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Key Takeaways

  • Full coverage insurance for a Kia models costs between $110 and $150 a month.
  • The average annual cost to insure a Kia is $1,522, which is 2.9% less than the average cost of car insurance in the U.S., which is $1,557.
  • The Kia Rio, Kia Sportage, and Kia Forte all have insurance costs in the middle of the range. The annual cost of insurance for these three models is $1,669, $1,500, $1,794.

KIA Insurance – Introduction

Kia is the second largest car company in South Korea. Kia has grown to the point where it can compete with Honda and Toyota, two of the biggest car companies in Japan. But how does Kia car insurance compare to insurance for other brands? Read to know more.

How much does it cost to insure a Kia?

If you drive a Kia, the average cost of insurance can vary a lot depending on the model and the company you get it from. Car insurance for a Kia cost about $1,522 a year, on average.

But if people shop around for insurance rates, many Kia drivers can pay much less than this. There are many reasons why one Kia model might be more expensive than another, such as a high manufacturer's suggested retail price (MSRP) and high repair costs.

For example, the Kia Soul EV is an electric car, and because it costs more to fix than a regular Kia Soul, it may cost more to insure than a regular Kia Soul. Also, insurance costs more for cars that have more horsepower or are more likely to be stolen.

Factors Affecting Insurance Rate

Crash rate stats per make/model

Most Kia cars are very safe, which can help keep insurance costs down. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety has named the Soul, Sorento, Sportage, and Telluride as Top Safety Picks (IIHS). The Soul and Sportage may have won safety pick awards because they have things like front crash prevention and LED projector headlights.

Price of parts

If you need to fix your Kia, most of the parts for the U.S.-made Telluride and Sorento are easy to find and don't have to be shipped from overseas. Some parts for other Kia models may need to come from South Korea. Most of the time, cars that are cheaper to fix are also cheaper to insure.

Safety features

Many Kia models come with forward collision warnings, lane departure alerts, vehicle stability management systems, and seatbelt pretensioners. These features can make it less likely or worse for an accident to happen, which can make insurance costs less.

Car insurance for a Kia: by model

Vehicle Model Average Annual Premium
Kia Cadenza $1,972
Kia Forte $1,794
Kia K900 $2,244
Kia Niro $1,686
Kia Optima $1,786
Kia Rio $1,669
Kia Sedona $1,552
Kia Sorento $1,647
Kia Soul $1,568
Kia Sportage $1,500

Car insurance for Kia Forte

With an MSRP of $19,090, the Kia Forte is one of the most popular sedans made by the company. Five different trim packages can be added to the Forte, so the buyer can choose the level of connectivity, technology, and performance they want.

Kia Forte car insurance Average annual premium
Minimum coverage $556
Full coverage $1,794

Car insurance for Kia Sedona

The Kia Sedona is the brand's minivan, and it will be made until 2021. In 2022, the $32,300 starting MSRP Kia Carnival will take its place. Even though it's a bigger car, the average cost of insurance for a Kia Sedona is less than the national average, according to data from a sample of rates.

Kia Sedona car insurance Average annual premium
Minimum coverage $512
Full coverage $1,552

Car insurance for Kia Sportage

One of the best-selling midsize SUVs from Kia is the Sportage. The MSRP for a new Sportage is $25,990, and there are seven trims to choose from. The Sportage gets high marks for safety, and if the optional projector headlights and front crash prevention are added to the 2022 models, the IIHS will give it a Top Safety Pick badge.

Kia Sportage car insurance Average annual premium
Minimum coverage $514
Full coverage $1,500

Car insurance for Kia Telluride

A popular SUV on the road is the Kia Telluride. The MSRP for the Telluride starts at $33,090, making it one of the most expensive Kia cars. You can choose from four trim levels, each with different safety and technology features.

Kia Telluride car insurance Average annual premium
Minimum coverage $526
Full coverage $1,748

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Car insurance for a Kia: by model - Company Wise

Kia Niro

Company Average Annual Premium
USAA $1,028
State Farm $1,256
Nationwide $1,352
Progressive $1,478
Allied $1,603
Allstate $1,892

Kia Soul EV

Company Average Annual Premium
USAA $1,205
Nationwide $1,393
State Farm $1,488
Progressive $1,520
Allied $1,936
Allstate $2,056

Is Kia car insurance expensive?

Kia car insurance is some of the least expensive you'll find. The only major car companies with lower insurance rates than Kia are Honda and Mazda. Compared to other Korean and Japanese brands, the average annual cost of insurance for a Kia is 1% less than for a Hyundai, 6.1% less than for a Nissan, 4% more than for a Honda, and 1.9% less than for a Toyota.

