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LightStream Auto Refinance Review – Introduction

LightStream is a popular online lender that offers financing for people with good to excellent credit. It is a division of Truist Bank, which is an established provider of financial services in the country – including personal auto loans and auto refinance.

LightStream auto refinance offers fast refinancing options and great customer service for people with good credit payment history. If you’ve been regular in your previous loan payments and have a good credit score, consider LightStream auto refinance when shopping for online refinance lenders.

Look no further for a quick breakdown of their auto refinance features! The Refinance team has done an in-depth review of LightStream auto refinance, including the eligibility criteria, key features, and drawbacks. Read on to know more and make an informed decision!

Pros and Cons of LightStream Auto Refinance: A Snapshot

LightStream can be a bit selective when in accepting applications for refinance – primarily because it caters to customers with a history of stable income and good credit. There is no pre-approval process, so people with bad credit scores may find it hard to find a suitable offer. A hard credit inquiry could affect your credit score initially.

However, if you meet all the eligibility requirements, you could get preferential APRs for refinance – especially if you choose the autopay option.

Benefits Drawbacks
Preferential rates for credit scores above 660 Hard credit inquiry on application – no pre-approval process for LightStream auto refinance
Refinances loan amounts as high as $100,000 Not recommended for those with poor credit scores
Interest rate discounts if you choose auto payment option Minimum annual income requirements not disclosed
No vehicle model, make and age restrictions  
No origination or prepayment fees  
Covers refinancing for lease buyouts  
Available in all 50 states.  
Allows co-signing  

*As of January 2022

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LightStream Auto refinance rates are a good bet for customers who:

Unique features of LightStream Auto Refinance

Here’s a detailed look at some of the core features of the LightStream Auto refinance process.

LightStream Auto refinance requirements

Before applying for LightStream auto refinance, check the table below to see if you meet all the requirements.

Criteria Description
Minimum Age 18 and above
LightStream Credit Score Range 660-850
Minimum Annual Income Not disclosed
Loan Payoff amount $5000 - $100,000
Immigration Status

U.S. Citizen

U.S. Permanent Resident
Military Status



Active-Duty Military

Military Dependent


Documents Required for verification




Applicants must have an active and valid personal checking account

Recent pay stubs

Income proof

Driver's license

Proof of citizenship or residence permit

*As of January 2022

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How to apply for LightStream auto refinance: Steps to follow

Step1: Complete the application

Applying for LightStream auto refinance is pretty simple. Head over to the ‘Auto Refinance’ section on their website and click the ‘Apply’ button. Fill all the details in the online application page and check if you meet all the requirements. However, you must remember that there is no pre-approval process. Applying will result in a hard credit inquiry.

Ensure you meet the general requirements like:

Step 2: Accept the offer and choose a funding date

It generally takes less than two working days to process your application. Once processed and accepted, you can choose a funding date within the next 30 days.

Step 3: Finalize the refinance loan

Send in any supporting documents and sign your funding offer to set up the loan transfer.

LightStream Auto Refinance Review: The Summary

If you’re confident of having a high credit score and want access to quick refinance in minimal steps, LightStream auto refinance should be on the top of your list. It is prompt and responsive when it comes to applications and has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB). It is also backed by good customer service (LightStream won the 2020 US Consumer Lending Satisfaction Award for Customer Satisfaction).

Auto Refinance Data Methodology

The auto refinance rates published here are based on the results of comparative research done by’s data team. We've used a mix of public and internal data to analyze refinance rates across thousands of lenders, credit scores, vehicle types, and all U.S. ZIP codes

The rates shown here are based on a national average of our findings, and may typically vary for each individual depending on your personal financial position and the US state you are in.

However, you can quickly determine where you stand by going through our Auto Refinance form. In just a few steps, find out how much you can save with!

LightStream Auto Refinance: Frequently Asked Questions

What is the address of LightStream?

The mailing address of LightStream is PO Box 117320, Atlanta, GA (the offices of SunTrust Bank)

How to contact: LightStream Auto Refinance phone number

LightStream auto refinance has a great customer support team that is always ready to answer any questions you may have. You can reach them at 800-447-8994. Customer service is available on weekdays between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. and on Saturdays between noon and 4 p.m.

Does LightStream Auto refinance cover lease cars?

Yes, LightStream Auto refinance covers new car refinancing, leased car refinancing, and lease buyouts.

Does LightStream auto refinance have a fixed or variable APR?

LightStream offers a fixed APR for car refinancing starting from 2.99%.

Does LightStream charge an origination fee?

No, LightStream does not charge origination fees for processing your refinance application.

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