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Car insurance is one of those items that you really ought to have but is rarely taken seriously. You know you need to have coverage if you're in an accident, but it's natural to pay monthly premiums and wonder if there's a better deal out there.

It turns out that it is very probable that there is. Shopping around for auto insurance has the highest value. Comparing insurance premiums for cars tells us that car insurance provider will charge similar drivers at very different rates. And what happens if you have an accident at a restaurant? Can the auto insurance provider do anything for you?

A team of analysts conducted an in-depth analysis of Progressive and State Farm to help you decide on a good company for your car. We asked real customers what they think of their auto insurance company. Equipped with this detailed knowledge about auto insurance, you can select the correct insurance provider. Here we will compare Progressive and State Farm, two of the largest car insurance providers and two possible on your car insurance shopping list.

Progressive insurance rates their rivals regardless of their rates. The customers of Progressive valued Progressive's customer service very highly. The lowest average total score was for Progressive Auto Insurance. About two-thirds of respondents were likely to renew their auto insurance policy. State Farm is the nation's biggest auto insurer. State Farm people rated their claim filing process as simple, their claim resolution as fast, and their customer service as excellent. As with numerous auto insurers, State Farm customers felt they were getting the least value out of business.

In deciding between Progressive and State Farm, you should ask yourself whether you want investment options or price. State Farm is, on average, less costly than Progressive. Progressive provides many compensation packages that State Farm doesn't, including gap insurance, accident forgiveness, and custom parts and equipment coverage.

Progressive vs State Farm: The cheapest among the two

The average insurance premium of State Farm is $1234. State Farm is the cheapest car insurance company (third-lowest). Progressive had an estimated annual insurance premium of $1373. Progressive is more costly on almost every demographic compared to State Farm.

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Progressive vs State Farm: Cheapest for male drivers

The discrepancy between these two auto insurers is negligible for auto insurance rates. At the same time, State Farm takes a slightly lower premium for male driver profiles. State Farm pays its female representatives $1272, while Progressive pays its male representatives $1347.

The disparity is primarily attributed to Progressive's lower driver rate at $1670, relative to State Farm's $1469. These two insurers offer relatively identical rates for the other age groups, while State Farm's are slightly cheaper. Progressive charges the same 35-year-old male a $1274 yearly rate, while State Farm is only $1205. Progressive has an annual premium rate for 60-year-olds of $1174, over State Farm's rate of $1098.

Progressive vs State Farm: Cheapest for female drivers

Progressive is more expensive for car insurance than State Farm. Among women drivers under the age of 40, Progressive's average is $1372, the same as State Farm. State Farm's 25-year-old female profile is usually offered at a lower rate than the 35-year-old female profile. Progressive has a lower price for these profiles than most firms. When it comes to the 60-year-old female definition, Progressive has a lower average study rate, and State Farm has a higher average rate.

It's worth noting that the State Farm male and female drivers have similar average rates in both the 35-year-old and 60-year-old profiles.

Progressive vs State Farm: Cheapest for high and low mileage

State Farm would offer lower rates to those who have the most annual miles driven, at $1234 per year. Progressive charges another $140 more for an additional $1373 study cost.

Study rates are comparable for drivers with fewer than 6000 miles on their odometer per year. And State Farm is about 20% cheaper than the other insurer. The average auto insurance representative rate for the driver profile is $1368, which is just $5 less than the high-mileage driver's study rate. State Farm has the lowest quote for this consumer, which is $120 more.

Progressive vs State Farm: Cheapest for good and bad credit

Drivers with good credit would see lower rates than others, and those with good credit will be more likely to get the lowest rates from State Farm. State Farm's average price is $1231. Progressive Insurance's average premium for a vehicle with good credit is $1365. This rate is just around 10% above State Farm's average premium.

Drivers with bad credit can pay less for auto insurance than those with decent credit. Progressive's average cost for the driver profile with lousy credit is $2308, which is slightly higher than State Farm's rate of $2745. State Farm pays higher premiums to their customers with lower credit than their customers with worse credit. Since Progressive's study rate is a little cheaper than that of State Farm, the amount charged is also lower.

Progressive vs State Farm: Cheapest for good drivers

It makes sense that drivers who haven't been in any collisions have the cheapest auto insurance. We may also deduce that State Farm's insurance premiums are less expensive for drivers with lower accident rates. State Farm's premium at $1234 is less than Progressive's premium at $1373.

