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About Reagan International Airport (DCA)

Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport (DCA) serves Washington DC metropolitan area, and it is the closest major commercial airport to downtown Washington, D.C. To navigate the three-level, one-million-square-foot facility with three terminals and 4 parking lots, you'll need a Ronald Reagan Airport Map and a Reagan Airport Parking Map.

The airport offers over 8,000 parking spots - long-term and short-term. Parking at the airport costs more than $20 per day, so travelers who park in nearby offsite DCA parking lots can save a significant amount of money.

DCA is known as the short-haul airport of Washington, D.C., due to its destination radius of 1,250 miles. DCA serves only domestic and a few Canadian airports. Hence there are no customs or immigration facilities at the airport.

DCA Airport Quick Facts
Airport Name Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport
Airport Code DCA
Terminals 2 terminals
Airport Address 2401 Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport Access Rd, Arlington, VA 22202
Distance from downtown 4 miles from downtown Washington DC
Official Website
Contact Number (703) 417-8000
Hub for American Airlines
Flight Status: Departures and arrivals
TSA Wait Times

Reagan Airport terminal guide

The layout of DCA is in the shape of a J (as seen on the map of DCA Airport above), and it consists of two terminals and five concourses.

If you look at the Ronald Reagan Airport map, you'll see that gates A1 through A9 are located in the J's bottom curve, which also contains a terminal structure in the shape of a semicircle and one concourse.

Gates B10-E59 is located on the long side of the J, and the four concourses are spaced out evenly throughout the whole length of the building (inside the secure area). Both terminals have parking garages located outside of them and are served by public access roads that allow curbside pick-up and drop-off of passengers.

How to get around the terminals at DCA Airport

Shuttle Bus

Passengers can go between terminals outside the secure area by taking the terminal shuttle bus. Buses pick up and drop off passengers on level 3 outside National Hall and outside the terminal building for gates A1-A9.


A walkway between the conference rooms links gates A1-A9 and B10-E59 in the old terminal to the security checkpoint on the National Hall's south end. Because the walkway is outside the secure area, you will need to re-clear security if you are connecting from Gates A1-A9 and have a flight in the vicinity of Gates B10-E59.

More information about Reagan Airport

E.V. parking at DCA

On the ground floor of Parking 2, there are 61 charging stations that service 65 parking spaces and provide easy access to the Terminal walkways and the shuttle bus stop that serves all terminals. The spots are marked as "electric vehicle charging only."

Accessible parking at DCA

Parking spaces designated specifically for passengers with disabilities are located in each official airport parking lot.

These parking spots are situated in the most convenient area for pedestrian walkways and elevators in the terminal garages. Furthermore, parking spots in the economy parking lot are arranged in the most convenient areas for shuttle bus stops.

The chairlifts and ramps necessary for wheelchair access are standard equipment on the on-airport shuttle buses.

Pet relief areas at DCA

Reagan Airport has designated pet relief areas at:

  • Near Gates E46-E59 in Terminal 2
  • Close to the North Metrorail Station Entrance
  • Near the South Metrorail Station Entrance
  • North end of the Gates A1-A9 terminal roadway curb
  • South end of the Gates A1-A9 terminal roadway curb.
  • Post-security, accessible via Gates A1-A9.

Important DCA phone numbers

  • Airport Information: (703) 417-8000
  • Lost and found: (703) 417-0110
  • Parking: (703) 417-7275

DCA Airport customs and security

DCA has three security checks in the National Hall, one for gates A1-A9 and two for gates B10-E59.

TSA PreCheck lanes are accessible at all three security checkpoints for eligible participants. DCA also has a TSA PreCheck Enrollment Center in National Hall, near baggage claim 6.

How to get to DCA Airport


The Metrorail system connects Washington, D.C., Virginia, and Maryland and includes a stop at DCA. The airport station is elevated, with walkways from the terminal building connecting it to National Hall.

The yellow and blue lines serve downtown Washington, D.C., as well as several other locations across the city, and stop at DCA.


Although Greyhound buses don't run directly to the airport, travelers can still board at the terminal located just beyond Union Station. From the airport, riders can hop on the yellow line of the Metro to get to Union Station.

Off-airport shuttles, including those from hotel and offsite parking lots, are permitted to stop at both terminals. However, Charter buses can only run outside National Hall on the upper level. This is the same spot as the charter buses outside National Hall and the center curb outside gates A1-A9.


Passengers can call for a taxi at any time, and DCA staff will be there to help them. Outside of National Hall's baggage claim door number 5, you'll find taxis waiting, and for gates A1 through A9, that's the closest curb to the terminal. The average fare to downtown is approximately $22.


Lyft, Uber, and Via all run from DCA and may pick up customers at the following locations:

  • A1-A9 gates from the farthest curb
  • National Hall near the baggage claim (level 1) or ticketing (level 2) curb (level 3)
  • Rental Car Center is located on National Avenue, directly across from the rental car bus stop.

Driving directions to DCA Airport

From downtown Washington D.C.

Follow 14th Street NW/US-1 S and merge onto I-395 S, which will take you to Richmond. Take exit 10B for the George Washington Memorial Parkway S toward Reagan National Airport/Mt. Keep going on George Washington Memorial Parkway till you reach the West Entrance Road to the airport.

From Baltimore

Take MD-295 South and stay on the Baltimore-Washington Parkway by staying to the left. Follow MD-201 until you reach MD-295. Take the two right lanes to exit 1B-C toward I-695/Route 395/Downtown and stay on I-695. Merge onto I-395 S and then take exit 10B for George Washington Memorial Parkway S toward Reagan National Airport/Mt. Vernon, and keep going straight until you reach the West Entrance Road to the airport.

Frequently asked questions about Ronald Reagan Airport

How far is Reagan Airport from Washington, DC?

Reagan International Airport is approximately 4 miles (12-15 minutes) away from Washington, DC.

Is Dulles or Reagan airport closer to D.C.?

Reagan is closer to Washington, DC. Reagan is only around 4 miles from Washington DC while Dulles is approximately 25 miles from D.C.

Why is Reagan airport called DCA?

Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport is often known by its IATA code - DCA. It is also called National Airport.

Who flies to Reagan National Airport?

Alaska Airlines, Air Canada, American Airlines, Delta, Frontier, JetBlue, Southwest, and United operate out of Reagan National Airport.

Where is DCA Airport?

DCA Airport is in Arlington County, Virginia. It is across the Potomac River from Washington, D.C., and 5 miles from D.C.

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