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Key Takeaways

  • If you drive a Genesis, you should anticipate significantly higher auto insurance premiums. The average monthly cost of insuring a Genesis car is $1851. That is 17% higher than the average cost of auto insurance!
  • Although the average annual cost to insure a Genesis is $1851, the model you drive can significantly impact the pricing.
  • If you are in the market for a new insurance provider, can offer you comparative estimates in less than a minute. In addition, will handle all the paperwork and phone calls and can even help you cancel your old insurance policy!


Genesis, one of the more recent premium car brands, is a subsidiary of Hyundai Motor Group. The purchase price of a Genesis exceeds the typical MSRP. Similarly, Genesis auto insurance is anything but inexpensive.

On average, Genesis insurance costs $1851 per year.

Given that this is 17% higher than the average cost of auto insurance in the United States, it is prudent to compare policies. According to our research, allied and American Families offer some of the lowest prices for Genesis.

Where can I find cheap Genesis Insurance?

The preference for luxury exhibited by Genesis drivers is evident in their choice of car. However, does this luxury car result in expensive auto insurance premiums?

The brief answer is "yes."

With, comparing auto insurance quotes from over a hundred companies takes only minutes, guaranteeing that you find the best coverage for your Genesis at the most affordable price.

As a driver of a Genesis, you will certainly spend far more than the average driver for auto insurance.

Even though auto insurance prices can add up quickly for any car, we can help you find the best rate by comparing different premiums. As a result, you can narrow down your options to the best deal available in a few minutes.

Today, we will examine Genesis' model-specific average car insurance prices. In addition, you will find a breakdown of which insurance providers offer the lowest average prices for Genesis drivers.

Here are the essentials of Genesis auto insurance.

Models included in this review

Here is a breakdown of the average insurance premiums for Genesis cars.


The Genesis G80 is a beautiful, roomy sedan with all the bells and whistles you'd expect. With an average monthly premium of $156, the G80 has the cheapest auto insurance rates on this list. Although this is much higher than the average for all vehicles, it is significantly less than the average Genesis insurance premium.


The G70 from Genesis is another four-door vehicle. On average, insurance premiums for a Genesis G70 are approximately $201 per month.


Genesis G90 has the highest insurance premium on this list. However, when you consider that this car's MSRP begins at $74950, this is not that shocking. In general, a more expensive car will require a higher insurance premium.

Pay an average of $258 monthly for auto insurance when driving a G90. That expense will quickly accumulate! However, you may conclude that the premium sedan's price is justified.


The GV80 will not let down GV80 Drivers seeking a luxury SUV. The powerful SUV's all-terrain capabilities will allow you to extend your pleasant journey. In addition, travel with confidence, knowing that your car has superior safety features.

If you drive a GV80, you can anticipate paying an average of $219 monthly for auto insurance.


The GV70 is an excellent choice. This SUV has a package of safety features that complement its luxurious appointments. In addition, there are additional conveniences, such as a fingerprint reader that allows you to start your car.

Expect to pay $198 monthly for auto insurance if you want to drive this high-tech automobile.

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How much does Genesis Insurance cost?

The more expensive a car is, the higher its insurance will be. As Genesis is Hyundai's luxury division, it will be more expensive to insure than its more cheap siblings.

Genesis auto insurance costs an average of $1851 annually. The annual rates range from $1731 for a Genesis G70 to $2097 for a Genesis G90.

Compared to the national average car insurance rate in the United States, which is $1557 per year, Genesis cars average an additional $294 per year.

Average Insurance Cost for Genesis Cars

Model Annual Cost
Genesis G70 $1731
Genesis G80 $1842
Genesis G90 $2097
Genesis GV70 $1752
Genesis GV80 $1833

Genesis Car Insurance Cost vs Top Luxury Competitors

Genesis cars competes in the luxury and sport utility vehicle markets. Due to the higher sticker price of luxury cars, car insurance will typically be more expensive than non-luxury cars.

Genesis Car Insurance Cost vs. Popular Automotive Brands

Compared to some of its luxury competitors, the average annual cost of car insurance for Genesis models is 3.9% more expensive than for Acura, 11.9% less expensive than for Audi, 5% less expensive than for Infiniti, 0.8% more expensive than for Lexus, 13.4% less expensive than for Mercedes-Benz, and 10.4% more expensive than for Volvo.

It is also helpful to know how Genesis compares to non-luxury brands like Ford, Honda, and even Kia, the Korean parent company of Genesis.

Genesis insurance prices tend to be comparable or even cheaper compared to other comparable luxury brands. If you're comparing insurance costs for comparable cars, here are the premiums for different brands:

Brand Average Annual Cost Brand Average Annual Cost
Acura $1791 Kia $1530
Audi $2097 Land Rover $1896
BMW $2127 Lexus $1836
Cadillac $1680 Lincoln $1731
Chevrolet $1560 Mazda $1419
Dodge $2037 Mercedes-Benz $2139
Ford $1557 Mitsubishi $1635
GMC $1659 Nissan $1638
Honda $1470 Subaru $1479
Hyundai $1548 Tesla $1992
Infiniti $1938 Toyota $1566
Jaguar $1989 Volkswagen $1503
Jeep $1695 Volvo $1680

Full coverage vs. minimum coverage for your Genesis

The majority of states have minimum liability coverage requirements. If you cause an accident, liability insurance will protect other drivers and their property.

