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Key Takeaways

  • On average, car insurance in Minneapolis costs $1,665.
  • Drivers in Minnesota must get Personal injury protection (PIP) to cover their medical expenses following an accident because the state has no-fault laws.
  • The auto-theft rate in the city is much higher than the state average theft rate.

Minneapolis Auto Insurance

Some states have auto insurance rates less than the national average. However, it doesn't imply that the cities in the state have lower car insurance rates. With their congested streets and higher repair expenses, big cities may have higher rates for auto insurance. So, how about the cost of car insurance in Minneapolis?

Since being the biggest city in Minnesota, it is fair for the drivers to expect a higher insurance rate. Unfortunately, Minneapolis car insurance rates are higher than the state and national averages. So, if you're a driver in the city, your biggest challenge will be finding cheap car insurance. You can always do that by getting car insurance quotes in Minneapolis from various insurers, comparing, and buying the cheapest one.

Insurance companies consider many factors when deciding how much to charge on car insurance in Minneapolis. For instance, your age, gender, vehicle make and model, driving history, and, in some situations, your credit score are used to determine your monthly rate. So, how much do you need to pay for Minneapolis car insurance? How can you get cheap car insurance in Minneapolis?

Our review of car insurance in Minneapolis can answer all these queries. So keep reading to know more about Minneapolis auto insurance and the rates.

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How Much Does Car Insurance Cost In Minneapolis?

Typically, a driver pays around $1,665 a year for car insurance in Minneapolis. That is more expensive than the state and national averages.

Minneapolis (annual average) Minnesota (annual average) United States
$1,665 $1,263 $1,557

Our Minneapolis car insurance includes average rates based on age, gender, driving record, credit score, and marital status. Continue reading to find out more!

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Minneapolis Auto Insurance Premiums By Company

A driver will always hunt for cheap car insurance in Minneapolis. AAA provides Minneapolis's most affordable rates for the average driver, with a yearly rate of $1,259.

It's crucial to carefully examine quotes and pick your insurer because there can be significant company-to-company variations in auto insurance costs. See below for the top affordable car insurance providers in Minneapolis. Also, don't forget to receive customized rates considering your driving history.

Car insurance company Average Annual Rate
AAA $1,259
State Farm $1,508
American Family $1,604
Progressive $1,962

Minneapolis Auto Insurance Premiums By Age Group

Like most cities, age determines your Minneapolis car insurance rate. With an average annual rate of $6,233, teenagers pay the most for car insurance in Minneapolis. However, the insurance rates go down as your age increases.

Drivers in their 50s and 60s pay relatively lower rates with an annual average of $1,451 and $1,547, respectively. So, how can you get affordable car insurance in Minneapolis? Either get out of your teens or use your insurer's discounts.

Age Average Annual Rate
Teens $6,233
20s $2,209
30s $1,648
40s $1,592
50s $1,451
60s $1,547
70s $1,883

Minneapolis Auto Insurance Premiums By Marital Status/Gender

Gender and marital status can also influence the car insurance rate in Minneapolis. With an average annual rate of $1,753, female drivers pay $88 more than male drivers for Minneapolis car insurance.

Our research found that single drivers in the city pay more than married drivers as insurers see them as risky and more likely to file claims. In Minneapolis, married drivers' auto insurance costs are $103 less than those of single drivers. Widowed people also pay less for car insurance in Minneapolis than single people.

Gender/Marital Status Average Annual Rate
Male $1,665
Female $1,753
Single $1,665
Married $1,562
Widowed $1,621
Divorced $1,665

Minneapolis Auto Insurance Premiums By Driving Record

Having a clean driving record can lower the cost of car insurance in Minneapolis. Insurance companies reward low-risk drivers with reasonable rates. Still, at-fault accidents, DUIs, reckless driving charges, and speeding tickets contribute to expensive auto insurance prices.

Reckless driving and DUI/DWI are the two offenses that contribute to the higher cost of Minneapolis car insurance. Expect to pay $2,627 and $2,601, respectively, if you have these citations on your driving record.

Offense Average Annual Rate
Reckless Driving $2,627
DUI/DWI $2,601
Speeding Ticket $2,099
At-Fault Accident (damages < $,1000) $2,257
At-Fault Accident (damages > $2,000) $2,402

Minneapolis Auto Insurance Premiums By Credit Rating

It is a fact that your credit score can significantly increase or decrease the rate of your car insurance in Minneapolis. For instance, a driver with a 'Very Poor' score must pay around $3,366 for Minneapolis car insurance, $1,701 more than the average city rate.

However, improving your credit score can lower your insurance rate. For instance, the rate of your car insurance in Minneapolis will lower to $1,964 if you move to the 'Fair' credit tier. In addition, drivers with 'Very Good' and 'Exceptional' credit scores pay insurance rates less than the average city rate.