KIA Car Insurance Vs Top Competitors

Automotive Brand Insurance Cost Difference
Kia $1,522 --
Acura $1,774 $252
Audi $2,091 $569
BMW $2,117 $595
Cadillac $1,666 $144
Chevrolet $1,551 $29
Dodge $2,027 $505
Ford $1,550 $28
Genesis $1,843 $321
GMC $1,651 $129
Honda $1,466 -$60
Hyundai $1,541 $18
Infiniti $1,940 $418
Jeep $1,686 $164
Lexus $1,828 $306
Lincoln $1,722 $200
Mazda $1,411 -$111
Mercedes-Benz $2,129 $607
Mitsubishi $1,627 $105
Nissan $1,623 $101
Subaru $1,465 -$61
Tesla $1,978 $456
Toyota $1,554 $32
Volkswagen $1,493 -$33
Volvo $1,669 $147

What is the cheapest Kia car insurance?

For 2022 models, the Kia Seltos is the least expensive to insure.

Top five cheapest Kia vehicles to insure for 2022

  • Kia Seltos – Average annual insurance rate of $1,320
  • Kia Soul – Average annual insurance rate of $1,568
  • Kia Sorento – Average annual insurance rate of $1,647
  • Kia Niro – Average annual insurance rate of $1,686
  • Kia K5 – Average annual insurance rate of $1,698

Cheapest car insurance companies for Kias

Average annual premium for full coverage by model

Company Kia Forte Kia Sedona Kia Sportage Kia Telluride
Amica $1,333 $1,212 $1,229 $1,443
Erie $1,436 $1,406 $1,388 $1,611
State Farm $1,425 $1,368 $1,396 $1,468
USAA $1,103 $1,226 $1,113 $1,280

Kia Car insurance rates by state

State Average Annual Premium State Average Annual Premium
Alabama $1,772 Montana $1,599
Alaska $1,476 Nebraska $1,363
Arizona $1,668 Nevada $2,226
Arkansas $1,823 New Hampshire $1,555
California $2,025 New Jersey $1,699
Colorado $1,898 New Mexico $1,742
Connecticut $2,412 New York $1,675
Delaware $1,992 North Carolina $998
Florida $2,374 North Dakota $1,388
Georgia $1,946 Ohio $1,226
Hawaii $786 Oklahoma $1,945
Idaho $1,363 Oregon $1,776
Illinois $1,420 Pennsylvania $1,492
Indiana $1,462 Rhode Island $2,493
Iowa $1,164 South Carolina $1,696
Kansas $1,512 South Dakota $1,542
Kentucky $2,200 Tennessee $1,796
Louisiana $2,834 Texas $1,810
Maine $1,076 Utah $1,536
Maryland $1,736 Vermont $1,185
Massachusetts $1,395 Virginia $1,125
Michigan $3,346 Washington $1,472
Minnesota $1,382 West Virginia $1,488
Mississippi $1,668 Wisconsin $1,472
Missouri $1,586 Wyoming $1,388

Full coverage vs. minimum coverage for your Kia

Full Coverage

Coverage type Protection offered
Collision coverage Covers the costs associated with collisions with another vehicle or object
Comprehensive coverage Covers costs of damages from an event other than a collision, like a weather event, theft, or vandalism.

Minimum Coverage

Coverage type Protection offered
Bodily injury liability (per person and accident) Pays for the costs associated with the injuries you’ve caused to others
Property damage liability (per accident) Pays for the costs associated with the damage you cause to other people’s vehicles or property

Other car insurance coverage for a KIA

Kia owners can get a lot out of more types of car insurance than just the bare minimum. If the Kia is leased or financed, the driver may have to buy a full coverage policy that includes collision and comprehensive insurance.

Drivers may also want to think about gap insurance, which helps pay off your loan if your new car is totaled. Even if the driver owns the car outright, they may want to get more coverage to protect their finances in case of an accident.

Accident forgiveness can also be helpful if your car insurance company offers it. This means that if you cause an accident, your rate won't go up. Some drivers also like the peace of mind that comes with roadside assistance, which can help you get back on the road if you get a flat tyre, run out of gas, or lock yourself out of your car.

Kia features that impact insurance costs

  • Forward-collision warning system: Many Kia models can predict a crash before it happens with the help of cameras that are built into the car. If the driver doesn't use the brakes, the car can stop on its own to avoid a crash or make it less bad if one does happen.
  • Lane departure alerts: All new Kias come with a lane departure alert system that warns the driver if they start to drift out of their lane.
  • Airbags: All Kias come with a full set of airbags, including driver and passenger seat airbags, driver knee airbags, curtain airbags, and front and rear side airbags, which help protect the driver and passengers in all parts of the car.
  • LED projector headlights: Models and trim packages with optional LED projector headlights may have lower insurance rates than other models. LED projector headlights make it easier to see around corners and on straightaways. This lets the driver see further and more clearly to avoid obstacles.

