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Key Takeaways

  • Carrying SR-22 insurance in Alabama proves that you have minimum liability coverage for cars in the state. This is because it's not an insurance policy but a certificate the insurer uses to prove you're covered.
  • A high-risk driving infraction (such as a DUI) may necessitate filing an SR-22. In most cases, the insurance company will have to submit the paperwork on your behalf.
  • In Alabama, you'll need to keep your SR-22 on file for at least 36 months.

What is SR-22 Insurance in Alabama?

You don't buy an SR-22 policy. Rather, your insurance company certifies that you have sufficient liability coverage by submitting a document to the state. For example, drivers convicted of a major traffic infraction, such as reckless driving or DUI, must submit an SR-22 form to their insurance provider.

An expensive increase in insurance premiums often follows a DUI conviction. Car insurance companies in the state of Alabama are required to submit SR-22 paperwork electronically. Contact them to find out if your insurance company can handle this for you.

Cheapest Companies for SR-22 Insurance in Alabama

The cost of SR-22 insurance is more than that of a standard policy because of the serious nature of the driving infraction. Filing an SR-22 form costs a nominal amount, but traffic violations like DUI will raise your insurance premiums. For example, Alabama's mandatory SR-22 insurance premium for a DUI conviction is around $1020 annually. However, drivers with no tickets pay an average of just $597 per year for the bare-bones coverage required by law.

USAA's coverage costs just $594 on average per year, making it a good choice for Alabama drivers who need SR-22 insurance but are on a tight budget. However, the products and services offered by this firm are restricted to military personnel and their families. Allstate, the state's second-cheapest insurer, with an annual cost of $678 per policy in Alabama. MetLife has the highest annual average rate of $2499 in Alabama for the bare minimum of SR-22 coverage.

This table compares the average cost of the bare minimum policy required by the state of Alabama and a comprehensive policy that provides coverage for $100,000 in bodily injury liability per person, $300,000 in injuries per accident, and $100,000 in property damage. The market average for insurance policies varies substantially amongst providers. You must submit proof of financial responsibility (SR-22) to your insurance company in Alabama.

Those who are not price-sensitive can also look for the best auto insurance companies in Alabama.

Company Average Annual Rate
USAA $594
Allstate $678
State Farm $693
Country Financial $840

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How much does credit score affect SR-22 Insurance in Alabama?

In Alabama, auto insurance providers can include your credit rating when calculating your rates.

Therefore, when looking for SR-22 insurance, having outstanding credit will probably result in reduced typical vehicle insurance premiums. Compared to others with similar credit, SR-22 drivers with average, good, or low credit scores pay between $48 and $51 more, while those with exceptional credit see a $39 increase in their rates.

Credit Tier Avg. Monthly Rate - No Violation Avg. Monthly Rate - SR-22
Excellent $192 $231
Good $219 $270
Average $213 $261
Poor $219 $270

Who needs SR-22 Insurance in Alabama? How long do they need it?

When a state mandates SR-22 insurance, the offenses that trigger it vary widely. The following are serious traffic offenses in Alabama that will necessitate the filing of an SR-22:

For most infractions, an SR-22 is unnecessary. In most cases, drivers in Alabama can avoid the exorbitant expenses associated with SR-22 coverage by shopping around for auto insurance following an accident or traffic ticket.

Depending on the severity of your infraction, you may be required to carry SR-22 insurance in Alabama for up to three years. The three-year timeframe begins once you have been granted driving privileges again following a temporary revocation for an offense.

How much does SR-22 Insurance raise premiums in Alabama?

In Alabama, the average cost of SR-22 insurance is $678 per year. Depending on the insurance provider, filing an SR-22 form in Alabama might cost anywhere from $15 to $25 in addition to a higher premium.

After being found guilty of a significant infraction like DUI or reckless driving, the state will issue an SR-22 form to the driver to verify that they carry the minimum level of auto insurance coverage required by the state.

Because the policyholder is labeled high-risk by an SR-22, their insurance rate increases while it is on file with the state, and any good driving discount that Alabama drivers who need to submit an SR-22 may have previously been eligible for will also be forfeited.

However, the impact of an SR-22 on insurance rates is just momentary. Drivers in Alabama are only required to keep their SR-22 on file for three to five years. After then, if the driver continues to drive safely, their premium will begin to decrease.

How to file SR-22 documentation in Alabama?

You must have at least the required liability auto insurance coverage in Alabama to file an SR-22 certificate. The insurance provider will submit your SR-22 on your behalf to the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency (ALEA).

Suppose you're applying for a new policy and state that you require an SR-22 certificate expressly. Contact your insurance provider to inform them of any changes you need to make to an existing policy, and then move on.

To satisfy Alabama's SR-22 insurance requirements, drivers must maintain their minimum-insurance certification with the state as active for three to five years. Your SR-22 documentation is valid as long as you continue to carry out your policies.

