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Everyone requires car insurance because it is legally necessary. Knowing what sort of coverage is best can be very time consuming and complicated. We at are all about helping people cope with crucial decisions related to vehicles. This department will equip you with the skills needed for future decision-making. surveyed around 2000 consumers who filed a car insurance claim to the State Farm and Farmers Insurance. This survey question covered satisfaction with the speed of resolution, claim status contact, claim resolution procedure, and overall value. We asked if they have suggested their business to their other colleagues. We profiled the companies and based our ranking on their test results. Besides, to help you make the decision easier, we compared average premium rates from the major car insurance companies. We asked them how difficult it is to file a claim with their auto insurance provider. We decided to find out how successful they considered the techniques.

If you're looking for auto insurance, you could have visited the Farmers Insurance website or the State Farm website. They may be confused with one another because of sharing the term "farm." There are significant variations between various motorcycle insurance providers. We will clarify them here to help you select the best one for your needs.

State Farm vs Farmers Insurance: Products offered

State Farm is an American insurance giant founded in 1922 by George Jacob "G.J." Mecherle. State Farm's advertisement says the business is "Like a good neighbor" and "Being there" for consumers.

An insurance agency called Farmers Insurance was set up as soon as the Great Depression started. John C. Tyler and Thomas E. Leavey began the business by searching around for their first policies. They changed the rates by lowering them for farmers and ranchers because they faced substantially less risk than other groups. Farmers were one of the few businesses that survived the Great Depression. When a catastrophic earthquake struck Los Angeles, Farmers took out premiums for damaged vehicles and became the first policymaker of comprehensive insurance.

Type of insurance State Farm Farmers Insurance
Auto insurance Yes Yes
Condo insurance Yes No
Health insurance Yes No
Home insurance Yes Yes
Commercial insurance Yes Yes
Motorcycle insurance Yes Yes
Umbrella insurance No Yes
Renters insurance Yes No
RV insurance Yes Yes
Life insurance Yes Yes

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State Farm vs Farmers Insurance auto insurance

State Farm was the nation's biggest auto insurer for some time. Till the end of 2017, it had 18.3 percent of the market in the United States. State Farm has always performed reasonably well on customer service and ease of claims filing. Around 70% of the current customers said they would be willing to suggest State Farm to others, and 75% said they would renew their car insurance.

Farmers Insurance insurance has a catchy song: “We are Farmers Insurance. Bum-ba-dum-ba-bum-bum-bum.” But it is not enough to lift the box out of the seventh position in the market, with only a 4.49 percent market share. Farmers Insurance insurance also ranked highly in customer service and record keeping. Only 50 percent of current customers would recommend Farmers Insurance to others, 65 percent said they would renew their policy with Farmers Insurance.

Our study of best automobile insurance companies, Farmers Insurance and State Farm Insurance, proved to be stand-out service providers in the industry. This is the reason why we compared Farmers Insurance vs. State Farm insurance. We'll take a look at the coverage, discount, and ranking to help you make sure which scheme is right for your car.

Cheapest car insurance: State Farm vs. Farmers Insurance

State Farm's premiums are cheaper than average compared to other insurers. The national average for vehicle insurance with State Farm is $1234, while Farmers Insurance car insurance stands at $1682. According to our analyses, our insurance rate could save 25 percent.

Cheapest car insurance for male drivers: State Farm vs. Farmers Insurance

The rate of auto insurance to male driver profiles from State Farm was $300 less than Farmers Insurance. At age 25, the average premiums for this category are $1469 at State Farm and $1996 at Farmers Insurance. Rates are declining dramatically for both State Farm and Farmers Insurance over 35 years old. The former both are 29 percent lower at State Farm.

Rates for these driver ages is the lowest for all of our insurance analysis. At State Farm, the average cost is $1098 compared to $1507 at Farmers Insurance. This rate is considerably higher than the average drivers' insurance premium at State Farm.

Cheapest car insurance for female drivers: State Farm vs. Farmers Insurance

Female driver's average car insurance representative premiums are lower at State Farm when compared to Farmers Insurance. The average for a 25-year-old female State Farm policyholder is $1330, while the standard for a 25-year-old female Farmers Insurance policyholder is $1908 – which is $578 more.

The average car insurance premium for women driver profiles of age 35 is at $1205 at State Farm, just the same as the male driver profile of age 35. The female drivers, on average, gained $1631 more than male drivers on Farmers Insurance.

State Farm has the same average age and auto insurance quotes for male and female drivers at 60 years old. Farmers Insurance has an average car insurance rate of $1431 for female profiles at age 60 is about $80 less than their average for male driver profiles of the same age bracket.

Cheapest for lower and higher mileage: State Farm vs. Farmers Insurance

For a profile of 12,000 miles of annual driving, the average cost for a Farmers Insurance is $1682. The average does vary between the two insurance firms studied. The average premium for State Farm is $1234, a difference of about $450.

Drivers who put very little mileage on their vehicles have lower insurance premiums. State Farm's average customer's statement has been $1114. The average insurance premium for Farmers Insurance' is $1670, which is just $12 less than its average in our more highly used report. But that's almost equal to $550 more than a driver with low driving, mileage has on average at State Farm.

