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Regardless of how pleased you are with your insurer, shopping around once a year is still a smart idea. You may have changed the circumstances, or another business may provide better rates and services. That said, it isn't easy to compare car insurance firms.

To help you find the best car insurance provider for you, we took a closer look at Allstate and Farmers – two of the biggest auto insurance firms in the U.S. – to see how they compare. Either of these may be the best option for you, depending on your needs and other factors listed above.

Farmers would be the better option of the two for the majority of drivers. Regardless of age, gender, driving record, and other variables, farmers had more competitive rates for a wide range of our driver profiles. For customer support, both businesses earned strong ratings. Next, we'll dig into the specifics.

With Allstate, you have access to many solutions tailored to compliment your package in all the correct ways, including roadside assistance and rental car assistance. While Farmers provide options and services to help you find the coverage you need. And to lower the cost of the insurance, both firms have discounts.

Overview of Allstate

Allstate was once owned by Sears but became independent in 1995, becoming one of the most recognizable brands in auto insurance. Allstate has a 9 percent market share of $21.4 billion in auto insurance premiums underwritten last year. Local agents conduct much of the business, but support services are also available online and over the internet, offering 24/7 assistance in an emergency.

Allstate provides insurance incentives for good teachers, drivers with a clean driving record, and veterans, along with a multi-policy discount for those who match their automobile insurance with homeowners, landlords, or another policy. Allstate is also the parent company of Esurance, an online insurance broker, and Encompass, an insurance company mostly marketed by independent insurance brokers.

Allstate is generally well-liked by its clients, in addition to being a well-known organization.

Overview of Farmers

Farmers, known for its famous jingle and funny advertising, endorses 19 million car insurance policies and has a market share of 4 percent. It is owned wholly by policyholders, not by shareholders.

Online, as well as through local farmers and private insurance brokers, farmers offer car insurance online. Car insurance for farmers is available in all 50 states, and discounts are available for successful teachers, veterans and by combining various plans with auto insurance, such as a homeowner or renter policy. Depending on where you live, the rebates you're eligible for can vary.

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Allstate vs Farmers: Positives and Negatives

The below table shows the positive and the negative sides of the auto insurance company Allstate:

Positives of Allstate Negatives of Allstate
Agents can be found in your local areas More costly than the majority of other firms
Good ratings for overall customer satisfaction

The below table shows the positive side of the auto insurance company Farmers:

Positives of Farmers
Good customer satisfaction rate
More cost-effective prices than Allstate
Lots of discounts available

Allstate vs Farmers: Cheapest of the two

It is found that Farmers is cheaper than Allstate drivers across the spectrum.

Allstate vs Farmers: Cheapest for male drivers

In our research, the savings for a 25-year-old male profile amounted to about $100, with an average annual representative cost of $1996 with Farmers. For 35-year-old male drivers, average study rates with Farmers fell to $1619 annually and $1507 for a 60-year-old male profile.

For Allstate, in the 25-, 35-, and 60-year-old demographics, male drivers' average insurance rate was $2097, $1838, and $1763, respectively. Our research showed that Farmers were more affordable than Allstate. Their average prices were still on the high side is usually the second or third most costly, depending on the demographic category.

For the same driver profiles, USAA, Tourists, State Farm, Progressive, The General, and American Family all usually had lower study rates.

Allstate vs Farmers: Cheapest for female drivers

Farmers, regardless of age, proved cheaper than Allstate for female drivers. A 35-year-old female driver and a 25-year-old female profile averaged $1908, while for a 60-year-old driver, the rate fell to $1631 and $1431. With Allstate, our female drivers in the same age brackets had average representative rates of $2012, $1854, and $1717, respectively. There are plenty of less expensive alternatives than Allstate or Farmers.

Allstate vs Farmers: Cheapest for high and low mileage

For drivers who put on many miles per year, Farmers are a more economical option, saving our representative clients about $200 annually compared to Allstate. The drivers' average rate was $1682 with Farmers and $1880 with Allstate, racking up 12,000 miles per year.

For drivers who fly just 6,000 miles a year, farmers are better off. The average rate for this group is $1670 annually. A total of $1836 will be accounted for by Allstate drivers traveling the same number of miles. This leads to an annual savings of slightly more than $165 for farmers.

Allstate vs Farmers: Cheapest for having good and bad credit

Your credit score may have more to do with what you pay for auto insurance than how many miles you drive or other variables, like age, gender, or even your driving record. Farmers is a more affordable choice than Allstate for driver profiles regardless of their credit rating, with savings of about 12-17% annually. Driver profiles with good credit paid $1642 per year with Farmers on average, which is about $260 less than $1901, which Allstate assured for its policyholders.

