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Key Takeaways

  • Maintaining a clean driving record is essential for an affordable car insurance premium rate.
  • A single traffic ticket can increase insurance costs by at least 35% and might spike up to 82%.
  • There are mandatory and non-mandatory appearance violations.

Ticket Violations

A clean driving record and low car insurance premiums go hand in hand. Since maintaining an affordable range for your car insurance keeps your finances in check, one must steer clear of ticket violations that may come your way. Not turning on your signal, speeding, and using mobile phones while driving can all fall under traffic violations.

It might look like a simple offense, but a single ticket violation can increase car insurance costs by at least 35%. The time taken for an infraction to remain on your profile determines the seriousness of the issue. For example, depending on where you live, a DUI can stay on your driving record for 5-10 years.

Here we look at the different ticket violations that directly and indirectly affect insurance rates. The influence of speeding tickets on auto insurance rates and the severity of the tickets on your record and steps to lower insurance after a speeding ticket.

Types of Traffic Tickets

The severity of a speeding ticket and the following increase in the insurance rates can also vary based on the laws of the state. The percentage of increase in car insurance rates depends strictly on the laws of the state. For example, Hawaii imposes a 90% hike after a speeding ticket, while it is a 16% hike in Connecticut.

The three major types of traffic tickets include parking citations, infractions, and misdemeanors.

Parking Citations

Parking citations might look like a cakewalk since they don't usually end up on your driving record. This is because they are not usually processed by the court. However, there are chances for it to tamper your insurance rates.

Such instances arise when you don't pay the ticket fine on time. The longer the time you take to pay the fine, the higher the chances for an exponential rise in the fines, towing of your car, or even suspension of your license.

In such cases, there are chances for it to affect your credit scores. Thus, the failure to pay a fine will lead to increased car insurance premium rates after a parking citation.


Any violation that doesn't align with the provisions of the vehicle code or any law of the state is considered an infraction. This would include speeding, expired vehicle registrations, and even unrepaired cars on the road. The other instances that fall under this include seat belt violations failing to signal, and driving without proper lighting.

These acts may be prohibited by law but are not categorized as a crime. Driving infractions are processed in traffic courts and may result in fines and a demerited driving record which can increase car insurance premium rates.

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Misdemeanors are those which are held under criminal court. These are punishable offenses that result in jail time and fines of not less than $1000. Those acts which fall under misdemeanors include reckless driving, driving under the influence of alcohol (DUI), hit and run, and also driving while suspended or revoked.

Average Annual Insurance Quotes based on Violations

If you have a clean driving record, then your average insurance rate will be around $1557, varying depending on your location. If your driving history involves any violation, then there is a risk factor involved, and the insurance rates are calculated based on that. DUI charges and reckless driving can increase the insurance rates from $1557 to $2930, depending on the severity of the event.

Driving Violation Average Annual Insurance Cost
Clean Record $1557
DUI $2922
Tailgating $2212
Careless Driving $2198
Negligent Driving $2076
At-fault accident $2011
Speeding $1911
Failure to stop at a red signal $1897
Failure to stop at a stop sign $1925
Failure to stop for a school bus $2198

Effect Of Different Factors on Insurance Rates After Violations

Various factors like age, insurance provider, and the kind of traffic violations can all equally influence the insurance premium rates.


It is not just the kind of violation that determines the insurance rates after a ticket violation. Age plays an important role in controlling how much car insurance rates will increase after an incident.

If we consider 3 different age groups, we observe that the increase in rates is specific to the kind of violation done by the particular age group. For example, a speeding charge for an 18-year-old will increase the rates by 1.26 times, while it will increase by 1.50 times in the case of a 74-year-old.

Age Failure to Observe Speeding Reckless Driving
18 1.15X 1.26X 1.40X
30 1.22X 1.36X 1.79X
74 1.26X 1.50X 1.87X

Insurance Company

It might not be just the age and the nature of the violation but also the methodology used by each insurance company to calculate the premium rates after a ticket violation. Among the companies considered here, USAA works best for those with minor ticket violations. However, it is always better to compare quotes and choose your provider.