Credit Rating Average Annual Rate
Very Poor $3,366
Fair $1,964
Good $1,665
Very Good $1,512
Exceptional $1,343

Minneapolis Auto Insurance Premiums By ZIP Code

Always be aware that the rate of Minneapolis car insurance can vary by ZIP Code. Be ready to pay a higher insurance rate if you live in an area with a high rate of crime and theft and uninsured motorists. Therefore, if you live in a community where people don't get along, insurers may view you as a high risk to insure. It could result in higher rates than those of a friend who lives nearby.

These are some Minneapolis car insurance rates based on ZIP Codes.

ZIP Code Average Annual Rate
55410 $1,591
55450 $1,628
55419 $1,687
55417 $1,702
55418 $1,796
55401 $1,912
55402 $1,898
55403 $1,918
55404 $1,961
55405 $1,897

Auto insurance in Minneapolis: Minimum insurance requirement in Minnesota

Because Minnesota is a no-fault state, drivers injured in an accident must file a claim with their insurer, regardless of who was at fault. That's why Personal injury protection (PIP), the insurance covering medical bills and related costs, is required for all drivers in Minnesota. In addition, it is legal for Minnesota residents to use their smartphones, tablets, and other electronic devices to show evidence of insurance.

All drivers possessing car insurance in Minneapolis must have the following coverage levels.

  • Bodily injury liability per person - $30,000
  • Bodily injury liability per accident - $60,000
  • Property damage liability per accident - $10,000
  • Personal injury protection - $40,000 for a person for every accident, $20,000 for hospital and medical costs, and $20,000 for other costs.
  • Underinsured/uninsured motorist bodily injury coverage: $25,000 if one person gets injured and $50,000 if two or more persons get injured.

Useful Info For Driving In Minneapolis

It is the biggest city in the state, with more than a population of 400,000. So, it is fair always to expect decent traffic on the roads. Here is some info that will assist you while driving in the city.

  • Minnesota's three main interstate highways are the I-35, I-90, and I-94. A diversion from I-35 takes drivers from Duluth to Superior, Wisconsin.
  • I-35 splits into I-35W via Minneapolis and I-35E through St. Paul in the Twin Cities. I-94 features two loop routes, Interstate 494 and Interstate 694, which form a beltway around the Twin Cities. It also has one offshoot, Interstate 394, which runs from Minneapolis to the western suburbs.
  • Interregional corridors include US Routes 2, 8, 10, 14, 52, 53, 61, 63, 169, and 212, and Minnesota State Highways 23, 34, 36, 60, 210, and 371, are a group of roads that contain interstate highways.
  • US Routes 12, 59, 71, and 75, as well as many state highways, are regional corridors that see less traffic.

Auto Theft Statistics in Minneapolis

Unfortunately, the city has a much higher auto theft rate than the state average. In 2019, there were around 2,900 auto thefts in the city. The auto theft rate was 672.8 per 100,000 persons, higher than the state average and the national average rate of 219. So, while buying car insurance in Minneapolis, buying one with comprehensive coverage is always better. It will give you ample protection if your car gets stolen.

Minneapolis theft rate (per 100,000 persons) United States theft rate (per 100,000 persons)
672.8 219

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Accident Statistics in Minneapolis

In 2019, around 20 vehicles were involved in fatal accidents in the city. On the other hand, 22 persons were involved in fatal accidents, causing 12 fatalities. Additionally, there were three fatal accidents involving drunk persons, and eight pedestrians were involved in fatal accidents in Minneapolis.

Car Insurance Companies in Minneapolis, MN

Are you looking for the best car insurance in Minneapolis? For that, you need to get multiple car insurance quotes in Minneapolis, compare, and buy the one with the cheapest quote. In addition, our car insurance agents in Minneapolis can help you understand the state's most complicated insurance laws and terms, coverages, and discounts. So if you're looking to buy the best car insurance in Minneapolis, get in touch with our car insurance agents.

These are a few of the city's major insurance companies.

The General USAA
AAA Farmers
State Farm Auto-Owners
American Family Safeco
Progressive Amica
Nationwide Dairyland
West Bend Mercury
Direct Auto  

Driving Conditions in Minneapolis

  • Driving conditions are good.
  • Minneapolis traffic is not hard to navigate.
  • On average, there are 112 rainy days per year. Rain averages 32 inches.
  • Snowfall averages almost 52 inches.

Auto Insurance Data Methodology

The auto insurance rates published in this guide are based on the results of research completed by’s data team. Using a mix of public and internal data, we analyzed millions of rate averages across U.S. ZIP codes.

Quotes are typically based on a full coverage policy average unless otherwise noted within the content.

These rates were publicly sourced from insurer filings and should be used for comparative purposes only — your own quotes will differ. Given this, it’s important to go through our insurance steps form to find how much you can save with


How much is car insurance in Minneapolis?

On average, car insurance in Minneapolis costs you around $1,665. It is higher than the state and national averages.

How much is car insurance per month in Minneapolis?

On average, Minneapolis car insurance costs around $138.75 monthly.

Learn more by city and state for car insurance

Learn more by city and state for car insurance

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