However, if you cancel your coverage or let it lapse early, your insurance provider is also required to inform the state.

SR-22 filing procedures in Alabama

  • Compare various SR-22 auto insurance rates.
  • Purchase auto insurance that complies with Alabama's legal minimums.
  • Obtaining an SR-22 certificate can be done by contacting your insurance provider.
  • For 3-5 years, keep your coverage in effect.

Even if you relocate from Alabama, you must continue to have SR-22 insurance. You would next need to purchase insurance in your new state and request that the insurer file an SR-22 certificate on your behalf.

If your new state does not need an SR-22 certification, you can purchase the bare minimum insurance required to prevent your license from being suspended while relocating there.

Alabama will consider you to comply with your SR-22 obligation once your new policy is in place. The clock restarts if your Alabama insurance expires before you obtain a new policy. In that situation, Alabama will notify your new state that you are not complying with the SR-22 period requirement.

How do you get SR-22 insurance in Alabama?

An SR-22 form will be submitted to the state on your behalf by your insurance company. Insurance companies may decline to cover you because of your driving infraction. As a result, your insurance premiums may be significantly higher after a conviction, even if you can obtain coverage.

Alternatives to an SR-22 in Alabama

The main purpose of the SR-22 is to prevent dangerous drivers from operating a vehicle unless they have the funds to pay for any potential harm. For a few years, you'll need to look into alternative forms of transportation, including public transportation or carpooling, if you can't afford to or don't want to file such a form.

It's not always easy to purchase auto insurance in Alabama as an SR-22 motorist.

Different firms have various policies—some won't insure them when insuring hazardous drivers. You can rapidly sort through the confusion and compare prices from various insurers with You can then locate the appropriate coverage at the appropriate cost.

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Non-Owner SR-22 Insurance in Alabama

A driver's license may be suspended for serious traffic offenses. Even if you don't own a car, you may still need to file an SR-22 to prove you have insurance to renew your license.

Non-owner auto insurance in Alabama is the ideal option for this. These policies are more cost-effective than the standard auto insurance option. They are a better fit for people who must show proof of liability insurance coverage to obtain a driver's license or who frequently operate vehicles that are not their own, such as those that are rented or borrowed.

Non-owner auto insurance in Alabama costs an average of $729 per year. However, this number conceals wide variation in pricing among providers. Insurance company USAA offers the most affordable rates in Alabama for SR-22 filers at just $369 annually. (Military personnel and their family are the only people eligible to purchase a policy through USAA.) Travelers come in second, with non-owner auto insurance costing an average of $498 annually.

Company Average Annual Rate
USAA $341
Travelers $476
Progressive $760
Farmers $879

Summary: SR-22 Insurance in Alabama

SR22 required post Serious traffic violation and/or license suspension
Necessary for 3-5 years
Increase in Premium $84
Min. Coverage for bodily injury liability $25,000 per person / $50,000 accident
Min. Coverage for Property Damage Liability $25,000

Bottom Line

High-risk drivers must first submit an SR-22 form to get their licenses reinstated in Alabama. Then, once your insurance provider gives the green light, it's time to get the SR-22 certificate filed with the Alabama Department of Motor Vehicles.

This form is evidence that you carry the minimum liability coverage required by law in your state. Remember that you cannot file an SR-22 independently; your insurance provider must do so.

Finding a suitable auto insurance plan is a breeze when you use an AI-based service like will take care of the phone calls, paperwork, and renewals for your preferred policy after thoroughly comparing the best policies among providers. So why put in the extra effort when can do it more quickly and efficiently?

Auto Insurance Data Methodology

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Quotes are typically based on a full coverage policy average unless otherwise noted within the content.

These rates were publicly sourced from insurer filings and should be used for comparative purposes only — your own quotes will differ. Given this, it’s important to go through our insurance steps form to find how much you can save with

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do you need an SR-22 in Alabama?

The length of time you must maintain SR-22 insurance in Alabama is proportional to the nature of your infraction. As a rule of thumb, three years is the norm.

What happens to my SR-22 in Alabama if I move?

Even if your new state doesn't mandate SR-22s, you'll still need to keep your SR-22 certification active with your former state through an out-of-state filing.

Do I need an SR-22 in Alabama if I don't have a car?

No matter where in Alabama you travel, you'll need to get Alabama non-owner SR-22 insurance. All of your non-owner insurance policy needs in the state can be met with the assistance of the experts at

How much does SR-22 insurance cost compared to a standard policy in Alabama?

In Alabama, SR-22 insurance is more expensive than regular auto insurance. According to, minimum coverage with SR-22 for a DUI costs an average of $1020 per year. However, with no need for an SR-22, the typical yearly cost reduces to $597. So, if you require SR-22 insurance in Alabama, you can expect to pay about $423 more per year than someone with a spotless driving record.

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