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Oakland International Airport is managed and owned by the Port of Oakland in Oakland, California. It is one of 3 international airports serving the San Francisco Bay Area. The airport is roughly 10 miles south of Downtown Oakland and on the other side of San Francisco Bay from San Francisco. It is also Southwest's largest operation in California. The Oakland Airport terminals map and Oakland Airport parking map above will help you navigate this busy airport.

OAK Airport provides hourly, daily, and economy parking onsite. But with even the cheapest onsite parking costing $18/day, you might want to consider offsite OAK parking lots near the airport.

The airport, popular with low-cost carriers, accommodates flights primarily from around the United States, with the busiest routes serving major Californian towns as well as Phoenix, San Diego, Las Vegas, Seattle, Salt Lake City, and Portland. Southwest Airlines only uses Terminal 2, while all other airlines use Terminal 1.

OAK Airport Quick Facts
Airport Name Oakland International Airport
Airport Code OAK
Terminals 2 terminals
Airport Address 1 Airport Dr, Oakland, CA 94621
Distance from downtown 10 miles from downtown Oakland
Official Website http://www.oaklandairport.com/
Contact Number (510) 563-3300
Hub for FedEx Express
Flight Status: Departures and arrivals www.way.com/oak/flight-status
TSA Wait Times www.way.com/oak/tsa-wait-times

Oakland Airport Terminals

Oakland International Airport is divided into two terminals that are joined by a security area. Airport Drive, the road that circles around the parking garage in front of the terminals, provides curbside access to both terminals. The Oakland Airport Terminals Map shows the details.

Across from the terminals is a parking facility connected by pedestrian bridges. The Oakland International Airport BART Station is just above the parking garage and provides access to downtown Oakland and San Francisco.

Terminal 1 is located on the airport's west side and houses the bulk of airlines operating international and domestic flights. The terminal is divided into two levels, with baggage claim on the lower level and ticket counters and the security checkpoint on the higher level.

Southwest Airlines uses Terminal 2 only for domestic flights. The terminal is divided into two levels: baggage claim, check-in counters, and a security checkpoint on the bottom and the departure gates on the upper level.

How to get around the Oakland Airport Terminals

Passengers can freely move between terminals within and beyond the restricted zone, thanks to how close the terminals are. There is a connection between gates 4 and 20 inside the security area, and the walkway may be found outside the terminal buildings.

More information on Oakland Airport

EV parking in OAK

Free EV charging facilities are provided at Oakland Airport's Premier, Daily, and Economy Parking lots.

Accessible parking in OAK

There are accessible parking spaces in all airport parking lots. Also, the airport shuttle buses serving the economy lot are wheelchair accessible.

Pet Relief Areas in OAK

OAK has 4 pet relief areas. There's one at the far ends of both terminals, one in front of the parking garage, and one inside the secure area near gate 25.

Important OAK phone numbers

  • Customer Service: (510) 563-3300
  • Parking Services: (510) 563-3200
  • Lost and Found: (510) 563-3982

Security and customs at Oakland Airport

Oakland Airport has two security checkpoints, as seen in the Oakland Airport Terminals Map -one in Terminal 1 and the other in Terminal 2. There are no set hours for security checks, but they normally open 90 minutes before the first departure from the terminal.

Both security checkpoints have TSA PreCheck lanes. However, Oakland Airport does not have a TSA Enrollment Center.

How to get to Oakland Airport


  • The Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) station provides access to the rest of the Bay Area, including downtown San Francisco, Oakland, and Berkeley. Located above the parking garage directly across Terminals 1 and 2, the BART station provides service every 6 minutes, except for the late-night hours of 11 pm to midnight, when service is provided every 20 minutes.
  • There is no fare for rides on BART between the Oakland International Airport and the Coliseum stations.
  • The Coliseum/Oakland Airport Station and the Jack London Square Station are AMTRAK terminals.


From OAK, you can catch an AC Transit bus:

  • The airport is serviced by Route 73, which runs directly to the Coliseum/Oakland Airport Station and back every fifteen minutes.
  • The 21st Street Route connects Oakland International Airport to Fruitvale and Alameda.
  • After midnight, passengers can take the express Route 805 from OAK to downtown Oakland through the Coliseum/Oakland Airport Station.


Airport Express provides shared and private shuttle services throughout Marin and Sonoma Counties.


Taxis are readily accessible outside both terminals, and reservations can be made in advance through either Friendly Cab (510-536-3000) or Veteran's Cab (510-533-1900). Airport to downtown Oakland is roughly $45, and Airport to downtown San Francisco fares are around $65.


Uber, Lyft, or Wingz can pick up or drop off passengers at Oakland. The third curb is accessible for drop-offs and pickups at both terminals.

Driving directions to OAK

From Downtown Oakland

To get to the airport via 98th Avenue, leave I-880 S at exit 35. You may reach the terminals by turning right onto 98th Avenue and continuing onto Bessie Coleman Drive.

From Downtown San Francisco

Get on I-80 East and cross the Oakland Bay Bridge; utilize the right two lanes to get off at Exit 8A, which will bring you to Interstate 880. Stay on I-880 S and get off at exit 35 to access 98th Avenue and the airport. To reach the terminals, go straight to 98th Avenue and then turn right onto Bessie Coleman Drive.

Frequently asked questions about Oakland Airport

What time does Oakland Airport open?

Oakland Airport is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. But TSA is open only from 11 am.

Where is Oakland Airport?

Oakland Airport is in Oakland, California, approximately 10 miles from downtown Oakland. It is one of three airports serving the San Francisco Bay Area.

How big is Oakland Airport?

Oakland Airport covers 2,600 acres of land and serves over 13 million passengers a year.

How many terminals does Oakland Airport have?

Oakland Airport has two terminals - 1 and 2.

How far is Oakland airport from San Francisco Airport?

Oakland Airport is approximately 30 miles from San Francisco Airport, a 35-45-minute ride, depending on the traffic.

Does BART run from Oakland Airport to SFO?

  • Take the BART Beige Line from Oakland International Airport to Coliseum.
  • From Coliseum, take the Blue Line to Balboa Park Station.
  • From there, the Red Line will take you to the San Francisco Airport.

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