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Key Takeaways

  • SR-22 status in Illinois must be kept up for at least three years.
  • You will have to make a payment anywhere between $25 and $50 for filing SR-22 insurance in Illinois.
  • The state offers alternatives to the SR-22 insurance, like payment of $70,000 to forgo the SR-22 requirement and survive on state-mandated insurance requirements.
  • State Farm and Progressive offer the cheapest SR-22 insurance rates in Illinois.

The prospect of losing one's driving privilege is never a pleasant thought. A driver who has faced traffic violations and has their license suspended will have to file a Safety Responsibility form, commonly known as the SR-22 insurance. Except for a few states, SR-22 is mandatory to prove that you are financially responsible for driving around after an infraction.

Here, we look at the details of SR-22 insurance in Illinois, the average SR-22 insurance rates in the state, and the companies that offer cheap SR-22 insurance in Illinois.

What is SR-22 Insurance in Illinois?

When a driver's license is suspended for a serious offense, such as a DUI or reckless driving conviction, you are categorized as a high-risk driver in Illinois. This can lead to the suspension of your driving license, and it is mandatory to have filed SR-22 in Illinois to have your license reinstated. Once you have your SR-22 insurance in place, you can get back on the road with the existing privileges but with higher insurance premiums.

Having your SR-22 insurance will simply ensure that you have insurance coverage in accordance with the state's minimum insurance requirements.

What is the minimum SR-22 car insurance coverage in Illinois?

The minimum car insurance requirements in Illinois are as follows. This is the same as the SR-22 requirements in the state.

Having your SR-22 insurance will simply ensure that you have insurance coverage in accordance with the state's minimum insurance requirements.

  • $25,000 bodily injury liability per person ($50,000 for injuries resulting in death)
  • $50,000 bodily injury liability per accident ($100,000 for injuries resulting in death)
  • $10,000 property damage liability per accident

When do I need SR-22 Insurance?

In Illinois, once you are convicted of a serious driving offense, SR-22 becomes a mandatory requirement. Looking at the specifics of SR-22 requirements and the probable increase in the insurance rates after filing for SR-22.

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What offenses can lead to an SR-22 in Illinois?

The following driving infractions can lead to an SR-22 insurance requirement in the state. Interestingly, not all the infractions are directly related to driving in Illinois, but an SR-22 insurance requirement can arise anyway.

  • DUI charges
  • Multiple minor traffic infractions like speeding tickets
  • Driving without insurance
  • An at-fault accident where you fail to pay for the damages
  • Being in an accident while driving without insurance
  • Childcare support payment failure
  • Driving with a suspended license
  • Driving with a hardship license without meeting the requirements
  • Toll payment evasion
  • Unable to maintain your SR-22 insurance

How long will I need the SR-22 in Illinois?

The state of Illinois requires you to maintain an SR-22 for three years, and it is advised that you renew your SR-22 insurance at least 45 days before the expiration of your coverage. If you have not renewed your insurance 15 days before its expiration, your insurer is required by Illinois law to notify the state.

Any lapse in maintaining your SR-22 insurance will again be a major driving infraction leading to a fresh start in maintaining the same.

Car Insurance after a DUI in Illinois

The average cost of car insurance in Illinois is $2249 per year for full coverage. The minimum coverage policy rate after a DUI charge for the insurance providers in Illinois is mentioned below.

Insurance Company Average Annual Insurance Cost Average Insurance Cost with SR-22 after a DUI Charge
Farmers $1859 $2762
All State $1545 $2551
Travelers $1087 $1529
American Family $695 $1232
Country Financial $751 $1087
USAA $501 $1078
Progressive $878 $1011
State Farm $608 $1000

How much more expensive is SR-22 insurance than regular insurance?

SR-22 requires higher auto insurance premiums. The high cost isn't due to filling in the forms, but you become a risky driver with it. Hence, you're unlikely to find a cheap option.

An Illinois driver with a DUI charge and SR-22 requirement will pay 50% to 80% more than a driver without either.

Cheapest Companies for SR-22 Insurance in Illinois

Finding companies that offer SR-22 insurance might be a difficult task. Not many providers are willing to deal with high-risk drivers and consider the filing of SR-22 on their behalf. Here is a list of insurance companies in Illinois that offer affordable SR-22 insurance. Apart from USAA, which is open to active military members and veterans, State Farm and Progressive offer the cheapest rates in the state for SR-22 insurance.

Insurance Company Annual Average Insurance Rate
USAA $1078
State Farm $1000
Allstate $2551
Country Financial $1087
Progressive $1011
Farmers Insurance $2761
Standard Fire $1529

Filing SR-22 in Illinois

The process of filing SR-22 insurance in Illinois is not just a matter of filling out forms. Since not all insurance providers accept high-risk drivers, it begins with shortlisting those providers who offer SR-22 insurance. They file the SR-22 form with the Illinois Department of State on your behalf.

   ●   Finalize your Provider

Your current insurance company may not provide you with SR-22 insurance. Thus, you must research, shop around, compare and finalize your provider.

   ●   Payment of SR-22 Fee

You'll have to make a payment of anywhere between $25 and $50 to the provider as the provider needs to fill in the form on your behalf to the Illinois Department of State.

