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About Salt Lake City Airport (SLC)

Salt Lake City International Airport is an international airport near the city's outskirts. After completing ongoing renovations in 2020, SLC unveiled a new, state-of-the-art terminal to the public, replacing its outdated facilities. The current terminal took six years to complete and features two concourses with a total of forty-five gates. As a result, the map of Salt Lake City Airport may not look the same in the near future. That's because two further concourses and forty more gates are expected to open soon.

The Salt Lake City Airport is the United States twenty-fifth busiest airport, with more than 330 thousand planes using its four runways per year. Over twenty-five million passengers use SLC annually for both boarding and disembarking. That's a huge number that equates to almost 60,000 passengers using the terminal every day. The airport often runs out of spots in the official SLC parking garages due to the massive passenger number. Therefore, you might want to book an offsite SLC parking spot ahead of your travels to avoid hassles.

SLC is the entry point for many skiers and snowboarders to Utah because it is just an hour away from ten major ski resorts. In addition, temple Square, Utah's number one tourist destination, is also located there, bringing in an estimated 3–5 million visitors each year.

SLC Airport Quick Facts
Airport Name Salt Lake City International Airport
Salt Lake City Airport Code SLC
Terminals 1 terminal, 2 concourses
Airport Address W Terminal Dr, Salt Lake City, UT 84122
Distance from Downtown Salt Lake City 4 miles approx.
Official Website
Contact Number (801) 575-2400
No Of Destinations 96
Hub For Delta Air Lines

Alpine Air Express

Corporate Air
Flight Status: Departures and arrivals
TSA Wait Times

SLC Airport Terminals

On the Salt Lake City Airport map, you'll see that the former five concourses have been replaced with two linear concourses that will relieve passenger congestion and allow for faster connections after renovations.

The new main terminal is located at the airport's southern end and is serviced by a new four-lane road system for passenger pick-up/drop-off and ground transportation. In addition, a new parking garage has been built across the street and is linked to the terminal by a pedestrian bridge. The Gateway Center, which is right next to the parking garage, has quick-service airline check-in counters and vehicle rental facilities.

The terminal is divided into three levels. International arrivals is on level 1, while security and baggage claim is on level 2. Check-in is on level 3. (Please refer to the Salt Lake City Airport terminal map given above.) After passing through security, you'll arrive at The Plaza, where you'll find a nice range of restaurants and stores and an entrance to the Delta Sky Club on level 3.

How to get around Salt Lake City Airport

Unless coming on an international aircraft, travelers do not need to depart and re-clear security for flight connections because an underground tunnel links both concourses within the secure area.

More information on Salt Lake City Airport

Airlines that operate out of SLC

  • Alaska Airlines
  • American Airlines
  • Delta Air Lines
  • Frontier Airlines
  • JetBlue Airways
  • Southwest Airlines
  • United Airlines

E.V. parking

The economy parking lot (4 dual ports), parking garage level P1 (1 dual port), and parking garage level P2 all include E.V. charging stations (3 dual ports). All E.V. charging stations are available on a first-come, first-served basis and cannot be booked in advance. The usage of the stations is now free.

Onsite parking

Pedestrian pathways from the Gateway Center link the parking garage to the main terminal. There are many levels of parking accessible, including Premium reserved parking, Daily garage parking, Hourly garage parking, and the Walking E lot. (Check the Salt Lake City Airport parking map for the layout.) Economy parking is located away from the terminals and is served by a courtesy bus service to and from the lot. Cheaper SLC Airport parking options can be found near the airport.

Oversized parking

To park at SLC Airport, oversized vehicles must make specific arrangements and pay additional costs.

Accessible parking

People with disabilities can park in one of the 135 spaces available in the parking garage that is located directly across from the terminal for a fee of $10 per day. Additional parking may be found in the economy parking lot, which features bays that are conveniently located near each shuttle bus stop.

Pet relief areas

SLC presently has three pet relief places inside and outside of secure areas. They are located in

  • West end outside the terminal on level 1
  • Near gate A9 in Concourse A
  • Near gate B20 in Concourse B

SLC Security and Customs

There are two security checkpoints at Salt Lake City International Airport. The main checkpoint can be found on level 2 of the main terminal. There's also a secondary checkpoint, which is reserved for international arrivals connecting to other planes. The primary checkpoint is accessible at all times. Unfortunately, at this time, there is no TSA PreCheck Enrollment Center located in Salt Lake City.

How to rent a car from Salt Lake City Airport

Rental car counters for Salt Lake City International Airport can be found in the Gateway Center, which is directly across from the main terminal. From level 2 of the terminal, pedestrians can access the Gateway Center by crossing the pedestrian bridge. The facility is home to the following automobile rental agencies:

SLC Airport Important phone numbers

  • General information: 800-595-2442
  • Lost and found: 801-575-2427
  • Parking information: 801-575-2887
  • Ground transportation: 801-908-7204

How to get to SLC Airport

TRAX Light Rail Services

These operate to/from the temporary airport station, and travelers can take the shuttle bus from the level 1 ground transit area to the station every 15 to 30 minutes. SLC is on the green line, and travelers can go to the city center and Salt Lake County suburbs.

UTA Buses

Route 453 connects Salt Lake City and Tooele, whereas route 454 connects Salt Lake City and Grantsville. Both buses terminate at the airport and provide limited weekday service. Route 551 runs from the airport to the International Center in the mornings and from the International Center to the airport in the afternoons. Buses depart from the ground transportation area on level 1 outside the main terminal. One-way bus and light rail tickets cost $2.50.

Limos and shuttles

Shuttle service can be requested in advance or upon arrival at the airport in the main terminal's baggage claim area.


Taxis operate from the airport, but the lack of pricing regulation has sparked criticism. Taxis are frequently not metered, and passengers have complained about being charged exorbitant prices when not agreed upon at the outset of the voyage.

Although the airport claims that maximum charges for certain zones are enforced ($25 for flights within 500 East and $30 for journeys outside of 500 East), some passengers have complained about being charged these maximum restrictions for only a few miles. There is no regulation outside of these zones, so make sure to fix a rate before you leave!

Rideshare services

Ride-hailing apps like Uber and Lyft are allowed to transport passengers to and from Salt Lake City Airport. The ground transportation section is located on level 1 outside of the main terminal and is where drivers may pick up passengers. At the check-in counter, passengers can be dropped off on level 3.

Driving directions to SLC Airport from downtown Salt Lake City

You'll need to take 500 S/Cesar E. Chavez Blvd. until you reach a fork. Keep to the right for the I-80 E/I-80 W slip road to Cheyenne/Reno/S.L. International Airport. Continue on I-80 W and take exit 115B toward Salt Lake International Airport. Merge onto Terminal Drive when you reach the airport.

Frequently asked questions

How many terminals does SLC Airport have?

SLC airport complex consists of a single terminal, two concourses, and 66 gates.

Can you walk between terminals at SLC?

Yes, it is. However, expect a longish hike between concourses!

Which terminal is Delta in at SLC?

Delta Airlines is in Concourse A at SLC Airport.

How early should I arrive at SLC airport?

It is advised that passengers arrive at SLC Airport 2 hours before a domestic flight and 3 hours before an international trip. This recommendation applies to all major airports. This is to ensure that there is sufficient time to check in, drop off bags, go through security, and reach the departure gate.

Is 45 minutes enough time for a layover in Salt Lake City?

You should be alright with a 45-minute layover at SLC, but just barely. Just pray your flight arrives on schedule, so you have at least thirty minutes to walk between gates.

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