 'Monthly' tab and enter your destination or use the current location
    • Add your 'Check-in' and 'Check-out' timings, and click 'Search.'
    • Select a garage from the live map of available parking spots near your destination.
    • Click 'Book Now' and follow the instructions to complete your booking.
    • You'll receive an order confirmation on the app once payment is made. Click on the 'My Orders' tab to access it.
    • When you arrive at the parking lot, just show the confirmation message on your phone to gain instant access to the spot you booked.

    You can also book parking in your city by logging on to Way.com from your browser.

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