Cheapest for good credit: State Farm vs. Farmers Insurance

Car insurance premiums for good drivers are below average. At State Farm, the average quote given to these driver profiles is $1231. At Farmers Insurance, about 25 percent higher allowance is provided for the same driver profiles as much as $1642.

Cheapest for good drivers: State Farm vs. Farmers Insurance

Drivers with a clear police record are eligible to earn lower auto insurance premiums. Farmers Insurance’s average on-the-job salary for a driver with no violations is around $1682. At the moment, the State Farm average insurance premium is $1423.

Cheapest for bad credit: State Farm vs. Farmers Insurance

In general, drivers with a low credit history are more costly to insure, so their premiums are more expensive. For a driver with bad credit, the premium insurance rate at State Farm would be $2745. That's more than triple the average study rate for driver profiles with good credit. This is the cheapest profile in our study, with an average monthly cost of $2669. That's also about a thousand dollars higher than the average driver rate with good credit for State Farm. But it's also about $75 less than the average driver rate with bad credit.

Cheapest after one speeding ticket: State Farm vs. Farmers Insurance

Speeding leads to accidents, and accidents can lead to lawsuits, which will raise vehicles' insurance rates. The insurance premium at Farmers Insurance for a driver is set at $2099, while it is $1375 at State Farm. The car owners covered by State Farm will not be penalized if they fail to maintain sufficient liability coverage. This insurance plan has one of the lowest acceptance and attendance rates. At Farmers Insurance, there is an average increase in a person with a clean driving record of more than 400 dollars.

Cheapest after an accident: State Farm vs. Farmers Insurance

Accidents mean lawsuits, and that means higher insurance premiums. At State Farm, the base pay for a representative driver with an accident is $1477 per month, an additional twenty percent over that of a usual driver with no record of incidents. This is the smallest premium hike for this insurance assessment. After an accident, Farmers Insurance' average medical insurance premium is $2446, which is around 45 percent higher than the typical resident.

Cheapest after a DUI: State Farm vs. Farmers Insurance

According to our report, both State Farm and Farmers Insurance have also been known to increase prices for those who are convicted of a DUI. According to our research, State Farm has the lowest auto insurance premium for DUI convictions in the insurance industry. At State Farm, the car insurance premium is set at $1680.87. At Farmers Insurance, the car insurance premium is set at $2640.01. At Farmers Insurance, the increase in rates is around $950 to $2640.

State Farm vs Farmers Insurance: Range of coverage

By contrasting coverage options between Farmers and State Farm, it is evident that Farmers offers more coverage types than State Farm. However, State Farm's coverage would not include all forms of vehicles. It seems as if Farmers and State Farm provide similar levels of coverage.

  Farmers Insurance State Farm
Bodily Injury Liability (BI) Yes Yes
Property Damage Liability (PD) Yes Yes
Collision Yes Yes
Comprehensive Yes Yes
Personal Injury Protection (PIP) Yes Yes
Medical Payments (MedPay) Yes Yes
Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist (UM/UIM) Yes Yes
Roadside Assistance Yes Yes
Rideshare Insurance Yes Yes
Rental Car Reimbursement No Yes
Travel Expense Coverage No Yes
Accident Forgiveness Insurance Yes No
New Car Replacement Yes No
Custom Equipment Protection Yes No
Original Equipment Manufacturer Parts Yes No
Loss of Use Coverage Yes No
Guaranteed Value Yes No
Glass and Windshield Coverage Yes No

USP of Farmers insurance

Custom equipment protection: This form of policy covers the cost of replacement after-market equipment, including audio systems and personalized wheels.

Guaranteed value: If your vehicle is a complete loss after an insured crash, Farmer's will pay you the value that you settled upon when you bought your agreement.

Glass and windshield coverage: This policy gave a $0 deductible to auto glass repairs or replacement.

USP of State Farm

Travel expense coverage: This plan pays for food, hotel stays, and transportation if you get into an accident about 50 miles from home, and your vehicle is disabled.

State Farm vs Farmers Insurance: Tips for saving

State Farm provides a wide array of loyalty discounts to its policyholders. On the other hand, Farmers Insurance also offers multiple deals to its clients, such as plus driver discounts, teen driver discounts, and cash-in-full discounts. Farmers and State Farm will provide you with coverage for your purchase of a motor vehicle, house, and life. Check out a list of deals available at these two firms.