   ●   File proof of Insurance

It will take up to 30 days for the license to be reinstated after filing for the insurance. This will happen only after you purchase the insurance.

   ●   Receive Confirmation

You can start driving after you have received confirmation from the Illinois Driver Services Department. You can contact 217-782-3720 and provide your driver's license and Social Security numbers for confirmation and later receive it via mail.

How does an SR-22 impact your insurance in Illinois?

You must retain SR-22 insurance for three years from the day you have your driving privileges revoked or your license reinstated in Illinois. With an SR-22 on your record, finding insurance becomes tougher with fewer quotes to compare and higher prices.

As per law, you must maintain your SR-22 for three years. Any cases of lapse can reset your SR-22 period, and you must pay the SR-22-related expenses again.

Alternatives to SR-22 Insurance in Illinois

There are a few costly alternatives to SR-22 insurance in Illinois. If you want to avoid carrying SR-22 altogether, then you can deposit $70,000 in cash, securities, a surety bond, or a real estate bond as a guarantee. However, this works if you meet the state-mandated Insurance requirements.

If you relocate outside of Illinois, you can file an affidavit waiving your obligation to file an SR-22.

Nonowner SR-22 insurance in Illinois

There can occur chances when you require an SR-22, even if you don't own a car. You might drive one frequently by renting or borrowing. In such cases, the driver can opt for non-owner car insurance. Like in other states, Illinois also requires non-owner SR-22 insurance if you don't own a car and have driving infractions on your record.

In Illinois, non-owner car insurance is cheaper than the average car insurance rates of the state. This is mainly because it offers only liability coverage. The companies that offer the best rates for non-insurance SR-22 are discussed below.

The average rate for non-owner SR-22 insurance in Illinois is $852. State Farm offers the cheapest rates for the same, followed by USAA.

Insurance Company Average Annual Rate
USAA $474
State Farm $418
Progressive $620
Travelers $491

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Cost of Owner vs non-owner SR-22 Insurance

As the name suggests, non-owner car insurance can be opted for by those who don't own a car. Though a hike in the insurance rate is observed after filing an SR-22, the rates after opting for a non-owner SR-22 are contradictory to that.

We observe this difference when we consider two prominent insurance companies offering both owner and non-owner SR-22 insurance.

Insurance Company Owner Insurance Cost Non-Owner Insurance Cost
American Auto Insurance $1825 $189
United Auto Insurance $2131 4238

Here, the inclusion of only the liability insurance in the non-owner insurance is the reason for its lower cost.

How to Save Money on SR-22 Insurance

Maintaining a clean driving record is essential to keeping your insurance premium rates under check. With an offense on record, reducing insurance premiums can prove to be difficult. With restricted alternatives in place, comparing insurance quotes should provide you with an idea of the average rates. This can help choose a cost-effective option even after filing an SR-22 form.

   ●   Compare and Purchase

Make use of the online quotes that insurance companies now provide. Choosing the one that suits your needs is best possible through this research. is the quickest and easiest way to compare quotes in Illinois.

   ●   Improve your credit score

A good credit score indicates fewer claims. If the offense is not repeated, a good credit score will come to your rescue and reduce your premium rates.

   ●   Look for discounts

Once you have filed for SR-22 insurance, you will have to forget the good driver discounts you once enjoyed. But you have to always look for the other available discounts offered by the insurance companies. Multipolicy discounts, telematics discounts, and bundling discounts can make a huge difference in the rates.

   ●   Increase your deductible

Higher deductibles reduce vehicle insurance premiums even though they can reduce your accident claim. Compare deductible alternatives to discover if a reduced deductible delivers savings, then choose one that meets your budget and comfort level.

   ●   Pay your premium in full

If you can pay your premium in full, then insurance companies will make a reduction in the total amount to be paid.

   ●   Consider usage-based car insurance

If you are not a frequent driver but is a high-risk driver due to any of the infractions, then you might want to consider usage-based insurance.


Looking out for apt insurance coverage is the primary step in navigating issues after facing a driving violation. Your insurance premiums can be higher after filing an SR-22. locates the best offers from the leading insurance providers. will even revoke your previous policy on your behalf.

In Illinois, we observe that State Farm, USAA, and Country Financial offer the cheapest SR-22 Insurance rates.

Auto Insurance Data Methodology

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Quotes are typically based on a full coverage policy average unless otherwise noted within the content.

These rates were publicly sourced from insurer filings and should be used for comparative purposes only — your own quotes will differ. Given this, it’s important to go through our insurance steps form to find how much you can save with

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an SR-22 in Illinois?

A serious offense, such as a DUI or reckless driving conviction, you are categorized as a high-risk driver in Illinois. This can lead to the suspension of your driving license, and it is mandatory to have filed SR-22 in Illinois to have your license reinstated. It acts as a form of financial responsibility.

How do I get an SR-22 certificate in Illinois?

Your insurance providers file the SR-22 form with the Illinois Department of State on your behalf.

How much does SR-22 insurance cost compare to a standard policy in Illinois?

SR-22 requires higher auto insurance premiums. An Illinois driver with a DUI charge and SR-22 requirement will pay 50% to 80% more than a driver without either.

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