Typical minimum liability coverage includes:

Coverage type Protection offered
Bodily injury liability Pays for the expenses related to the injuries you caused to others.
Property damage liability Pays for costs linked with the damage you cause to the cars or property of others.

Some jurisdictions require uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage to cover your damages in case of an accident with an uninsured/underinsured driver.

Personal injury protection (PIP) may be required in some areas, as it helps pay for medical expenditures, particularly in no-fault states.

It is usually a good idea to carry extra insurance than your state requires, especially if you drive a fancy vehicle like a Genesis.

Comprehensive insurance policies will safeguard you in case of excessive medical expenses or severe car damage.

Typical comprehensive insurance policies include:

Coverage type Protection offered
Collision coverage Costs related to collisions with another car or object are covered.
Comprehensive coverage Covers damages caused by events other than collisions, such as weather, theft, or vandalism.

Average annual insurance premiums for a Genesis are $2250 for minimal coverage and $3042 for comprehensive coverage. Considering all makes and models, the average annual price for minimum auto insurance in the United States is $1638, and the annual rate for full coverage is $2310.

Other car insurance coverage for Genesis

When selecting a car, there are numerous factors to consider. For example, choosing the correct safety features might significantly impact your auto insurance premiums. Typically, your premiums will decrease if your car has more safety features.

Consider the following safety features while purchasing a Genesis:

  • Safe exit assist: This safety feature will use radar to detect any cars or pedestrians in your blind zones.
  • Reverse parking collision-avoidance assist: When reversing, your Genesis will assist you in avoiding collisions with pedestrians and other obstructions.
  • Blind spot collision avoidance assist: When changing lanes, your Genesis will alert you if it detects an oncoming car in the blind spot.
  • In addition, the car may use the brakes as necessary.
  • Evasive steering assist: With omnidirectional sensors, the vehicle's evasive steering assist will help you avoid crashes with any objects in your lane.

In addition to these factors, your driving record can affect your auto insurance premiums. By practicing safe driving, you may reduce your auto insurance premiums.

What impacts your insurance costs for Genesis?

In addition to the car's model, age, and insurance type, insurers will also examine your demographics and other factors when determining your premiums.

Car Insurance Companies

Your demographics, geography, and driving record calculate your insurance prices. However, each insurance company weighs these characteristics differently, resulting in varying premiums.

Car Insurance Company Annual Rates
Travelers $2577
Safeco $3111
National General $3120
Nationwide $3168
Allstate $3471
Progressive $3597
Dairyland $3957

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The model of your car might have a significant impact on your insurance prices. For example, selecting a compact car such as the G70 will lower insurance prices than a huge full-size sedan such as the G90.

However, even for the same model, insurance costs can differ.

Most models provide a variety of trim levels with varying luxury amenities and extras. However, a higher trim may also incur higher charges.


Your age and driving record assist insurance providers in determining your degree of experience and risk.

Young drivers have a higher accident rate than older drivers, making them high-risk motorists. Consequently, insurers will certainly boost premiums.

Driving Record

Additionally, drivers with violations on their driving records pay more. Infractions of lesser severity, such as driving under the influence and reckless driving, can have a major impact and cause your premiums to jump.

However, it's not all awful! Improving your driving habits and maintaining a spotless record will allow you to obtain lower premiums over time.

Place of Residence

Regarding insurance, location is important. Insurance companies use crime, accident, and natural catastrophe rates to assess the likelihood that you will file a claim. This means that costs for the same coverage might vary widely, even within the same county or state.

If your neighborhood has a high incidence of car thefts, collisions, or extreme weather, you will likely pay extra for auto insurance.

According to our research, cities including Arlington (VA), Havertown (PA), Lufkin (TX), Cleveland (TN), and Chantilly (VA) have a significant proportion of Genesis drivers. Irving (Texas) and Chantilly (Virginia) have the cheapest auto insurance rates for Genesis drivers. On the other hand, Jamaica and Queens (New York) have the most expensive auto insurance rates for Genesis for drivers.

The History of Genesis

Since 2015, Genesis Motors, a luxury branch of Hyundai Motor Group, has provided premium car options. Since then, drivers have appreciated the high-quality Genesis vehicles that have been produced.

How to get Genesis Insurance with

To find the best insurance company for Genesis, you should compare quotes from multiple suppliers.

Use if you'd rather delegate the laborious task of gathering quotes for your Genesis to someone else.

In less than 60 seconds, the app can collect estimates from more than a hundred of the nation's leading insurance providers and examine your existing coverage. will handle your preferred option's phone calls, paperwork, and renewals. We will even cancel your old coverage for you! In addition, we at will provide updated quotes whenever your insurance is up for renewal, ensuring you always have the coverage you desire at the most affordable rate.

Auto Insurance Data Methodology

The auto insurance rates published in this guide are based on the results of research completed by’s data team. Using a mix of public and internal data, we analyzed millions of rate averages across U.S. ZIP codes.

Quotes are typically based on a full coverage policy average unless otherwise noted within the content.

These rates were publicly sourced from insurer filings and should be used for comparative purposes only — your own quotes will differ. Given this, it’s important to go through our insurance steps form to find how much you can save with

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