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About IAD Airport

The Washington Dulles International Airport also called Dulles Airport, is in Virginia, west of Downtown Washington DC. Dulles is the region's international air hub with dozens of nonstop international flights. Dulles has the highest international passenger traffic of any Mid-Atlantic airport outside of the New York metropolitan area, accounting for around 90% of foreign passenger traffic in the Baltimore–Washington region.

As you'll see on the IAD parking map, there are 3 onsite parking lots at the airport and several offsite IAD parking lots nearby.

At 20.3 square miles, IAD is one of the largest airports in the world and also one of the biggest in the U.S. The Dulles Airport parking map above will help you navigate this airport.

IAD Airport Quick Facts
Airport Name Washington Dulles International Airport
Dulles Airport Code IAD
Terminals One main terminal, two parallel mid-field terminals
Airport Address 1 Saarinen Cir, Dulles, VA 20166
Distance from Downtown Washington 26 miles
Official Website https://www.flydulles.com/
Contact Number 703-572-8296 or 703-572-2700
No Of Destinations 125
No Of Passengers 60,000+ passengers/day
Hub For Southern Airways Express, United Airlines
Flight Status: Departures and arrivals www.way.com/iad/flight-status
TSA Wait Times www.way.com/iad/tsa-wait-times

Dulles Airport Layout

Dulles is divided into one main terminal and two midfield terminals. This makes the layout of the airport a little complicated. Always refer to your IAD Airport map when confused.

All ticketing, baggage claim, and U.S. Customs are located at the main terminal. The main terminal's only gates are the Z Gates (Air Canada Express and Frontier) and the H Gates.

  • The main concourses and most of the gates are located in the two middle terminals.
  • Concourses A and B are located in the first terminal and are home to practically all non-United Airlines flights. So, if you're flying with American Airlines or another international carrier, this is where you'll most likely arrive.
  • Concourses C and D are located in the second terminal, which is only utilized by United Airlines.

Dulles Airport Terminals

As you'll notice on the Dulles Airport parking map, the airport has a simple layout that allows travelers to move between connecting flights and areas around the airport easily.

IAD comprises one major terminal building outside the secure area and four airside concourses parallel to the terminal. Passengers can stroll between concourses or take the AeroTrain. In addition, car parking and ground transit are available outside the terminal.

The terminal is divided into two levels: departures on the upper level and arrivals on the lower level. Both levels feature outside road access for curbside drop-off and pick-up.

Ground transportation is on a third lower level outside the terminal, so the roads are divided into three levels: departures, arrivals, and ground transportation.

Four ticketing sections on the terminal's top level correspond to four drop-off places outside, depending on the airline you're flying on.

After the ticketing sections, there are two security checkpoints on either end of the terminal, which lead to the pedestrian path to the A/B gates, AeroTrain stations, Z gates, or the D gates shuttle bus.

Arrivals are on the lower level, with baggage claim covering the whole width of the terminal. It also has escalators to the departures level and security checks.

Food, Shopping, and Amenities

There are numerous retail and dining alternatives near IAD airport. Some popular shops and restaurants include Dulles Gourmet Market and Washingtonian Newsstand inside the Main Terminal at baggage claims 14 and 13. There's also a Dunkin' Donuts and Subway at the Z gates / South Finger.

The Firkin' & Fox at Gate A3 and Burberry at Gate A32 in Concourse A are also good options. You can also try Wendy's at Gate B45 and L'Occitane at Gate B37 in Concourse B. Au Bon Pain is at Gate C14, and Hudson Newsstand is at Gate C28 in Concourse C.

Dulles Airport Security Checkpoints

The Federal TSA - Transportation Security Administration - monitors the security checkpoints at the IAD airport. Only travelers with tickets are permitted to pass through any of the security checks. Access to the concourses and airline gates is available at all security checkpoints.

The Way.com IAD TSA wait times page lists the estimated hours and wait times for each security checkpoint.

Getting around Dulles Airport

Passengers can move between concourses by using a pedestrian walkway or the AeroTrain. In addition, parking and ground transportation are available outside the terminal.

The AeroTrain lines transport passengers from the west security checkpoint to Concourse B and the east security point to Concourses A and C.

From the main terminal, a moving walkway connects Concourse A with the underground passageway. After that, you'll be able to walk from one end of the lengthy terminal to the other.

Concourses A and B and C and D are connected, allowing passengers to move between them to access the various amenities.

How to get to Dulles Airport

There are five options for getting from Washington DC to Washington Dulles International Airport (IAD):

  • Private Car Service: Ideal for business and leisure visitors who value quality service.
  • Taxi/Uber/Lyft: Best for those on a tight budget who still want some comfort.
  • Driving Yourself: Ideal if you have your car and have booked your IAD parking spot in advance.
  • D.C. Metro Bus 5A: This route is appropriate for budget travelers with little or no luggage and a reasonable time buffer.
  • Silver Line Metro + Express Bus to Dulles: ideal for frugal and savvy travelers who don't mind switching from rail to bus.

