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Car Insurance for Weekend

Looking for a car just for the weekend? Before visiting the store, contact your auto insurance representative for all the details you require before making a purchase. Until you can demonstrate that your insurer has covered it, you won't be able to drive that new car off the dealer's lot. Depending on the state, certain insurance companies could provide a leniency period for new auto insurance.

Can you get car insurance for the weekend only?

Simply put, no. That would necessitate policy activation and immediate cancellation, a technique that insurance companies generally don't advise. Nevertheless, there is some latitude: usage-based or low-mileage policies might help you save money on insurance for a weekend vehicle.

We'll also examine the insurance choices available to non-owners who use car-sharing services. It sounds nice only to carry and pay for auto insurance when you need it. But unfortunately, most auto insurance providers don't let you activate and deactivate your policy at will.

Nevertheless, as more companies adopt a work-from-home strategy, more drivers are looking for more adaptable solutions for auto insurance. Fortunately, there are ways for individuals who seldom drive to save money.

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Do insurance companies offer short-term coverage?

Most significant motor insurers do not frequently offer weekend-only or temporary car insurance. Instead, insurance providers typically provide weekend auto insurance because of the greater unpredictability.

Quick driving limits are difficult for auto insurance complaints because you might drive against weekend-only coverages within the insurer's knowledge. However, auto insurance providers only provide six- and twelve-month auto coverage. Few insurance companies advertise shorter terms, but very few would offer insurance coverage for just the weekends.

For those looking for short-term auto insurance, Hallmark Insurance, for instance, states that it offers policy lengths of one month.

The downside of insuring your car for the weekend only

You would still face several risks and drawbacks even if insurance firms offered weekend-only or short-term auto insurance contracts. A gap in your insurance history caused by deactivating your coverage would, among other things, make it more likely that you would pay more for a new policy.

Another factor contributing to the rarity of weekend driver auto insurance is state law. State regulations have the final say over auto insurance firms. Besides Virginia's and New Hampshire's peculiarities, keeping liability coverage for bodily injury liability coverage is required.

You are probably breaking the law and bearing the risk of having your car registration suspended if you just use your auto insurance on Saturday and Sunday. This situation puts you and your car at risk and conflicts with the state's insurance laws.

First, your car won't have comprehensive insurance to cover any harm it might take while being parked. Second, even if your car is parked in a driveway that is easily accessible to the public or on a public roadway, you might still be responsible for any injuries or property damage the car causes.

Furthermore, your loan agreement can stipulate that you keep significant insurance coverage if your car is on lease. Unfortunately, this stipulation often includes gap insurance, low deductibles on collision and comprehensive insurance, and uninsured motorist coverage. Therefore, a car insurance plan for the weekend doesn't offer enough protection.

Insuring a car for weekends only: what options do you have?

Even while there is no such thing as weekend-only insurance, there are ways to save money on auto insurance if you only travel on the weekends.

Pay-per-mile car insurance companies

Pay-per-mile auto insurance is something to think about if you drive sporadically, only on the weekends, have little mileage, or don't drive your car daily. This usage-based insurance, calculated on telematic devices to detect mileage, can lower your premiums.

Telematics uses your driving habits and mileage to calculate your premium, albeit the programs differ by business and are subject to local availability. Your premium will be cheaper the safer and lesser you drive.

These initiatives offer telematic auto insurance:

  • Progressive SnapShot
  • State Farm Drive Safe & Save
  • Esurance DriveSense
  • Nationwide SmartRide
  • Nationwide SmartMiles*
  • AllstateMiles*
  • Liberty Mutual RightTrack
  • Metromile*
  • NobleMetromile, Nationwide SmartMiles, and Allstate Miles are three separate schemes that promote themselves as user-generated auto insurance providers. You pay a base price as well as a per-mile charge. Your actual auto insurance policy premium is the sum of these costs.

For sporadic travel, rideshare services like Lyft and Uber can offer reliable transportation options.

Car share companies

Zipcar and Turo are the most well-known car-sharing companies. They can be an excellent alternative for those who don't require cars frequently enough to justify buying one. Additionally, rates are frequently far more affordable than with regular car rental companies.

How do car-share and Zipcar insurance coverages work?

While you use one of their vehicles, Zipcar and other car-sharing firms often offer optional insurance coverage. If chosen, this offers any minimum levels of coverage necessary by the state, such as liability insurance and personal injury protection, as well as bodily injury coverage that covers the vehicle. Their procedures for handling a car damaged due to frequent use may vary.

If the customer causes damage to the car, they will often have to pay a damage fee. Additionally, you might be able to include a damage cost waiver that can lower or eliminate this fee. For instance, Zipcar provides several choices such as price points that let you reduce their regular $1,000 damage fee.

You may not want their insurance coverage if your existing auto insurance covers using rental automobiles. However, you should verify again before making a choice. You can be liable for the full cost of damages if you choose not to purchase protection coverage.


Zipcar offers insurance coverage for users with a membership of up to $25,000 for property damage. They also offer $300,000 for bodily injury (up to $100,000 per person). In addition, they provide Zipcar members with several damage protection policies that might reduce the cost you must pay if you cause damage to your rent.

What happens if you crash a Zipcar vehicle?

Members of Zipcar get insurance coverage up to $25,000 for property damage and $300,000 for bodily injury (up to $100,000 per person) as long as they comply with the membership contract. The company also provides Zipcars with various damage protection policies that might reduce the amount you have to pay if you damage your rented vehicle.

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Turo is a community car-sharing service, not like Zipcar. Car owners who don't use them frequently can rent them out. Liberty Mutual, partner insurance, offers a variety of protection policies. The Minimum, Standard, or Premium levels of coverage for their hosts. The option of declining coverage allows hosts to classify themselves as Commercial Hosts. In this situation, they would have an obligation to offer any visitors who hire their cars their own commercial rental liability insurance.

What happens if you crash a Turo car?

According to the package you select, you'll need to pay following an accident as follows:

  • Premium Package: No additional cost (for liability or physical damages
  • Typical Package: $500
  • $500 to $3,00 minimum package
  • $500 to $3,00 without a package (ultimate assessed costs can be up to the full value of the car, plus related costs)

In all cases, except for the Premium Package, they will bill you $500 before the damage is evaluated and reimburse you the difference if the cost is less.

Weekend-only or short-term car insurance: considerations

Drivers still have access to inexpensive insurance or car-sharing services even though weekend-only auto insurance is not an option. It can be sufficient for you to join Turo or get a Zipcar membership if you only sometimes require a car. Those who own a car can save money by enrolling in telematics insurance, which could offer reduced rates for infrequent drivers.

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