Insurance Company Failure to Observe Reckless Driving
USAA 1.16X 1.48X
Nationwide 1.21X 1.69X
Allstate 1.19X 1.44X
Alfa 1.16X 1.56X

Traffic Ticket

Here we look at how different traffic violations increase car insurance rates. Any violation can make you a risky driver and eventually influence your insurance premium rates. The highest increase occurs after a hit and run followed by a DUI charge.

Ticket Violation Increase in Rates Percentage of increase in Rates
Driving without lights $57 3.5
Driving without seatbelt $65 4.3
Driving without child safety restraint $69 4.5
Not-at fault-accident $104 6.9
Failure to show documents $134 8.9
Driving with expired registration $167 11
Distracted Driving $296 19.9
Driving too slowly $311 20.9
Speeding in school zone $314 21.2
Failure to yield $336 22.6
Wrong lane $337 22.7
Illegal Turn $338 22.8
Failure to stop at red light $336 22.6
Speeding $347 23.4
Following too closely $348 23.5
Improper Passing $350 23.6
Operating a car without permission $486 33
Driving with an open container $519 35.1
At-fault accident $623 42.2
Driving with a suspended license $924 62.6
Reckless driving $1040 70.6
Racing $1090 73.9
DUI $1092 74.1
Hit and Run $1035 82.8
Refusal of breathalyzer $1095 74.3

Speeding Tickets

As mentioned, speeding tickets are important driving infractions. The increase in insurance premiums is based on exceeding speed limits. Speeding over 16 mph will result in a spike by $348 and $387 if it is above 21 mph.

Speed Limit Violation Increase in Insurance Premium
Rate after Violation
6-10 mph $299
11-15 mph $316
16-20 mph $348
21-25 mph $387
Speeding in school zone $314

Impact of Violations on Claims

Drivers may also encounter insurance penalties for being involved in car accidents and filing damage claims. Who was at fault, the amount of the claim, and the terms of the driver's insurance coverage can all influence whether or not a claim raises premiums.

Claim Increase in Rates Percentage of increase in Rates
1 medical/
personal injury claim
$6 0.5
1 comprehensive
$70 4.6
2 medical/
personal injury claims
$86 5.7
2 comprehensive
$164 10.9

Increase in Rates after Violation according to States

Hit and run, DUI, and racing are expensive violations in most states. In states like Hawaii, a case of hit and run on your motor vehicle record can increase your insurance rates by almost 400%.

State Increase in Rates after Violation Percentage of increase in Rates Most Expensive
Alabama $998 71.7 Hit and run
Alaska $787 65.4 Hit and run
Arizona $1826 140.7 Hit and run
Arkansas $794 52.9 Hit and run
California $3292 181.2 Hit and run, DUI, refusal of breathalyzer
Colorado $981 58.2 Hit and run
Connecticut $1467 94.5 Hit and run, racing
Delaware $1641 89.6 Hit and run
Florida $1151 55.8 Hit and run
Georgia $1427 92 Hit and run
Hawaii $4301 397.6 Hit and run
Idaho $676 66 Hit and run
Illinois $687 55.9 Driving with a suspended license
Indiana $614 53 Hit and run, racing, driving with a suspended license
Iowa $721 72.6 Hit and run, reckless driving
Kansas $652 44 Hit and run
Kentucky $1059 55.2 Hit and run
Louisiana $1185 50.6 Driving with a suspended license
Maine $529 58.6 Hit and run, racing
Maryland $716 53.7 Hit and run
Massachusetts $1281 100 Driving with a suspended license
Michigan $4923 182.8 Hit and run, reckless driving
Minnesota $815 63 Hit and run, racing, driving with a suspended license, reckless driving
Mississippi $911 59.1 Hit and run
Missouri $614 43.8 Driving with a suspended license
Montana $749 53.7 Hit and run
Nebraska $794 61.5 Hit and run
Nevada $1229 64.1 Hit and run, racing, driving with a suspended license, reckless driving
New Hampshire $1136 102.6 Racing
New Jersey $1245 74.4 Refusal of breathalyzer
New Mexico $883 65.9 Hit and run
New York $1391 82.2 Hit and run
North Carolina $3417 360.5 Hit and run, racing
North Dakota $863 64.9 Hit and run, racing, driving with a suspended license
Ohio $873 84.2 At-fault accident
Oklahoma $874 55.8 Hit and run
Oregon $761 54.5 Hit and run
Pennsylvania $1133 81.3 Hit and run, racing, driving with a suspended license
Rhode Island $2001 94.7 Hit and run
South Carolina $831 60.5 Hit and run
South Dakota $798 59.3 Hit and run
Tennessee $826 57.6 Racing
Texas $807 44 At-fault accident
Utah $570 46.8 Driving with a suspended license
Vermont $952 88 Hit and run
Virginia $626 67.8 Hit and run
Washington, D.C. $782 64.5 Hit and run
West Virginia $1096 80 Hit and run
Wisconsin $693 64.3 Driving with a suspended license
Wyoming $1002 72.7 Hit and run

