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Coastal Florida Sports Park Parking

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Get Affordable Parking Near Coastal Florida Sports Park

Located in Cocoa, Florida, the Coastal Florida Sports Park is a multi-purpose sports complex with playing fields and training facilities. It was previously known as Cocoa Expo Sports Center and had both outdoor and indoor training spaces for professional athletes. For example, the Houston Astros of the MLB used to train at this facility for around 21 years.

The facility includes baseball fields, batting cages, pitching machines and bullpens, and a thousand-square-foot indoor training facility. But this sports park is not only for baseball but also has similar amenities for basketball, volleyball, football, and lacrosse.

If you plan to visit this state-of-the-art sports complex, it is better to understand your parking choices. Even though it is around 6 miles away from the city center of Cocoa, finding parking can be tricky. So, here are a few lots and garages you can use while you are at the Coastal Florida Sports Park.

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Coastal Florida Sports Park Parking FAQ’s

Where can I find public parking near Coastal Florida Sports Park?

The sports park has separate lodging for players who wish to stay overnight. These onsite suites are referred to as the Player Hotel. Similarly, there will be tournaments conducted at the facility for all age groups, so you can expect visitors parking facilities. But other cheap ways to park your cars include on-street parking and private lots and garages. Based on how much you want to spend on parking, you can choose to go with the best option that suits your needs.

Is there street parking near Coastal Florida Sports Park?

Unfortunately, there are very few street parking options near the sports park. The closest vacant street parking spot would be miles from the facility. Besides, parking in the streets is not considered safe. The parking authorities are strict and will charge you with hefty fines or other penalties for a minor parking violation. But another choice offers the best parking for Coastal Florida Sports Park at affordable rates.

What are cheap parking options near Coastal Florida Sports Park?

Parking in the streets is comparatively cheaper than using the onsite parking facilities. Also, you can avoid all the heavy traffic that uses the official parking spaces by opting to park in the nearby street spots. But the latter comes with risks that can adversely affect your day at the sports park. But there are many off-site parking lots and garages near the facility, which can ensure the safety of your car for minimal cost.

How can I find a parking garage near Coastal Florida Sports Park?

You can use an online parking service to find the lots and garages near Coastal Florida Sports Park. The site or the Way parking app will help you locate all the nearby garages with a single click. It will feature all the garages, the features they offer, and parking charges. You can enjoy valet parking, covered parking, and camera surveillance at some of these facilities.

Coastal Florida Sports Park Parking Tips

Coastal Florida Sports Park is located at 500 Friday Road in Cocoa, Florida. It was the former spring training facility of MLB's Houston Astros.

It has player lodging for the athletes wishing to stay at the sports park. But the on-site parking facilities are not big enough to accommodate all the visitors.

Street parking is hard to find near the Coastal Florida Sports Park. You will have to go miles before finding a vacant street parking spot.

Using, you can book parking lots and garages near the sports park. You can get additional discounts and special deals by using Way to book parking at off-site facilities.