In contrast to Allstate, drivers with lousy credit stand to save even more for farmers. For our driver profiles with poor credit, the savings with Farmers were more than $350, averaging $2669 on average with Farmers and $3025 with Allstate.

Allstate vs Farmers: Cheapest for being a good driver

Regardless of the driving record, farmers will be cheaper than Allstate. Our driver profiles with a clean record paid an average study rate of $1682 with Farmers, about $200 less than the $1880 annual average representative rate with Allstate.

Allstate vs Farmers: Cheapest after a speeding ticket

Driver profiles with one speeding violation paid about $115 less with Farmers than with Allstate, with annual representative premiums averaging $2099 with Farmers compared to $2212 with Allstate. Our study also found that a speeding ticket could cost you dearly with either company, adding about $330 with Allstate and $417 with Farmers compared to a clean driving record.

Allstate vs Farmers: Cheapest after an accident

An accident will bring a big rate hike for drivers with either company, but both the increase and the overall study rate were lower with Farmers. Driver profiles insured by Farmers saw an average representative rate of $2446 after a single crash, which is more than $750 higher than rates for our profiles with clean records. With an accident, the study rate was $2673 with Allstate, an increase of almost $800 over Allstate's representative rate for the profile with a clean driving history.

Allstate vs Farmers: Cheapest after a DUI

Drivers with a DUI on their record would be wise to shop around. On average, a driver with one DUI stood to pay almost $615 more annually with Allstate than with Farmers. The average annual insurance cost for drivers with a policy with Farmers with a DUI was $2640, an increase of around $960 compared to those with a clean driving record. With Allstate, the average annual representative rate for profiles with a DUI was $3252. That's an increase of more than $1350 over the study rates of profiles with a clean driving record and substantially higher than Farmers' representative rate for the DUI profile.

Allstate vs Farmers: Coverage

Coverage offered Allstate Farmers
States served 50 states 50 states
Roadside assistance Included in the policy Included in the policy
New car protection Yes Yes
Accident forgiveness Yes Yes
Rideshare coverage Yes Yes
SR-22 insurance Yes Yes
Payment schedule Monthly or annually Monthly or annually
Claims methods By phone or online By phone or online

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Allstate vs Farmers: Discounts

Discounts Allstate Farmers
Anti-theft device discount Yes Yes
Bundling discount Up to 10% Yes
Homeowner discount Yes Yes
Military discount No No
Multi-car discount Yes Yes
Paid in full discount Yes Yes
Safety device discount Yes Yes
Safe driver discount Up to 10% Yes
Special employment discount Yes Yes
Student discount Up to 20% for U- 25 Yes
Usage-based discount Yes (20%) No

Allstate vs Farmers: The bottom-line

In the customer care department, both Allstate and Farmers perform well, and both offer an equal number of discounts. Your best bet is when determining to keep your situation in mind—looking for a deal on defensive drivers? Then the way to go is by Allstate. But if you are looking for an electric car discount, go with Farmers.

Auto Insurance Data Methodology

The auto insurance rates published in this guide are based on the results of research completed by’s data team. Using a mix of public and internal data, we analyzed millions of rate averages across U.S. ZIP codes.

Quotes are typically based on a full coverage policy average unless otherwise noted within the content.

These rates were publicly sourced from insurer filings and should be used for comparative purposes only — your own quotes will differ. Given this, it’s important to go through our insurance steps form to find how much you can save with

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Allstate better than Farmers?

With Allstate, you have access to many solutions tailored to compliment your package in all the correct ways, including roadside assistance and rental car assistance. While Farmers provide options and services to help you find the coverage you need. And to lower the cost of the insurance, both firms have discounts.

Is Allstate the most expensive?

Allstate has the most costly average study rate overall: $1880. That's more than twice the lowest average cost, $885 for USAA. Car insurance premiums vary according to several factors for each person, including the car you are insuring, your age, the amount of insurance bought, and your driving record.

Why is Allstate so bad?

To compel its policyholders to give up, Allstate routinely and unreasonably avoids paying claims, completely rejects legitimate claims, or provides a lower payment than what should ultimately be charged, and falsely defends claims that should have been settled or resolved.

Does Allstate own State Farm?

No. Allstate and State Farm are two different companies.

What are the worst insurance companies?

The concept of worst is directly proportional to the customers’ experience with an insurance company. What is worst for some would be good for others.

Can Allstate Drivewise raise your rates?

Through a smartphone app or a small tracker mounted in your car, Drivewise monitors your driving habits and then sends the data to Allstate. Drivewise would not lift your rates, Allstate promises and could help you save up to 30 percent on your premiums.

Is Allstate good at paying claims?

In overall client and claims satisfaction, Allstate is rated as below average. The financial strength is seen to be higher: the financial stability of an insurance firm reflects its capacity to pay out claims. Allstate will receive a higher ranking.

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