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Safeco Car Insurance Review

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Safeco offers various insurance coverage choices, such as rideshare coverage for Uber and Lyft drivers and yearly deductible reductions.

Also, they have expensive policies with higher rates than other car insurance companies. Through their prompt and precise service, Safeco has attained high levels of customer satisfaction, and they stand out through the comprehensive and unique coverage they offer.

Pros and Cons

Fewer complaints received Rates are a bit higher than other providers
Best accident forgiveness and deductibles You'll need to approach an independent agent
Customizes auto policies available Not much variety of discounts

Safeco Auto Insurance Coverage

Safeco offers different types of auto insurance coverage to its customers. The costs for it are determined by the information you submit to Safeco. Over a 6-month review period, it also gives a standard claims-free cashback. For those with a clean driving record, they also offer a decreasing deductible that may be renewed every 5 years. This plan also features a Guarantee Repair Network to assist you in becoming covered.

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Safeco Auto Insurance Rates

Safeco provides auto insurance rates based on different criteria such as age, coverage, speeding tickets, and reckless driving. Safeco insurance rates are competitive because it is one of the top ten cheapest insurers in the country.

Rates by Age

The Average Annual Premium rates that Safeco provides vary based on customers' age categories. Teens are eligible for the best rates in comparison to the other categories such as young and senior drivers.

Safeco Auto Insurance Rates for Teens

Teenagers are also eligible for Safeco Auto Insurance Premium.

Age Safeco Average Annual Premium
18 y/o $7777

Safeco Auto Insurance Rates for Young Drivers

Safeco’s Auto Insurance Rates are also available to young drivers.

Age Safeco Average Annual Premium
20s $2578

Safeco Auto Insurance Rates for Senior Drivers

Safeco provides Auto Insurance to drivers in the age category of the 60s and above.

Age Safeco Average Annual Premium
60s $1699

Safeco Average Annual Coverage by Penalty Record

Safeco provides Average Annual Coverage based on the drivers' penalty.

Parameter Safeco Average Annual Premium
Speeding ticket $2524
Reckless driving $2865

Safeco Average Annual Coverage by State

State Average Annual Premium
Alabama 1806
Arkansas 1513
Arizona 1962
California 1360
Colorado 2205
Connecticut 2384
Florida 421
Georgia 2962
Iowa 1527
Idaho 940
Indiana 1575
Kansas 1721
Kentucky 2155
Louisiana 2185
Massachusetts 261
Maryland 3380
Maine 1053
Michigan 2012
Minnesota 1800
Missouri 1452
Mississippi 1644
Montana 795
North Carolina 845
North Dakota 2974
Nebraska 1697
New Hampshire 1148
New Jersey 5450
New Mexico 2643
Nevada 1758
New York 4154
Ohio 1600
Oklahoma 2043
Oregon 2350
Pennsylvania 1060
South Carolina 1641
Tennessee 1608
Texas 2914
Utah 1433
Virginia 1707
Vermont 1584
Washington 1689
Wisconsin 1415
West Virginia 1630

Safeco Car Insurance Discounts

Safeco offers several car insurance discounts such as Accident-Free discounts, Low Mileage discounts, Teen Safety Reward Discounts, and bundling discounts. These discounts are available based on their age category and their states.

Safeco Customer Feedback and Satisfaction Report

Safeco offers customers the best discounts for driving. They also offer roadside assistance, rental travel, reimbursement, accident forgiveness, deductibles, and modification. Safeco has the economic strength to pay out claims, help customers access their documents, and easily make payments. Summary

Safeco is one of the leading insurance providers which offers timely and timeless services to all its clients. With the most efficient services, they have met the customers' immediate requirements with practical solutions. The services that they offer are constant, uninterrupted, and cost-effective.

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About Safeco

Safeco is a member of Liberty mutual. They excel by providing several types of insurance to their customers like home, auto, motorcycle, water cycle, etc. Safeco has been client-oriented since the very beginning by understanding the users' requirements precisely. In addition to this, its financial strength also adds to its financial 'A' rating among the other competitors. Hence, it is one of the best options for people looking for options at a low rate, with affordable payments and better discounts.

Brief history

Safeco was founded in 1923 by the then general, Hawthrone K. Dent. It received its name as a subsidiary, 'Selective Auto and Fire Insurance Company of America.’ Safeco started in 1953 as a life insurance business, and it switched to credit after years of establishment. The company's growth in size and financially became more visible after 2002. It then became a part of Liberty mutual in the year 2008.

Charitable causes

Safeco donated over $1.2 million in 2020 with the help of its agents, thus enabling communities to grow and sustain. Their nature of work and other significant updates have been conveyed from time to time through their agents and partners, the public, neighborhood, and other larger communities.

Auto Insurance Data Methodology

The auto insurance rates published in this guide are based on the results of research completed by’s data team. Using a mix of public and internal data, we analyzed millions of rate averages across U.S. ZIP codes.

Quotes are typically based on a full coverage policy average unless otherwise noted within the content.

These rates were publicly sourced from insurer filings and should be used for comparative purposes only — your own quotes will differ. Given this, it’s important to go through our insurance steps form to find how much you can save with


Is Safeco a good car insurance company?

Yes. Safeco is a good car insurance company that offers reasonable auto insurance rates, coverage, and perks. It is also one of the companies with the best customer assistance offered.

Does Safeco car insurance cover rental cars?

Safeco also provides its customers with a rental car reimbursement facility, which helps them pay the cost of renting a car. This feature is available when the car is under repair or to recover the loss.

Does Safeco have car repair insurance?

Yes, Safeco also has car repair insurance where they help you get the damage fixed and back to good condition.

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