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State Farm is, as of now, the largest private auto insurance company in the United States. They also sell a wide range of other insurance and financial products through State Farm Insurance agents. State Farm may be the best fit for you if you're looking for a well-known brand with a wide range of products and competitive prices.

State Farm holds a high position among its competitors as the car insurance company with the most significant market share across the country. State Farm is also one of the most financially stable insurance companies. Simply because of this, it is one of the best car insurance companies in the country.

We at will go over insurance coverage options, discount options, and more in this State Farm car insurance review to help you determine if this insurance company is right for you. It's essential to compare quotes from the best car insurance companies to receive the best rates, regardless of which provider you choose. This holds truewhether you're searching for usage-based or classic car insurance.

Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Rental car and travel insurance Not a cheap car insurance
Variety of discounts available Certain coverage and discounts are available in select states
The company is financially stable No discounts for military personnel

Unique State Farm Auto Insurance Features

State Farmdoes have several features that set them apart from other car insurance companies. It's important noticing what State Farm does differently.

Features What it means
Drive Safe & Save This mileage-based tool determines discounts depending on your driving habits, such as smooth acceleration and braking.
Steer Clear Program Enroll in this program to save 20% on your premiums. If you complete five modules in six months of starting, you will be eligible for discounts.

State Farm Auto Insurance Coverage

Rideshare Insurance - This insurance protects you while driving for Lyft or Uber in three situations:

  • When your app is turned on and ready for hire.
  • When you match with a passenger.
  • When you transport the passenger.

Property damage, liability, uninsured motorist, and rental car benefits are all possible coverage options.

Mechanical breakdown insurance - Mechanical labor at the breakdown site, locksmith labor if your key is lost, stolen, or locked in your car, emergency gasoline delivery, oil delivery, battery delivery, and flat tire changes are all covered under this service.

Emergency road service - When your State Farm Roadside Assistance coverage is confirmed, you won't have to pay anything upfront because State Farm will bill you directly for basic services.

Accident forgiveness - Customers who have been with State Farm for nine years and have a clean driving record are eligible for accident forgiveness. This function shields you from higher insurance premiums by removing your first at-fault accident from your driving record.

Glass coverage - Depending on the degree of the damage, State Farm will cover both windshield repairs and replacements. Your deductible may apply.

Rental reimbursement - For people who don't have rental coverage or have extremely large deductibles, this covers the cost of a rental up to a specified amount. State Farm will reimburse your deductible up to $500 if you have an accident in a rented car. If you are more than 50 miles from home, you can also get travel expense coverage, which pays for food, transportation, and accommodation up to $500.

To understand types of auto insurance coverage in detail, check

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State Farm Auto Insurance Coverage Limits

In our analysis, drivers with low coverage paid an average of $1092, while those with medium coverage paid $1173. Compared to national averages, each of these levels of coverage represents a 13 percent savings.

State Farm's average rate for drivers with a high level of coverage is $1263, which is 10% less than the national average of roughly $1400 for this group. Another set of data suggests that State Farm may save money for many clients.

Low Coverage: Liability limits set by the state.

Medium Coverage:

Amount of coverage Purpose of coverage
$50000/$100000 Liability for bodily injury
Liability for bodily injury caused by an uninsured motorist
Liability for bodily injury caused by an underinsured motorist
Amount of coverage Purpose of coverage
$50000 Liability for property damage
Property damage responsibility for uninsured motorists
Property damage responsibility for underinsured motorists

High coverage:

Amount of coverage Purpose of coverage
$100000/$300000 Liability for bodily injury
Liability for bodily injury caused by an uninsured motorist
Liability for bodily injury caused by an underinsured motorist
Amount of coverage Purpose of coverage
$100000 Liability for property damage
Property damage responsibility for uninsured motorists
Property damage responsibility for underinsured motorists

State Farm Auto Insurance Rates

You can get free car insurance quotes for yourself when you enter your personal details. Among the best car insurance companies, State Farm provides some of the most affordable car insurance quotes. In our survey, only USAA had lower rates. State Farm's overall average rate of $1173 is a 33% increase over USAA's average rate of $882. However, it is still much below the national average of $1326.

The average rate for State Farm is just around 6% higher than the average rate for USAA, which is $1110. With an average rate of $1797, Allstate is the most expensive car insurance company in our analysis, up 52% from State Farm's average rate.

