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Philadelphia International Airport (PHL) serves approximately 33 million people each year and is North America's 22nd busiest airport. This is the primary international airport serving Philadelphia and southern New Jersey. The airport handles approximately 75,000 flights each year, with seven terminals and 126 gates servicing domestic and international destinations. You will do well to keep a PHL Airport map handy to find your way around this bustling airport.

PHL Airport has six parking garages and one Economy Lot. There's also the AAdvantage Aviator Lot which provides discounted parking fees to American Airlines customers with a particular status level. There are also hundreds of offsite PHL parking lots for travelers looking for more reasonably priced spots.

The Philadelphia airport serves sixteen airlines. It is an American Airlines hub and a focal city for Frontier Airlines. Delta Air Lines, United Airlines, and Southwest Airlines are other carriers with high numbers of flights.

PHL Airport Quick Facts
Airport Name Philadelphia International Airport
Philadelphia International Airport Code PHL
Terminals 7 terminals
Airport Address 8000 Essington Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19153
Distance from Downtown Atlanta 7 miles
Official Website
Contact Number 215-937-6937
No Of Destinations 102 domestic and 38 international destinations
Focus City For Frontier Airlines
Hub For American Airlines, UPS Airlines
Flight Status: Departures and arrivals
TSA Wait Times

Philadelphia Airport Terminals

As you can see on the Philadelphia Airport Terminal map provided above, Philly Airport has 7 terminals - A-West, A-East, B, C, D, E, and F. PHL has a distinctive structure in terms of the placement of departures and arrivals, which are typically located on different levels of the same building in most airports. For example, you'll notice on the PHL Airport map that departures are located in the main terminal building, while baggage claim is located across the street.

All terminals are easily accessible from the road for curbside pick-up/drop-off and access to ground transit, including SEPTA rail stations.

This may promote a high volume of passenger travel, but it might be troublesome if you need to retrieve your bags for an onward flight. Make sure to refer to the map of Philadelphia Airport to find your way around.

Getting around Philly Airport Terminals

Shuttle Bus

Shuttle buses connect Terminals A-East and F and Terminals C and F. These operate within the secure area, eliminating the need to re-clear security upon arrival at the next terminal.

The shuttle stations are located at:

  • Gate A1 at Terminal A-East
  • Gate C16 at Terminal C
  • Gate F14 at Terminal F


PHL has a convenient arrangement, with all terminals accessible on foot. If you're willing to go the extra mile, the distance between the two furthest places (Terminal A-West and Terminal F) is approximately 1.3 miles/30 minutes. Passengers can freely around between all PHL terminals, which is especially useful for passengers with long flight connections who want to utilize the amenities at another terminal.

More information on PHL Airport

EV parking

There are a total of seven charging stations for electric vehicles spread throughout the parking lots. Two of them are located on level one of garage C, two on level one of garage D, and three in the economy parking lot (near the airport toll plaza).

Onsite and offsite parking

If you desire even more convenience, the airport has lots of short and long-term parking. The Philadelphia Airport parking map provided above shows their locations.

Be warned; the on-airport lots do tend to be pricey. So book your spot at offsite PHL Airport parking lots if you're looking to save some money.

Oversized parking

  • Vehicles taller than 6'2" and up to 7' may park only in the economy or F Garage, levels 5, 6, or 7.
  • Vehicles taller than 6'2" are not permitted to utilize drive aisles connecting to neighboring garages.
  • Vehicles taller than 7 feet must park in the Economy Lot.

Accessible parking

Parking for travelers with disabilities is available in all official airport parking lots, with accessible parking spaces located on the terminal lots' ground level. In addition, all shuttle buses to and from the economy parking areas are handicap accessible.

Pet Relief Areas

There are numerous pet relief spots (called Pet Ports) in each PHL terminal:

Within the secure zone

  • Terminal A-West, next to gate A16
  • Terminal A-East, near gate A1's bus stop
  • A/B connector, Terminal B
  • C/D connection, Terminal C (closer to Terminal C)
  • C/D connection, Terminal D (closer to Terminal D)
  • Terminal D, close to Gate D3
  • Terminal E, close to Gate E1.
  • Terminal F immediately following the security checkpoint

Outside of the secure zone

  • Arrivals in Terminal A-East, adjacent to baggage claim
  • Terminal B arrivals, near baggage claim
  • Terminal E arrivals, near baggage claim
  • On the Departures Road between A-West and A-East Terminals
  • Between Terminals B and C at the ticketing counter and the airport communications center
  • On the departures road between Terminals E and F

Customs and Security at Philly Airport

PHL's security checkpoints are available at all terminals. In addition, TSA Precheck is offered in Terminals A-East, C, and D/E for anyone traveling on American Airlines, United Airlines, or Alaska Airlines. All of the terminals are linked so that you can stroll between them. That means if you want to utilize Precheck but are flying out of a B gate, you may use Precheck at Terminal C and go to B.

Useful Philadelphia Airport phone numbers

  • General Information: 215-937-6937
  • Automated Flight Information: 800-PHL-GATE
  • Lost and Found: 215-937-6888
  • Airport Parking Information: 215-683-9842

How to get to and from Phoenix Airport


To get to Downtown Philadelphia by public transit, use the SEPTA Airport Regional, which can be reached through a pedestrian walkway from the terminal. Trains depart every 30 minutes, stopping at Terminals E, C/D, and A-East before continuing on to Eastwick, University City, 30th Street Station, Suburban Station, and Jefferson (Market East).


Bus lines 37 (to/from South Philadelphia), 108 (to/from 69th Street Transportation Center), and 115 (to/from Suburban Square in Ardmore) are also available.


Taxi services are available on the Commercial Transportation Roadway in Zone 5. Taxi charges are calculated per journey rather than per person. On the Commercial Transportation Roadway, sedan and limousine services are available in Zone 6, while shared-ride van services are available in Zone 7.


Uber and Lyft are also accessible from Philadelphia International Airport. Arrive in Zone 7 to meet your driver.

Driving directions to Phoenix Airport

I-95, I-76, and Route 291 make Philadelphia International Airport easily accessible from the city center.

  • Take Exit 3 from the New Jersey Turnpike to the Walt Whitman Bridge and then follow the instructions to the airport.
  • Take Route 476 to I-95 North from the Pennsylvania Turnpike until you reach the airport exit.

Frequently asked questions

Can you walk to rental cars at the Philadelphia airport?

Onsite rental cars are available at PHL at a designated area on the airport premises. So rental companies usually offer a free shuttle service from the Zone 2 pick-up location.

How long does it take to walk from Terminal A to F at Philadelphia airport?

Both terminals are located on opposing ends of the airport. Even with the moving sidewalks, it will take about 15-20 minutes to walk.

How early should I arrive at the Philadelphia airport?

Passengers must arrive at Philadelphia Airport at least 2 hours before a domestic flight's planned departure time and 3 hours before an international flight's scheduled departure time.

Which is the American Airlines terminal at Philadelphia Airport?

American Airlines operates from A-West, A-East, and B/C Terminals. International flights depart from terminals A-West and A-East, while domestic flights may depart from any of the 3 terminals. Check the Philadelphia Airport Terminal map to know where the terminals are located.

Does Philadelphia Airport have a train station?

Four train stations serve Philadelphia International Airport and are served by SEPTA Regional Rail's Airport Line.

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