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Key Takeaways

  • Your motor insurance must electronically file the SR-22 form on your behalf in accordance with Colorado law, but you should first inquire as to whether they would insure high-risk drivers.
  • For drivers without any driving violations, the average annual cost is $2820, which is more than the national average.
  • Your credit score may be taken into account by Colorado auto insurance providerswhen determining your premiums.
  • Your state government is notified by an SR-22 form that you have insurance and are paying your premiums.
  • If you move, you will have to give the DMV in your new state a fresh SR-22 form.

What Is SR-22 Insurance in Colorado?

An SR-22 is not the same as auto insurance. Instead, "SR-22" refers to the document submitted by your auto insurance provider to demonstrate that you have the required minimum liability coverage under the laws of your state. Although insurance after a DUI can be expensive, it is required for drivers who engage in this significant infraction. According to Colorado law, your auto insurance is required to electronically file the SR-22 form on your behalf, but you should first ask if they would insure high-risk drivers.

Which Colorado Insurance Companies Offer the Cheapest SR-22 Insurance?

Company Average Annual Premium
USAA $568
State Farm $626
Esurance $956
Allstate $960

USAA is a wonderful choice for affordable SR-22 auto insurance in Colorado, but it only covers military personnel and their families. State Farm is the next-cheapest SR-22 insurance company.

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How Much Does SR-22 Insurance Cost in Colorado?

Driving in Colorado is already somewhat pricey. The average annual cost for drivers without any moving offenses is $2820, which is more than the national average. Drivers who have an SR-22 pay an average of $3492, which translates to a 24 percent increase in Colorado's SR-22 fees of approximately $56 per month.

Who Needs SR-22 Insurance in Colorado? And for How Long Do They Need It?

A particular form called an SR-22 can assist you reduce the severity of your DUI, reckless driving, or other infraction-related charges. This specific form, which your insurance provider files, attests that you have at least got the bare minimum of auto insurance coverage and are currently paying your monthly payments.

Keep in mind that not all Colorado auto insurance providers are prepared to provide SR-22 documents for drivers. Given your inconsistent driving history, those who do might request that you pay a higher rate.

To find an insurance provider ready to submit this important form on your behalf, you'll need to do some research. Once you've found one, compare prices to discover a price that fits your needs and budget.

How Do You Get SR-22 Insurance in Colorado?

SR-22 insurance comparison shopping might be a major hassle. Some insurance companies are happy to support SR-22 drivers; others are not. Some charge fair rates, while others demand exorbitant prices.

However, once you use, you'll be able to easily compare prices side by side, making your auto insurance purchasing a breeze.

How Much Does Credit Score Affect SR-22 Insurance Costs in Colorado?

In Colorado, auto insurance providers are permitted to include your credit rating when calculating your rates. Therefore, when looking for SR-22 insurance, having excellent credit will probably result in reduced typical vehicle insurance premiums.

When compared to others with similar credit, SR-22 drivers with average, good, or low credit scores pay between $57 and $62 more, while those with exceptional credit see a $51 increase in their rates.

Credit Tier Average Annual Rate- No Violation Average Annual Rate-SR-22 Difference
Excellent $2580 $3192 $612
Good $2880 $3564 $684
Average $2904 $3588 $684
Poor $3144 $3888 $744

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When Do I Have To File An SR-22 Form?

When you reinstate certain suspensions and/or revocations, you could be required to submit an SR-22. The DMV must be notified of any policy termination per the SR-22, according to the insurance provider. Insurance coverage is not included in the SR-22 form.

Tips for Getting Cheap SR-22 Insurance in Colorado

  • Look at Colorado's minimum standards to see how much insurance you actually need.
  • If you need to be able to drive but don't own a car, think about getting an SR-22 non-owner certificate.
  • Every year, keep comparing insurance prices to be sure your insurer is still giving you the best deal.

It's probable that you won't be able to locate a business ready to offer you insurance. If that occurs, you might be able to apply for auto insurance through your state, as many states run programs that pair high-risk drivers with collaborating insurers. However, as the premiums would probably be very high, this should only be used as a last resort.

Alternatives to an SR-22 in Colorado

An SR-22 form notifies your state government that you are covered by insurance and that you are paying your premiums. This sort of assurance is important for dangerous drivers.

For a while, you'll probably need to find another mode of transportation if you don't want to cope with the SR-22 procedure. Since the SR-22 filing period might run up to five years, you may need to stop driving for a while.

Non-Owner SR-22 Insurance in Colorado

In Colorado, a non-owner SR-22 form is required if you don't own a car and want to be able to drive. This enables you to stick to the regulations needed to drive after losing your license without tying you to expensive coverage. You may not be eligible for such coverage if you live with the individual whose car you borrow or if you frequently use the same car.

Auto Insurance Data Methodology

The auto insurance rates published in this guide are based on the results of research completed by’s data team. Using a mix of public and internal data, we analyzed millions of rate averages across U.S. ZIP codes.

Quotes are typically based on a full coverage policy average unless otherwise noted within the content.

These rates were publicly sourced from insurer filings and should be used for comparative purposes only — your own quotes will differ. Given this, it’s important to go through our insurance steps form to find how much you can save with

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do you need an SR-22 in Colorado?

Drivers in Colorado will need an SR-22 for three years, which means you'll need to keep at least liability insurance throughout that period. The process has begun over if your insurance lapses at any moment.

What happens to my SR-22 in Colorado if I move?

If you relocate, you will need to submit a new SR-22 form to the DMV in your new state. Be aware that costs and regulations differ from state to state, so be sure to compare prices in your new state to avoid being trapped in unexpectedly expensive rates.

Do I need an SR-22 in Colorado if I don't have a car?

You will require an SR-22 for the predetermined time period in order to have your license reinstated. With non-owner insurance, you may even be able to get lower rates if you wish to drive but don't own a car. For additional information, get in touch with an insurer directly to find out if they provide such a policy.

Does SR-22 cover any car I drive in Colorado?

As long as you have a certificate proving that you are an owner-operator, SR-22 insurance does cover whatever vehicle you drive. A type of SR-22 form called an owner-operator certificate, which is available in Colorado, protects you while you drive any vehicle, regardless of who owns it.

How do I get my SR-22 removed in Colorado?

Once a driver is no longer required to have an SR-22 on file with their state DMV, they should get in touch with their insurance provider to get the SR-22 withdrawn. The length of time that drivers must keep an SR-22 on file varies by state, but generally speaking, it can be dropped after three to five years.

The DMV in your state can tell you just when the SR-22 filing window closes. You can call your insurance provider and inform them that you are no longer in need of an SR-22 once you have made sure of it. The DMV will subsequently be notified by your insurer that the SR-22 file has been canceled.

Never attempt to remove your SR-22 before the legally required period has passed. You may be subject to severe repercussions, such as a driver's license suspension, the suspension of your vehicle's registration, and heavy fines if the DMV learns that you abruptly canceled your SR-22 insurance. Additionally, the SR-22 filing period will probably have to be restarted.

Finally, if you are moving insurance providers and need to cancel your SR-22 insurance, you should do so a few days after the new policy starts. Your state DMV may take some time to receive the new file, so it helps to have the policies overlap by a few days to prevent a lapse in SR-22 insurance.

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