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Starting a career in the insurance sector may be an exciting prospect for fresh and existing professionals. Depending on the field of focus, becoming an insurance agent is a job choice that provides for versatility and a wide selection of fascinating customers. The qualifications for being an insurance agent differ from state to state, but they may also be achieved far quicker than most careers that need a license.

How long does it take to become an insurance agent?

Most citizens can become an insurance agent in a matter of a few weeks. If you want to take an online course that needs several hours of training, the willingness to complete it can largely dictate the licensing period you gain. There could even be a week or two waiting for an insurance agent certificate to be issued after the test and background tests have been done.

If you're able to eager to move into the field of insurance sales, here are few ways you can become an insurance agent or broker.

Decide what sort of insurance provider you want to be

When beginning your journey as an insurance agent, you will need to distinguish between the two types of insurance agents: captive and independent.

Captive Insurance Agent: A captive insurance agent deals with insurance policies for just one business, generally a major national insurance agency. The captive insurance firm shall offer instruction and assistance to the insurance agent. In exchange, the insurance agent represents only the goods of the business and cannot market the policies to a rival firm.

Some captive insurance agents are forced to accept a non-compete policy, which is exclusive to a particular insurance provider for a fixed period of time. The prices of the commission involved could be lower based on marketing assistance offered by the carrier to the insurance agent.

Independent Insurance Agent: An independent insurance agent, also referred to as an independent insurance broker, is anyone who deals for more than one insurance provider. This type of insurance agent offers regulation quotations from various firms to clients in order to locate the right strategies and rates.

Independent agents have more versatility in their product choices but gain less assistance from the insurance firms they deal with. Therefore, independent insurance agents may develop an identity in the markets in which they practice, rather than depending on the marketing resources of well-known insurers. Note that this may render the road to being an independent insurance agent more difficult.

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Decide which insurance policies you're going to market

There are various forms of commercial, business insurance, and health insurance plans that are offered to customers. Personal insurance lines rely on compensation and coverage for families and individuals. These include auto insurance, property insurance, and life insurance.

Commercial insurance agents concentrate on offering insurance services to organizations with plans that vary from general liability insurance to property insurance and coverage for accidents and omissions.

Check the licensing standards of your state

Before you start the process of getting an insurance agent license, you will need to know which goods you will be marketing so that you can pick the right license for your insurance agent career. License names can change based on the state in which you reside.

The two most common forms of licenses are as follows:

Your career plan can enable you to acquire several licenses over a period of time. You'll need to obtain the information from the State Licensing Agency or the organization you want to represent in order to attain multiple insurance agent licenses.

Why are insurance agents in need of a license?

Insurance agents must be legally authorized to discuss insurance policies or to complete transactions. Each state has its own special licensing criteria for this procedure. People who claim to be insurance agents and practice without a license can risk fines or face legal proceedings.

Taking an insurance agent license test

Most states mandate you to complete a pre-licensing class in order to become an insurance agent. Many of these may be taken online or in-person. Requirements differ based on the jurisdiction, and the process can take anywhere between one day to 20-40 hours of online instructional classes that you'll need to undertake.

Once you have met the pre-examination criteria for your state, you may need to arrange for your approved insurance agent licensing test. An outside firm normally conducts these insurance agent exams. You will head to the website at the scheduled date and time to take the test online. Before taking the test, you will be required to submit proof that you've taken your completed training class already.

What to expect during your insurance agent license exam

The insurance agent exam is typically not difficult, particularly if you have fulfilled the pre-examination criteria and are relatively well-prepared. You will arrive at your scheduled time and be seated at a computer screen. The insurance agent exam test questions are typically in multiple-choice format. Once the test has concluded, you can instantly find out whether you have passed the exam or not. And don't worry if you don't make the first cut; you can always reschedule your insurance agent exam and take it again at a later time.

Background check and sending in your license application

When you complete your state's insurance agent license test, you can apply for the necessary licensing applications to the state's licensing agency. Most states will conduct a background search, which could include recording your fingerprints. When you are fully certified, you may be allowed to lawfully discuss, market, and distribute insurance plans.