Speeding and collisions are the cause of many accident lawsuits. The insurance company is wary of making invalid claims, which is why drivers with speeding tickets will be charged more. At State Farm, the cost for the average driver with one moving violation is $1375. Progressive's estimated expense is $1803.

Progressive vs State Farm: Cheapest after an accident

Auto insurers can tax drivers with a history of incidents more. State Farm is the thriftiest choice and highly recommended for this driver's profile. Progressive costs an average of $2324 per driver with an accident on their record, while State Farm costs $1487. Policyholders are more likely to receive stiffer fines from Progressive than State Farm.

Progressive vs State Farm: Cheapest after a DUI

Many auto insurance firms increase their premiums for drivers who were previously convicted of a DUI-related crime. Both of these companies have far fewer instances of DUI than the other companies in our report. Progressive's average auto insurance quote is $1793, while State Farm's is $1681.

Car insurance is an item that you pay so much for. The centerpiece of your comment is that they ignore detail. Both of us know about the problems that come with no tickets. But it goes beyond that. The truth is, most people refuse to take the time to fix their auto insurance. Around the same time, they usually get their vehicle insurance from whomever they get all other insurance plans from, or they either go to a nearby broker. If you fit the profile, you will be paying too much. When people neglect the little things, they overpay for the big stuff. Many people do not know that an insurance agent’s commission is dictated by the premiums they sell, which means the higher the premium, the more money they receive. Finally, smart drivers have learned how to save money by using online tools to get reliable car insurance quotes.

There are some tips for lowering auto insurance rates. Understand that with the high cost of auto insurance, you can quickly switch insurance companies at any time. That’s 100 percent wrong. You can cancel any auto insurance policy and get a partial refund after at least 30 days have passed. This promotes spending the money around (more on this later). We’ve noticed that many car insurance companies don’t ask how far you drive (they’ll leave it up to you to ask them.) Ensure you bring this up and ask if there are incentives if you don’t drive far (like less than 35 miles a day).

Your credit rating can be significant, or even your credit score may affect your rate. Ask for your credit score if you are over 650.

Ask about other discounts, including professional and electric vehicles. Some businesses give discounts to “low risk” occupations (like engineers, teachers, scientists, etc.) Ask if your employment qualifies. Some companies offer incentives for hybrid/electric vehicles, such as leasing plans. Compare, compare, and compare, use all available information. That way, you can shop around for the lowest interest rates. The savings to be had by shopping on the Internet can be incredible. Even thousands of dollars! Comparing the various available choices in the old method can be a time-consuming and wasteful procedure when there are potentially 100 insurers to evaluate. Thankfully, modern Internet-based online platforms now make it possible to get numerous competitive quotes so you can quickly find the lowest quote for you.

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Progressive: Best for coverage options and lower number of complaints

Out of nine optional coverage, seven are offered. Progressive has the fewest concerns associated with their car insurance programme against state insurance authorities.

State Farm: Customer satisfaction and price

State Farm customers report better overall satisfaction. After USAA, State farm is the cheapest car insurance available for car owners. State Farm offers more ways to save on your car insurance. The annual car insurance rate per year $1511.

Before making your final decision:

Auto Insurance Data Methodology

The auto insurance rates published in this guide are based on the results of research completed by’s data team. Using a mix of public and internal data, we analyzed millions of rate averages across U.S. ZIP codes.

Quotes are typically based on a full coverage policy average unless otherwise noted within the content.

These rates were publicly sourced from insurer filings and should be used for comparative purposes only — your own quotes will differ. Given this, it’s important to go through our insurance steps form to find how much you can save with

Frequently Asked Questions

Is State Farm better than Progressive?

In general, State Farm is cheaper than Progressive. On the one side, Progressive provides multiple coverage forms that State Farm doesn't, such as holes, injury forgiveness, and coverage for custom parts, which State Farm doesn't have.

What insurance is better than State Farm?

On average, USAA estimates lower premiums for new customers than State Farm. Those with exceptional credit are advised to consider USAA, which is usually around $200 a year more cost-effective than State Farm.

Is Progressive a good insurance company?

According to our study, Progressive will be considered the best car insurance business in the coming years. Progressive includes standard auto insurance policies as well as add-ons such as roadside assistance and rental car coverage.

Why is progressive so cheap?

Progressive provides a range of discounts and creative resources to help customers get the best deals. Progressive provides a choice for consumers that lets them pick the amount of coverage they need and the premium and deductible.

Which insurance company is best at paying claims?

Amica Mutual has the highest claim satisfaction rate. Among the top-tier Nationwide carriers, Amica Mutual has comparatively the best record of compensating claims.

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