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Finding the right auto insurance for your car is always a challenging task. As a result, many drivers look to insure their car and home under the same company. Encompass is one company that offers affordable insurance via its EncompassOne Policy, which combines coverage for your car, home, and personal belongings under one policy.

Three tiers - Elite, Deluxe, and Special - offer policyholders a single price and deductible for all of their insurance. These tiers have distinct policy features, limits, and add-on coverage options. So, how much does an Encompass car insurance cost? What are its advantages and disadvantages? How are the Encompass insurance reviews?

Our review on Encompass car insurance will give you a detailed view of their coverages and discounts!

Pros and Cons

The car insurance rates for young drivers are competitive. Not suitable for older drivers looking for a discounted insurance policy.
It is good for customers who like to bundle their insurance policies. Their service is not available in all states.
The insurer offers several levels of coverage and numerous discounts. Customers can't file their claims online as they don't have a portal. Instead, you need to file claims via phone or in person.
The Elite coverage level in EncompassOne Policy offers unlimited accident forgiveness. So, your premiums won't surge after at-fault accidents. Encompass doesn't provide a smartphone app-based usage-based discount program or an online quote tool, both of which are available from other large insurers.
It has a good reputation for handling customer complaints. Unavailability of rideshare insurance.

Encompass Auto Insurance Coverages

You get all the standard coverages a driver needs when you buy Encompass car insurance. It includes the following.

Encompass provides standard auto policies and coverage choices in addition to integrated insurance plans that cover your car, home, and goods. Similar to its stand-alone plans, the 'EncompassOne' policy offer three levels of coverage: special, deluxe, and elite. The range of coverage varies per state.

Are you looking for additional coverages? Then, Encompass car insurance offers you these coverages, providing you with a higher level of protection.

Coverage What it means
Accident forgiveness No premium increase occurs after an accident where you were at fault.
Roadside assistance It offers protection when you get stranded on the side of the road, such as dead batteries, towing, and other emergencies.
New car replacement It covers the cost of buying a new car of the same model year if your new car gets totaled.
Rental car reimbursement It covers the rate of a rental car while your car is under repair. Higher coverage tiers offer more amount for rental car reimbursement.
Loan/Lease gap coverage Pay the difference to your lessor or lender if your car gets totaled while you still make payments.
New original equipment manufacturer parts The coverage ensures you get original components if your car needs maintenance.
Auto insurance for teens Suppose you're buying car insurance for your teenager. In that case, you probably have questions about how adding a newly licensed driver to your current policy would impact it. Though your premium will increase, there are things you may do to decrease the effect.

Encompass Average Auto Insurance Rates

A driver must pay around $2,652 for Encompass car insurance. The drivers' rates eventually differ based on their driving records, credit ratings, ages, and the states and cities where they reside. The auto insurance rate also varies depending on the deductibles you choose, the sort of car you drive, if you qualify for any discounts and other factors.

Encompass doesn't offer an option for online quotes. So, drivers who want an accurate car insurance quote must contact one of Encompass's independent agents.

Encompass Auto Insurance for Drivers with a Speeding Ticket

  Average Premium for Drivers
with a Speeding Ticket
Encompass $2,364
National Average $2040

Encompass Auto Insurance for Drivers with a DUI

  Average Premium for Drivers
with a DUI
Encompass $9,312
National Average $2,889

Encompass Auto Insurance for Drivers Who Caused an At-Fault Accident

  Average Premium for Drivers
with a DUI
Encompass $2,676
National Average $2,739

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Encompass Average Insurance Cost by State

The cost of Encompass car insurance varies by location. Based on factors like crime rate, population, weather, and climate, Encompass evaluates risk levels. The insurer operates in 40 states. However, Encompass car insurance isn't available in these states - Florida, Alaska, Hawaii, Mississippi, Massachusetts, North Carolina, North Dakota, Montana, South Dakota, and Wyoming.

The following are the insurance rates in some of the states.