Getting a job and marketing insurance products

You must be appointed as an insurance agent by an insurance provider before you have the right to market the products offered by the insurer. You will need to complete a job application for each insurance firm you intend to market services and products for. This information is recorded on your state insurance license.

Finding and retaining customers

So, you've got a license. What now? You're going to want to begin prospecting for customers. Often, insurance agents begin by drafting their own insurance and marketing to friends and relatives. This is a perfect opportunity to get a clear idea of how the process works, making things comfortable while quote various coverages and plans.

It's a smart idea to start pushing for your organization or insurance firm at this stage. Joining the local Chamber of Commerce, setting up a website, and advertising your company online, or considering local advertisement opportunities are all great options. There are several solutions open, although most of them will take some trial and error before you decide what fits best for you.

Covering your bases - protect your business

As an insurance agent and potential insurance provider, you may still want to make sure that your insurance agency is covered by commercial insurance. There are various forms of insurance coverage to be considered:

Personal liability policy: General liability insurance can cover you in a broad spectrum of circumstances. One of the more prevalent threats being allegations of damage to the body if the person being hurt when in the workplace. Anything as easy as a fall over a carpet may lead to injuries and a lawsuit. This plan may be paired with commercial property insurance in the contract of the company owner, also at a subsidized rate.

Errors and omissions: Nearly all insurance providers need E & O coverage before you are permitted to write their policies. This defends your customers from the mistakes that you or your employees can make. For example, you could unintentionally uninstall the wrong car from the policy, and it's not protected by accident. When you are liable for a mistake, the E & O coverage would be taken care of by the customer.

Workers' Compensation: Workers' Compensation Protection is intended to cover the organization against lawsuits brought by the staff. When an employee is hurt when at work, he or she may face a percentage of their unpaid earnings and hospital costs. And if you only have part-time employees, workers' compensation is needed for companies in most nations.

Benefits of being an Insurance Agent

Giving back to society

Employment seekers today are searching for something that offers not just a paycheck but also a meaning. People are continually involved in a career that allows them an opportunity to give back. For example, volunteering reached a record high in 2018, with 30 percent of Americans involved. Career insurance may continue to fulfill this need for successful employment and community engagement. At its core, the insurance sector is concerned with supporting community citizens.

For instance, insurance may cover to repair a house after a fire, care for loved ones after a loss, or aid staff who have been hurt on the job. By empowering people with an insurance policy, each of these individuals is safe in the event of a disaster. In comparison, insurance agents are also representatives of their societies that are involved and committed. Many groups are active in a range of voluntary programs, such as local children's clubs, animal shelters, disaster relief, and more.

Access to plenty of resources

It is estimated that close to 50% of the insurance agents that are currently active will begin to retire by 2028, opening up more possibilities for newbies to join in. At the moment, insurance job benefits are not well recognized, with just 4% of millennials showing interest in insurance. This also suggests, however, that the field is wide open, and opportunities are ripe for the picking.

If you have an established presence in the business, you'll notice a broad spectrum of job and educational prospects that fit your interests. You may start out in a customer support role and then discover that you prefer ads or underwriting instead. Many insurance firms will help you when you pursue a position that suits your skills and desires.

Develop a diverse range of skills

Being a successful salesperson is a great skill while you're involved in insurance, although it's not your typical sales job. The insurance business crosses over multiple financial sectors and provides a plethora of job opportunities. In addition, the insurance market is constantly changing, along with the expectations of the consumer. This indicates that companies are now keen on hiring workers and insurance agents who embrace social networking, digital marketing, and cyber networking.

You're going to find job security

The insurance industry isn't about to go anywhere. It's been existent and a boon to many for years, and it's going to continue to be so. As long as people require medical services, drive vehicles, own houses, and operating companies, you know that insurance and financial coverage are thrown into the mix. What's more, the insurance industry is more resilient than most other markets through financial crises. That's because no matter what state the economy is in, individuals and companies need financial protection at all times. Jobs, an insurance firm as an outside contractor, has more job security than most sectors.