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Mandatory and Non-Mandatory Appearance Violations

Violations that require you to appear in court are mandatory appearance violations. Failure to appear on the decided date can result in a fine, jail time, and even suspension of license.

Non-mandatory appearance doesn't require you to appear in court to process the ticket violation. However, you may be required to pay the traffic ticket prior to the appearance date; you may also be required to attend a traffic school. However, if you want an extension of your appearance at the court, that can also be requested.

What drivers need to know about driving violations

Since ticket violations will become a part of the driving history, thereby affecting the car insurance premium rates, it is important to keep in mind different aspects related to it.

Ticket violations can impact the insurance rates for years, if not forever

A DUI conviction could stay on your driving record for 5-10 years, depending on where you live. A driver convicted of DUI will face stiff penalties, including fines, jail time, or suspension of their driver's license. However, minor infractions may not enter your motor vehicle record if you pay the fine on time.

Insurance penalties can be higher than the ticket violations

Besides the fine that needs to be paid, once the ticket violation enters your MVR, it will lead to a spike in the insurance premium rates. For example, one will pay $200 on average for a speeding ticket. But when it comes to insurance for ticketed drivers, they will have to pay at least $350 every year for three years, or as long as it remains on your record.

Insurance penalties depend on your insurance provider

Not every provider will charge you high rates for ticket violations. One can always shop around and compare quotes from different providers to narrow down those who would provide you with affordable rates.

Bottom Line

There are ways to turn around an unclean driving record over time. The maximum period of time most states allow for tracking violations on your report is three years. Negative entries for serious offenses like DUI and DWI typically stay there longer. It's never too late to alter your driving habits.

Not driving under the influence, repairing faults, and avoiding speeding tickets can help you maintain a flawless driving record and save you money.

Auto Insurance Data Methodology

The auto insurance rates published in this guide are based on the results of research completed by’s data team. Using a mix of public and internal data, we analyzed millions of rate averages across U.S. ZIP codes.

Quotes are typically based on a full coverage policy average unless otherwise noted within the content.

These rates were publicly sourced from insurer filings and should be used for comparative purposes only — your own quotes will differ. Given this, it’s important to go through our insurance steps form to find how much you can save with

Frequently Asked Questions

Do speeding tickets affect insurance?

Yes, speeding tickets affect insurance rates. The percentage of increase in car insurance rates depends strictly on the laws of the state. While driving 10 to 15 mph over the speed limit, you should expect a 10%-20% rise in your insurance premiums; when driving 30 mph or more over the limit, you can expect up to a 40% increase in your premiums.

Why do car insurance rates go up after a speeding ticket?

Speeding above the allowed limit is categorized as reckless driving behavior. If you receive a speeding ticket, then it will classify you as a risky driver who will have to pay higher premiums according to the insurance provider.

What can you do to lower car insurance premiums after a speeding ticket?

Ensuring that you drive safely will help maintain a clean driving record. You can enroll for a defensive driving course, and switching your insurance policy can also help lower your car insurance premium rates.

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