State Encompass car insurance rate
Arizona $1,584
Colorado $2,904
Connecticut $4,164
Delaware $3,840
Georgia $1,992
Illinois $1,260
Indiana $876
Kansas $3,036
Kentucky $5,592
Louisiana $6,072
Maryland $1,848
Michigan $2,256
Minnesota $6,204
Missouri $1,476
Nevada $4,284
New Hampshire $852
New Jersey $2,784
New Mexico $2,616
New York $2,076
Ohio $1,296
Oregon $2,460
Pennsylvania $1,716
Rhode Island $5,184
South Carolina $2,040
Tennessee $1,536
Texas $1,536
Utah $5,064
Virginia $1,152
Washington $2,244
West Virginia $1,164
Wisconsin $1,548

Encompass Auto Insurance Discounts

Encompass car insurance is attractive because they offer a range of discounts. They offer discounts for factors like home ownership and having children attending college. Additionally, your car has savings for defensive driving and special safety equipment.

If you're looking for an insurance policy, you should ask your agent about which discounts you qualify for. Discount totals and availability will vary based on your location.

Discounts Available What It Means
Defensive driver You complete a defensive driving course that Encompass has approved.
Encompass Easy Pay You'll receive a discount if you use the Encompass Easy Pay plan to make automatic bill payments.
Safe driver A covered motorist on your insurance hasn't been involved in an accident in the last year.
New Car Your car has only ever had you as its owner.
Future effective date Get your insurance coverage issued at least a week before it takes effect.
Anti-lock brakes Your car has a two- or four-wheel anti-lock braking system.
Good payer The discount is included when you purchased your coverage and kept if you make all of your payments promptly for a full year.
Anti-theft Your car features anti-theft measures, including active locks and VIN etching.
Passive restraint system You'll get this discount if your car has airbags or motorized automatic belt restraints.
Driving training Drivers aged below who have completed a driver education program and have at least one year of proven driving experience.
Resident student Suppose a student lives at least 100 miles away from school and doesn't frequently use a car. In that case, they are eligible for discounted coverage.
Homeowner You'll get a discount if you own a home, mobile home, condo, or townhouse.
Good student A student driver who is insured has a B average or higher.

Encompass Auto Insurance Customer Satisfaction

For our Encompass car insurance review, we also considered the business' online reputation, testimonials, and track record of customer support. Overall, customers seem to be satisfied with Encompass insurance's customer service. Also, there aren't many customer complaints. So, customers are generally satisfied with how the company handles customer complaints.

However, some customers reviewed that the insurance premiums are costlier than they looked for. Also, some customers opined that the insurance policy is not that good for high-end cars as they have limitations on repair costs. Summary

Encompass customers generally receive good service for auto and homeowners insurance. The company, backed by Allstate, has an A+ rating from AM Best and Better Business Bureau (BBB). So, if you're a customer, you never have to worry about claims payout, as the company has great financial strength.

One major issue is that drivers cannot make claims or request quotes online. However, Encompass sells plans through independent agents and directs drivers to in-person claims offices if they need to submit a claim. So it can be a decent option for those who prefer a more traditional method. While there is an Encompass mobile app for roadside assistance, it doesn't appear to have an all-in-one smartphone app like other insurers.

The Encompass website isn't as simple and user-friendly as other insurance company websites. However, drivers who want to combine auto insurance with home and other personal property or valuables coverage to save money find Encompass car insurance the most attractive. Although coverage tends to be more expensive, several discounts can lower insurance costs. So, whether Encompass offers adequate auto coverage depends on factors like your driving record and insurance requirements. You can evaluate all of your possibilities by shopping around for auto insurance.

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About Encompass Auto Insurance

Encompass insurance is a part of the Allstate Insurance Company. One of the biggest names in personal property and casualty insurance, it is offered through a nationwide network of more than 6,500 independent agent offices.

Founded in 1897, the business that would later become Encompass changed its name to Encompass Insurance Company in the 1990s. The company's main office is in Northfield Township, Illinois, close to Northbrook. The company sells its insurance in 40 states.

Encompass also provides stand-alone house and auto insurance, personal umbrella insurance, lifestyle endorsements, home business insurance, motorcycle insurance, RV insurance, boat and watercraft insurance, and identity theft protection in addition to the EncompassOne Policy.

Contact Details

Type of Contact Contact
Home Office 3100 Sanders Road Suite K4 Northbrook,
IL 60062
Customer Service 240-289-3200
Claims Support 800-588-7400

Auto Insurance Data Methodology

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Quotes are typically based on a full coverage policy average unless otherwise noted within the content.

These rates were publicly sourced from insurer filings and should be used for comparative purposes only — your own quotes will differ. Given this, it’s important to go through our insurance steps form to find how much you can save with

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