State Farm car insurance rates by age

  • State Farm Rates for Teen Drivers - State Farm car insurance is not the best car insurance for students. By far, thehighest car insurance rates for any age group in our analysis are paid by teen drivers (or, more practically, their parents). On the other hand, State Farm is one of the better options, with premiums up to 15% lower than the national average.
Age Bracket and Gender Rates
<18 or 18-year-old female driver $2994
<18 or 18-year-old male driver $3669
  • State Farm Rates for Young Adults - Regardless of which insurance provider we looked at, drivers under 25 had the highest premiums in our analysis. However, State Farm did not penalize this demographic too heavily. The average fee for State Farm car insurance for women is $1269, while the average charge for men is $1404. This is a 10% to 15% reduction in these rates compared to national averages.
Age Bracket and Gender Rates
<25 or 25-year-old female driver $1269
<25 or 25-year-old male driver $1404
  • State Farm Rates for Seniors - State Farm is only second to USAA in offering reduced rates to senior policyholders. This age group has lower car insurance prices, and State Farm is a wonderful option for these drivers.
Age Bracket and Gender Rates
60-year-old female driver $1044
60-year-old male driver $1044

State Farm car insurance rates by coverage

Type of Drivers Progressive Insurance annual rates
Good Drivers $1173
Drivers with a speeding ticket $1305
Drivers who cause at-fault accidents $1410
Drivers with a DUI $1575
Drivers caught without Insurance $1773

State Farm Car Insurance for Good Drivers - State Farm's inexpensive rates are a viable option for drivers with a clean driving record. Except for USAA, our research demonstrates that this group of policyholders saves more than the national average and every competitor in our analysis.

State Farm Car Insurance for Drivers with a Speeding Ticket - Avoid speeding if you want to save money on auto insurance. Check out State Farm if it's too late for that. According to our research, State Farm has the second-lowest average rate for this category, after USAA, and it's only a small increase above State Farm's study rate for good drivers.

State Farm Car Insurance for Drivers Who Caused an Accident with Injury - For drivers who have had one accident, State Farm is an excellent option. Except for USAA, our research showed a lower rate than the national average and lower than every other firm in our rankings.

State Farm Car Insurance for Drivers with a DUI - Even though most car insurance companies in our analysis severely punish DUI drivers, this group can perform better with State Farm than most competitors. When compared to the national average rate for this category, State Farm's average premium for drivers with this type of offense is the lowest we found, saving drivers roughly 26%.

State Farm Car Insurance for Drivers Caught Without Insurance - Car insurance companies aren't happy withcustomers who have gaps in their coverage. State Farm will charge you around $600 annually if you are caught driving without auto insurance.

State Farm Average Insurance Cost By State

The states with the lowest minimum vehicle insurance premiums are Iowa, South Dakota, Hawaii, Wyoming, and Alaska. These states are some of the cheapest areas to reside for car insurance if you care about living in a state with low auto insurance costs.

States Rates
Iowa $363
South Dakota $429
Hawaii $483
Wyoming $492
Alaska $492

The top five most costly states for car insurance are Michigan, Florida, Rhode Island, Kentucky, and Louisiana. The reasons for these costs differ from state to state, but drivers in these states pay some of the highest vehicle insurance premiums in the country.

States Rates
Michigan $5288
Florida $2571
Rhode Island $1596
Kentucky $1341
Louisiana $1335

State Farm Auto Insurance Discounts

When obtaining a State Farm car insurance quotation, you may be eligible for numerous discounts based on criteria such as your driving record and policy type. Anti-theft, multiple vehicles, car insurance, safe driving, and car safety discounts are among them.

The following are the discounts available to customers:

  • Discount for no mishaps (maintain a clean record for three years)
  • Discount for safe driving using an app
  • Discount on a defensive driving course
  • Student discounts are available.
  • For new drivers, there is a discount on driver instruction.
  • Discount for students who are away at school
  • Discount for several policies
  • Specific makes and models from 1994 and later are eligible for a car safety rebate.
  • Discount for airbag
  • Discount for anti-theft systems

State Farm offers several discounts to help you save money on your insurance. The Drive Safe & Save initiative collects driving data through an app to determine your personalized rate.

Steer Clear, an app-based safe driving education for policyholders under 25, is available to younger drivers with a clean driving record. Other discounts, such as rate reductions for at least three accident-free years in a row and up to a 25% discount for students who obtain outstanding grades, are typical in the sector. Remember that discounts vary by state, and customers or potential customers should always check with the company to see whether they are eligible.

State Farm Customer Feedback and Satisfaction Report

According to some State Farm customers, one flaw is the insurance's perceived value. Yet, it still scored well for customer satisfaction with available discounts and the use of effective driver tracking to cut prices. Others remarked on the increased rates associated with having a bad credit history. High premiums are one of the most prevalent concerns about State Farm. Summary

State Farm's quotes and shopping experiences are the finest compared with other big car insurance companies. During our research, we found that the online quote method from State Farm is simple to use.