State Farm Farmers Insurance
Multiple Auto Discount Multi-Car Discount
Anti-theft Discount EFT Discount
Defensive Driving Discount Multi-policy Discount
Accident-Free Discount Good Student
Good Driving Discount Transfer Discount
Multiple Line Discount Occupational Discount
Passive Restraint Discount Alternative Fuel Discount
Student Away at School Discount Distant Student
Safe Driver Discounts Pay-in-Full Discount
Vehicle Safety Discount Homeowner Discount
  Teen Driver Discount

Summary of State Farm vs Farmers Insurance

State Farm Farmers Insurance
A great choice for most drivers Nearly 65% of customers say they'll renew
Relatively low average representative rates  
Strong customer service scores  
More expensive for driver profiles with poor credit  

When you compare Farmers' insurance vs. State Farm, you can find that both companies have their strengths. Farmers and State Farm have both a high degree of coverage and consumer review. At the same time, State Farm excels in affordability, discounts, quotes, and claims processes. Overall, we agree that most drivers would find more excellent coverage with the State Farm. But if you're a senior, you could find a reasonable farm rate. Before you sign up with a new provider, check out the forums and see what the customers have to say. Chances are, you will find a combination of positive and negative feedback. Insurance firms tend to get negative reviews while consumers are dealing with the problematic claims process, but note that negative reviews could be in reaction to a very particular situation. Of course, the service can differ by location. That's why it may be a good idea to check out the reviews to see what the service is like in your area. Since Farmers are not available in every state, they do not have ratings for specific regions.

When you're looking for auto insurance, you want it to be as simple as you can. It would help if you looked up to the J.D. to determine each company's quotation process. J.D. Power 2020 U.S. Insurance Shopping StudySM, which tests shopping experience through pricing, policy offerings, and distribution channels.

Here's what customers think about Farmers and State Farm:

Farmers Insurance:


State Farm:


These marks tell us the State Farm's shopping experience is a little better, but not a lot.

Farmers and State Farm also have user-based driving services that can help drivers save on car insurance. These services are most useful to drivers who drive carefully, including allowing themselves enough time to brake and prevent heavy braking and speeding up.

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Farmers' Standout Discounts

State Farm's Standout Discounts

Our research has shown that the cost of a State Farm car insurance policy is usually lower than the price of a Farmers' insurance policy. But before we can determine which provider is more accessible, we need to look at the discounts available to each company. The amount you pay for coverage can rely on factors such as your age, driving background, vehicle design, and modeling, as well as the discounts you qualify for through a car insurance company.

Choosing the right auto insurance policy will save you hundreds of dollars a year. State Farm and Farmers Insurance are two of the most common car insurance firms in the United States. Both can be viable alternatives for your next car insurance policy. To make the process as easy as possible for you, we have compared the rates of each of these insurers so that you can make an educated decision when determining which insurer is best for you.

Auto Insurance Data Methodology

The auto insurance rates published in this guide are based on the results of research completed by’s data team. Using a mix of public and internal data, we analyzed millions of rate averages across U.S. ZIP codes.

Quotes are typically based on a full coverage policy average unless otherwise noted within the content.

These rates were publicly sourced from insurer filings and should be used for comparative purposes only — your own quotes will differ. Given this, it’s important to go through our insurance steps form to find how much you can save with

Frequently Asked Questions

Is State Farm better than Farmers Insurance?

Farmers and State Farm both have large advertisement and marketing strategies that help their purpose to provide affordable auto insurance. Both firms offer large amounts of car discounts and offer outstanding roadside services. State Farm also scores well for financial stability.

Are Farmers Insurance Insurance and State Farm the same company?

No. State Farm and Farmers Insurance are completely different companies.

State Farm was established in 1922 by George Jacob "G.J." Mecherle. As a brand, State Farm operates according to this motto: "to help people recover from the unexpected and realize their dreams." This is an entirely appropriate song for State Farm because it has the word "helpful" in the lyrics.

Farmers Insurance started offering insurance a year before the Great Depression and is now provided through grocery stores. The founder's John C. Tyler and Thomas E. Leavey started out by moving from farm to farm to collect their growing insurance business policies. They thus reduced insurance rates for farmers and ranchers with their unique risks as not to hinder their economic endeavors. By 1928, they had an office in Downtown Los Angeles. During the Great Depression, Farmers paid claims. When a devastating earthquake struck Los Angeles in the past years, Farmers paid out premiums for damaged cars, becoming the first insurance firm to provide a comprehensive plan.

Is Farmers Insurance a good home insurance company?

Farmers Insurance offers excellent customer support. While there are better homeowners insurance companies, one of the best in 2022 is Farmer Insurance. Farmers gained their reputation for providing the best pricing choices and offers the most customizable premiums.

Why is State Farm so cheap?

State Farm is cheap. It has a stellar reputation for customer service because it provides claims assistance at a cost lower than any other financial firm. State Farm offers money-saving discounts to consumers who maintain many vehicles covered by the insurance provider.

Why State Farm is the best?

State Farm is the biggest auto insurance company in the U.S. The firm started in 1922 and has since had a dominant impact on the financial insurance marketplace. Service, coverage, costs, and ease of claims should be considered when evaluating the next car insurance policy.

Does Farmers Insurance do home insurance?

Yes, Farmers Insurance provides home insurance. Farmers Insurance offers excellent customer support. While there are better homeowners insurance companies, one of the best in 2022 is Farmer Insurance. Farmers gained their reputation for providing the best pricing choices and offers the most customizable premiums.

Does Farmers Insurance have accident forgiveness?

Yes, Farmers Insurance has an accident forgiveness policy. The Accident forgiveness policy is possible with Farmer Branded Smart Plan vehicle policies.

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Learn more by city and state for car insurance

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