Driving directions to IAD Airport

From the city center to Washington Dulles International Airport

  • Take the Dulles Toll Road to the main toll highway (DTR US-267)
  • Other routes, notably the I-66 freeway, link to the airport (Custis Memorial Parkway)
  • Follow the signs

From downtown to Dulles International Airport via I-66

  • Take the I-66 (Custis Memorial Parkway) freeway west.
  • Exit the freeway at exit 67.
  • Follow the signs to Dulles Airport, which is approximately 16 miles from the exit.

From downtown to Dulles Airport via the Dulles Toll Road (DTR US-267)

  • The Dulles Toll Road is 14 miles long
  • The route runs from the west side of the Capital Beltway to the airport.
  • Pay attention to the signs.

More information about Dulles Airport

E.V. Charging

  • Garage 1 has two units on the first floor and ten units on the third floor (all 120V).
  • Garage 2 consists of ten units on Level 1 (120V) and six units on Level 3 (serving eight slots) (four 120V and two 240V).
  • The slots designated for E.V. charging have signage that shows 'electric car charging only.'
  • The usage of the stations is free, but usual parking costs apply once you depart the garage. The charging stations are first-come, first-served.

Accessible parking

The following spaces have been reserved in the IAD Airport's public parking lots:

  • Rows 2 through 30 of the Terminal Lot, at the end of the row closest to the Terminal.
  • Garage 1 is located on Level 1 adjacent to the Terminal's walkway and shuttle stop.
  • Garage 2 is located on Level 3 near the walkway and Level 1 near the shuttle stop.
  • Economy Parking is available throughout the parking lot and is close to all shuttle stations.
  • Disability parking spots are only for vehicles with a government-issued plate or placard for disabled parking.
  • These spaces are available on a first-come, first-served and cannot be reserved in advance.
  • All airport parking shuttles are wheelchair accessible and available to all passengers at no cost.

Pet relief areas

Dulles has four pet relief areas located outside the terminal at both ends of the Departures level, near gate A32 on Concourse A and near gate D1 on Concourse D.

IAD Airport important phone numbers

  • Dulles Information- 703-572-2400
  • Travelers Aid Office- 703-572-7350
  • Lost & Found - 703-572-8479

Frequently asked questions

Why is Dulles airport called IAD?

Dulles International Airport was named so to honor John Foster Dulles, the late Secretary of State. Thus, the three-letter code for Dulles International Airport was DIA. However, when written by hand, it was frequently misinterpreted as DCA, another Washington airport. Therefore, to minimize confusion, it was changed to IAD.

Is Dulles Airport in D.C. or Virginia?

Dulles Airport is in Fairfax County, Virginia, about 26 miles west of downtown Washington, D.C.

Is Dulles or Reagan airport closer to D.C.?

Regan Airport (DCA) is closer to Washington DC than Dulles Airport.

Is there a train to Dulles Airport?

There is no direct rail service to Dulles Airport. However, passengers can take the Metro (Silver Line) to Wiehle-Reston East Station, where they can transfer to the Silver Line Bus or Fairfax Connector to the airport.

How do I pay tolls on Dulles Toll Road?

You can pay with your E-ZPass, which will give you access to the E-ZPass Only Lane. You can also pay exact change - quarters and 1 dollar coins. Unfortunately, paper currency, half-dollar coins, credit cards, checks, traveler's checks, money orders, and foreign currency are not accepted.

Can you walk between terminals at Dulles?

Yes, it is possible to walk between the terminals because there are no barriers between A and B or C and D. In addition, an underground walkway links the primary terminal to the A/B midfield terminal. Passengers may also move between concourses through a pedestrian walkway or ride the AeroTrain. Car parking and ground transportation is located outside the terminal.

Is Dulles airport easy to navigate?

Washington Dulles International Airport's simple design makes it simple for travelers to access their connecting flights and other airport facilities. In addition to the main terminal structure, IAD includes four parallel airside concourses.

What terminal is United Airlines at Dulles?

United Airlines uses the Main Terminal at Dulles and uses multiple concourses.

Is Dulles Airport a big airport?

Washington (Dulles) International Airport, Washington DC, is one of the largest airports in the US. It spreads over 12,000 acres and sees around 22 million people every year.

How many gates does Dulles airport have?

Dulles Airport has 113 airline gates.

Does Dulles have a separate international Terminal?

No, the IAD Airport International Arrivals Building is inside the Main Terminal close to the baggage claim carousel 15. The IAD Airport International Arrivals Building is exclusively for International Arrivals.

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