What impacts your insurance costs for Kia

The model of Kia you drive

Most models come in different trim levels, which are essentially different versions of the same model with different features. If you raise the trim, your insurance costs might go up.

Trim level

Trim Features Recommended coverage Reason for coverage
Sedona LX Standard features for the base trim are 17-inch alloy wheels, automatic headlights, 7-inch touchscreen, and a six-speaker audio system. Towing and Labor coverage Towing and labor coverage will protect you if your Sedona ever breaks down on the road.
Sedona SXL The most luxe trim available for the Sedona—with selectable drive modes, a heated steering wheel, and eight-speaker audio system. Sound system coverage With the availability for system upgrades, sound system coverage will protect you if your updated audio equipment gets stolen.

Your insurance company

Each insurance company has its own way of figuring out how much premiums should be. This means that even if you ask different insurance companies for the same coverage, you'll probably get a wide range of quotes.

You should probably get quotes from more than one insurance company to find the best policy and price.

Almost every insurance company now offers online quotes, which means you can go to their website, fill out a form, and get an estimate. But if you've done this before, you know how time-consuming and boring it can be.

Your age

Your age is one of the main things' insurers look at when deciding how much to charge you for insurance.

Younger drivers tend to get into more accidents and pay more for insurance because of this. On the other hand, older drivers with more experience shouldn't have to pay as much because they aren't as much of a high-risk driver.

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Your driving record

Insurance companies also take traffic violations into account when figuring out prices. If you have a minor ticket for speeding or failing to stop, your insurance cost may go up a little.

The worst violations, like a DUI or driving recklessly, have a much bigger effect on your rates and can stay on your record for a long time. Your insurance rates are likely to go down if you get better at driving and keep a clean record in the future.

The History of KIA

Kia Corporation was started in May 1944, making it the oldest car company in Korea. Kia started out small by making bicycles and motorcycles. Now, as part of the dynamic, global Hyundai-Kia Automotive Group, it has grown to become the fifth largest car company in the world.

Today, Kia makes and assembles more than 1.4 million cars every year at 14 factories and plants in eight countries. Through a network of more than 3,000 distributors and dealers in 172 countries, these cars are sold and serviced. The Corporation has more than 40,000 employees and more than US$17 billion in sales every year.

Assembly plants

Kia has three major vehicle assembly plants in its "home" country of South Korea: Hwasung, Sohari, and Kwangju. It also has a world-class research and development center with 8,000 technicians at Namyang and a separate environmental research and development center.

The Eco-Technology Research Institute, which is close to Seoul, is working on hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles for the future as well as cutting-edge technologies and processes for recycling old vehicles. Kia spends 6% of its annual sales on research and development (R&D), and it also has research centers in the US, Japan, and Germany.

KIA Current Market Stats

Kia made a total of US$39.8 billion in sales around the world in 2020, while the total market sales were US$1.6 trillion. In 2020, 40% of Kia's revenue came from Small SUVs, which was the largest segment of passenger cars.

How to get KIA Insurance with

When you insure your Honda, remember that your rates will depend on the model you drive and other things that are specific to you. can help you find the best price for the insurance coverage you need. can get you quotes from more than 100 of the best insurance companies in just 45 seconds, making sure you always pay the least for the coverage you need. can help you find the best car insurance rates no matter where you live, how old you are, or what kind of Honda you drive. is the easiest way to find a better insurance plan that fits your needs as a registered broker and auto super app user.

Auto Insurance Data Methodology

The auto insurance rates published in this guide are based on the results of research completed by’s data team. Using a mix of public and internal data, we analyzed millions of rate averages across U.S. ZIP codes.

Quotes are typically based on a full coverage policy average unless otherwise noted within the content.

These rates were publicly sourced from insurer filings and should be used for comparative purposes only — your own quotes will differ. Given this, it’s important to go through our insurance steps form to find how much you can save with

FAQs About Kia Insurance

What is Kias's cost to insure on average?

The average annual cost to insure a Kia is $1,522. Full coverage insurance for a Kia models costs between $110 and $150 a month.

What is the most expensive Kia model to insure?

The most expensive Kia model to insure is Kia K900 with a premium of $2,244 per year.

What is the cheapest Kia model to insure?

The cheapest Kia model to insure is Kia Seltos with an average annual insurance rate of $1,320.

What does Kia insurance cover?

Kia car insurance is a policy that helps pay for repairs or replacements if the car is damaged or lost because of an accident, natural disaster, theft, man-made disaster, fire, etc. It also protects against third-party liability and covers the owner-driver in case of an accident.

Is Kia cheap on insurance?

Kia car insurance is some of the least expensive you'll find. The only major car companies with lower insurance rates than Kia are Honda and Mazda.

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