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Located in the garden city of Orenburg, South Carolina, Oliver C Dawson stadium, previously known as the Bulldog stadium is named after Oliver C Dawson, who was the athletic director of the state university for 16 years. Dawson Stadium is equipped with synthetic turf and is home to the South Carolina State Bulldogs college football team and the women's college soccer team.

Dawson stadium underwent major renovations in 1994. The additional renovations raised the seating capacity to the present 22,000. Also, the refurbishment included extra restrooms and remodeled the press box. As well as accommodating soccer games, the field SC State football games were also played on the field. SC State's Orangeburg campus is home to Dawson Stadium on Buckley Street.

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Dawson Stadium parking FAQs

Is there parking near Dawson Stadium?

Gameday parking is available at Dawson stadium; the lots open four hours before the game. However, confirming on-site parking is better to avoid long waiting hours. You can also book a spot at affordable off-stadium parking garages or lots within walking distance.

How much does Dawson Stadium parking cost?

Individual game day parking is $20 per vehicle. Parking rates could vary from event to event, as per demand and event rules. You will find all day parking for similar or lower rates at off stadium garages.

Is there free parking near Dawson Stadium?

There are free parking spots near the stadium if you can walk a while. However, parking rules are subject to change during the game days. To avoid parking tickets and the hassle of keeping up with time limits, use a parking app to find safe and affordable off-street parking instead.

How to find the best parking for Dawson Stadium?

The best option is to search nearby parking lots using a parking app to find the best offers you can get. Then, you don’t have to drive around looking for a parking space. Instead, you can search and book a parking spot using your phone.

Dawson Stadium parking tips

The gates to Oliver C. Dawson Stadium and the seating bowl open two hours before kickoff

Tailgating is allowed on Mason Field, Wilkinson Field, the hardtop area around the Smith-Hammond-Middleton Memorial Center, Staley Field, and in certain areas of Mitchell and Felton Fields.

A clear bag policy is in effect in the stadium; fans can bring in one clear bag no larger than 12" x 6" x 12"