Standard car insurance coverage is handled using the online quote system. But, you will need to contact a State Farm Insurance agent if you want coverage for a classic car or an ATV. The customers in 11 geographic regions across the United States gave an overwhelming thumbs up to the overall services of State Farm. These regions include Florida, New York, and the Northwest of the United States.

About State Farm Car Insurance

State Farm has been in business for more than a century and is now one of the country's most well-known car insurance companies. State Farm is the biggest private passenger auto insurer in the United States. It also sells a wide range of other insurance and financial products through State Farm agents. State Farm may be the best fit for you if you're looking for a well-known brand with a wide range of products and competitive prices.

As one of the country's oldest insurers, State Farm offers auto insurance with various discount alternatives. Parents of teen drivers may be particularly pleased to learn that safe driver programs and incentives are available to them.

Several drivers prefer to work with local insurance agents, and State Farm has over 19,000 representatives nationwide, except for Massachusetts and Rhode Island. This means there's a strong likelihood you'll be able to locate a State Farm Insurance agent near you.

State Farm has an AM Best financial strength rating of A++, indicating that it can readily meet its claims commitments.

State Farm Ventures was founded in late 2018 to invest in businesses that develop technology and solutions to improve customer happiness.

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A Brief History of State Farm

In 1922, G.J. Mecherle started State Farm and sold auto insurance plans. Based in Bloomington, Illinois, the company focuses on basic coverage and policies for rideshare drivers and owners of higher-end cars. State Farm is offered in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. State Farm began as a single-line vehicle insurance firm and has expanded to include more than 100 products and services across five industries.

Since its inception, State Farm has been the largest car insurance in the United States. State Farm wrote $40.4 billion in private passenger auto insurance premiums in 2020, according to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC), accounting for 16.2% of the market.

State Farm's Charitable Causes

State Farm has established various charitable organizations to assist communities and individuals in need. The following are some of State Farm's affiliates:

The Neighborhood of Good: The Neighborhood of Good is an organization that allows people to volunteer for causes in their communities that they care about.

The Good Neighbor Citizenship Company Grants: These firms provide funding to groups that make communities safer, stronger, and more educated.

State Farm Companies Foundation: The State Farm Companies Foundation is a non-profit that supports important initiatives, scholarships, and associate-directed activities. Grants to encourage volunteerism and matching gifts to non-profit organizations and two- and four-year colleges and universities are just a few examples.

State Farm partners with a range of groups to promote auto and home safety, in addition to giving back to the community. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, the Governors Highway Safety Association, Mothers Against Drunk Driving, the National Fire Protection Association, the Federal Alliance for State Homes, and Safe Kids Worldwide are just a few of these groups.

Auto Insurance Data Methodology

The auto insurance rates published in this guide are based on the results of research completed by’s data team. Using a mix of public and internal data, we analyzed millions of rate averages across U.S. ZIP codes.

Quotes are typically based on a full coverage policy average unless otherwise noted within the content.

These rates were publicly sourced from insurer filings and should be used for comparative purposes only — your own quotes will differ. Given this, it’s important to go through our insurance steps form to find how much you can save with

Frequently Asked Questions

Is State Farm a good insurance company?

According to our prices analysis and customer satisfaction survey, State Farm is a decent auto insurance company for most drivers. State Farm comes in second place in our Best Car Insurance Companies rating, just behind USAA, thanks to their mix of reasonable rates and excellent customer service.

How to cancel State Farm Insurance?

You can call 800-STATEFARM for car insurance cancellations. Cancellations made over the phone are usually effective right away, but you can schedule them for a later date. When you cancel or alter your auto insurance, many states need you to notify the DMV, but check your state's standards or ask your agent if this is required.

Does State Farm offer gap insurance?

State Farm does not provide gap insurance, but it does have a feature called Payoff Protector, available to anyone who has a car loan from a State Farm bank (a joint venture with US Bank).

How much is State Farm car insurance?

Drivers with low coverage paid an average of $1092, while those with medium coverage paid $1173. State Farm's average rate for drivers with a high level of coverage is $1263.

What does State Farm full coverage auto insurance cover?

Liability, comprehensive, and collision coverage are usually included. If you are in an accident, collision and comprehensive insurance will protect you and your car, and liability insurance will cover any harm you may cause to others.

Is State Farm Insurance cheap?

State Farm is the lowest-priced car insurance company for the majority of customers. Liability-only policies cost $603 annually, while full-coverage plans cost $1596. State Farm had the cheapest coverage in ten states, second only to USAA.

What does renters insurance cover State Farm?

Renters insurance protects your belongings, and most landlords' insurance only covers the structure and damages caused by negligence. Whether or not you get coverage for some of the most common causes of property damage and loss, such as theft, vandalism, and fire, is entirely up to you. You might have to suffer the financial burden of a loss on your own if you don't have renters insurance.

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