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820 East Ohio Street Parking
820 East Ohio Street Parking
4.7 0.7 mi away

Total: $29.90

820 East Ohio Street Parking
820 E Ohio StPittsburgh15212PennsylvaniaUnited States

PNC Park Parking: Save money on parking charges

The Pirates and their fans call PNC Park their beloved home. So, if you want to experience a great stadium atmosphere during this MLB season, head down to PNC Park in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. You will have difficulty finding a parking space on game days due to overwhelming attendance. If you are a first-time visitor, then research parking around PNC Park.

The ballpark has a handful of official lots and garages in the North. You can use surface lots 7A, 7B,7C,7D, and a couple of garages if you are coming from the North. But if you want to avoid the traffic before the game, it is better to look for off-site parking garages near PNC Park.

How much is parking near PNC Park?

The cost of parking in off-site garages is usually lower than the official ones. But the issue with using parking spaces provided by the venue is that there is no guarantee of finding a spot. Even if you reserve a spot as you buy the game ticket, the long line of cars at parking lots before the game can cause a major headache.

Off-site parking garages near PNC Park are much safer than street parking. If you use parking apps to buy lots in these off-site spaces, there is a high chance you will get it for as low as $16 for a day.

Where can I park outside of PNC Park?

You can buy parking at off-site parking garages near the park. You can find a few of these garages at 625 Stanwix St and 546 Penn Ave. On game days, other off-site parking garages can be reserved using the parking app.

Does PNC Park have parking?

Yes. The few official parking lots at PNC Park may run out of space during big games. You can save money on parking charges by booking a parking spot at off-site garages.

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