Get started in no time

There is a broad range of insurance positions, including that of an insurance agent - and several are extremely easy to step straight into. To start a career as an insurance agent, broker, or consultant, all you need is a high school diploma or equivalent – no prior work experience is needed. What's more, the whole process of becoming an insurance agent will be over in a mere matter of weeks.

Marketing Your Insurance Agency

Sales push the autonomous insurance business ahead. Without profits, the company would have no buyers, no income, and no potential. But if sales are the vehicle that pushes performance, then marketing strategies form the fuel that makes it run. Marketing is of prime importance to your insurance company when you're an insurance agent that works there. An important skill set to have is how you transform cold calls into hot leads, helping your company expands.

A well-planned campaign approach lets you develop and retain a client base that looks to your provider first for their insurance needs. Some independent insurance agents and brokers conduct sales well and are extremely successful at sales. Marketing is, however, a far less simple task. Another point of note is that the myriad opinions on innovative campaign strategies that fill the internet often only cloud the waters further.

How insurance agents sell insurance online

Always keep in mind that as an insurance agent, you need to be aware that your clients are utilizing the internet just as much as you are. A good presence online will help the agency rank high among potential customers who are browsing, looking for the best insurance deals. Your online marketing and promotional choices should ideally include the following:

Keep in mind that your appearance on the internet cannot be an afterthought. Customers demand a degree of online professionalism from insurance agents, particularly when most companies are now involved on the web.

How to market the insurance business to the world

Independent insurance brokers can't afford to have consumers come to them. The web has made it so easy to bypass a local insurance company and instead pick a major name intermediary. Customers, by default, tend to choose locally run smaller insurance companies. They just need to be aware that you're ready to do business that can help them get great insurance rates as well.

Communication with your audience will contribute to the brand identity and strong credibility that you need to capture more clients. To help your agency, you can:

At the end of the day, selling the independent insurance business is about finding out what the clients need. One solution can make more sense than another, based on who they are. Don't panic if you end up with a failed tactic that doesn't work for the client – it's only going to give you an opportunity to explore something different.

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Find a meaningful way to develop a relationship with the customer

Social networking is more than just a place to promote your brand. Customers may want to have a more intimate link with the companies and enterprises they care for. In order to create the partnership, insurance agents need to generate content that engages their viewers. Here are a few things you should keep in mind when dealing with your potential clients:


How much do insurance agents make?

Insurance agents make an average salary of $50600 per year. The best-paid agents make close to $78000 per year, while the lowest-paid agents make $36000.

How to become an insurance agent?

To become an insurance agent, you will need to do the following.

How much do life insurance agents make?

Agents of auto insurance usually receive 17.5% of the value of the account.

How do insurance agents make money?

Both insurance brokers make money by selling insurance. These commissions will usually be percentage-based on the premium of the insurance. A premium is a fee paid for an insurance policy.

How to find insurance agents near me?

There is no one way to find auto insurance agents near you. You can either look them up through the internet or approach their offices on the street.

How to get in touch with Farmers insurance agent near me?

If you registered an account with, you could start your agent requests via live chat, Monday to Friday, 7:00 am to 11:00 pm CST, and Saturday and Sunday, 8:00 am to 8:00 pm CST. If you would like to use a Farmers agent closer to you, please visit our find an agent page. There is no one way to find auto insurance agents near you. You can either look them up through the internet or approach their offices on the street.

Who are independent insurance agents?

An independent insurance agent, also referred to as an independent insurance broker, is anyone who deals for more than one insurance provider. This type of insurance agent offers regulation quotations from various firms to clients in order to locate the right strategies and rates. Independent agents have more versatility in their product choices but gain less assistance from the insurance firms they deal with. Therefore, independent insurance agents may develop an identity in the markets in which they practice, rather than depending on the marketing resources of well-known insurers. Note that this may render the road to being an independent insurance agent more difficult.

What is an auto insurance agent salary?

The salary as an early career Insurance Agent with 1-4 years of experience is an average annual compensation of $35,658. An insured mid-career insurance agent receives a median salary of $39,754 per year, on average.

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